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State Department-Continued
Welfare and protection of various persons abroad; duties of Foreign Service

officers in connection with. See Foreign Service officers.
Western Hemisphere countries. See American Republics.
Women (wives, widows, etc.); documentation of:

Diplomatic visas, wives of aliens eligible for, 22 $ 40.4
Expatriates; nonquota immigrant status for, 22 $ 42.7
Passports, issuance to:
Evidence of citizenship to accompany application, 22 $$ 51.63, 51.64,

Included in husband's passport, 22 $$ 51.8, 51.25
Name used on application, 22 $$ 51.18, 51.20
Wartime regulations; wives not included in husband's passport unless

necessity of accompanying him conclusively established, 22 $ 52.4
Widows of American soldiers, sailors, or marines buried abroad, no fee

collected for passport issued, 22 $ 51.49
Wives of officers and employees of United States on oficial duty; no

fee collected for passport issued, 22 $ 51.44
State Guard:

See also National Guard.

State Guard radio service; public safety radio regulations, 47 $$ 10.501-10.505
State Maritime Academies; regulations and standards for training in, 46 $$ 310.1-

Stateless persons and persons who may have dual nationality; determination of

status for licensing purposes under Trading with the Enemy Act, 22 $ 80.7
States, State agencies, etc.:

Agricultural conservation practices, allocation of funds for, 7 Part 1107
Bridges acquired by State or political subdivisions, taxability of income from,

26 $$ 39.116 (e), 39.116_3
Electric power and gas, cooperation with State commissions in administration

of Federal Power Act and Natural Gas Act; general rules of Federal Power

Commission, 18 $ 1.37
Electric power companies, State and municipal licensees of; accounts, etc., regu-

lations under Federal Power Act respecting:
Accounts; applicability of uniform system of accounts to, 18 Part 102
Exemption of, from payment of certain annual charges, form of application

for, 18 $ 1.37
Employment, places and conditions of, inspections and investigations; utiliza-

tion of State agencies for, 29 Parts 481, 515
Employment programs, State; regulations respecting. See Employment Se-

curity Bureau.
Employment security mailings, by States; free matter in mails, 39 $ 27.5
Federal aid; loans, grants, etc.:
Airports, public; Federal aid for development, rehabilitation, etc., of, 14

Parts 550, 555, 560
Blind persons, business enterprises and vending stand programs for, 44

Parts 402, 403, 404
Child health programs; Maternal and Child Health, and Crippled Children's

Programs, 42 Part 200
Civil defense projects, 32 Parts 1701, 1703, 1704, 1705
Educational purposes:
Construction of schools and school facilities, grants for, 45 Parts 106,

109, 110
Financial assistance for current expenditures for local educational

agencies in areas affected by Federal activities and free public edu-

cation for children residing on Federal property, 45 Part 105
Land-grant colleges and universities; channeling of appropriated funds

to, 45 Part 101
Public lands, grants for, 43 Parts 76, 270, 271, 272

Vocational education, use of Federal funds for, 45 Part 102
Employment security programs; grants, allowances, etc., in connection

with. See Employment Security Bureau.
Maternal and child health and welfare services, grants for, 42 Part 200
Public assistance, under Social Security Act; grants to States for, 45 Part 201

States, State agencies, etc.-Continued
Federal aid; loans, grants, etc.-Continued
Public health services, control of various diseases, and survey, planning,

and construction of hospitals; grants for, 42 Parts 51, 53
Roads and highways, Federal aid for:

Federal-Aid Road Act, regulations under, 23 Part 1

Forest highways, aid for, 23 Part 15
Vocational rehabilitation programs, grants for, 45 Parts 401, 404

Blind persons, programs for, 45 Parts 402, 403
Water pollution control, grants and loans for; Public Health Service regu-

lations, 42 Part 55
Wildlife restoration (game birds and mammals); Federal aid for, 50 Part 41
Indians, education or social welfare of; arrangements made with States re-

specting, 25 Part 252
Maritime academies, State:

Admission to, etc., 46 88 310.1-310.12

Medical care, 42 $$ 32,46, 32.70
Motor carriers operating under State authority; statement required respecting

interstate operations, 49 $ 210.10
Narcotic drugs, State or municipal prosecuting officers dealing with; cooperation

with Narcotics Bureau, 21 $ $ 301.8-301.11
Obligations, State, taxability of interest or dividends on, 26 $$ 39.22 (b) (4)-1-

39.22 (b) (4)-6
Personnel employed in State public health programs assisted by grants-in-aid;

merit system policies for administration of, 42 Part 53, Appendix B
Political activity of State employees, in connection with Federal employment,

5 Part 23
Public lands, grants of, to States:

Alaska, grants for schools and university, 43 Part 76
Educational, institutional, and park purposes, grants for, 43 Part 270
Irrigation purposes, Carey Act grants for, 43 Part 272

Swampland grants, 43 Part 271
Public utilities commissions, State, cooperation with, in matters or proceedings

affecting communications carriers subject to jurisdiction of one or more

State commssions, 47 Part 1, Appendix 2
Securities of States or political subdivisions, guarantee of income of; exemption

respecting, under Securities Exchange Act of 1934, 17 240.3a12-2
Surety companies doing business with United States, State licenses required;

regulations of Accounts Bureau, Treasury Department, 31 $ 222.1
Unemployment compensation laws, State agencies administering; assistance to

Veterans Administration in payment of readjustment allowances to vet-

erans, 38 $$ 36.5007, 36.5008
Stationers and school supply distributors; employees of; exemptions from minimum

wage provisions of Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 88 779.33, 779.34
Stationery (bank and commercial) industry; trade practice conference rules, 16

Part 60

Air carriers; statistical reports of, 14 § 241.01
Foreign trade statistics, 15 Part 30
National income and international balance of payments statistics; award of

fellowships in to citizens of other American Republics, 15 Part 323
Special studies relating to foreign and domestic trade and other economic mat-

ters, in Commerce Department, 15 Part 1
Statue of Liberty National Monument:

Checking of parcels and baggage, 36 $ 20.33 (a)

Elevator fee, 36 $ $ 13.1, 13.12
Status, competitive, in Federal service; acquisition of, etc. See Civil Service Com-

Status, immigration, of aliens and immigrants. See Immigration and Naturaliza-

tion Service; and State Department.
Status, marital; discrimination in civil service personnel action because of, pro-

hibition, 5 $ 9.101 (b) (2)
Steam boilers:

Locomotive boilers; inspection, 49 $$ 91.1-91.55

Military installations; yearly inspection of boilers, 32 $ 552.21
Steam railroads. See Railroads.


See also Vessels.

Transportation of mail by steamships, 39 Part 95
Steel and Ferroalloys Committee. See Iron, Steel and Ferroalloys Committee.
Steel and products. See Iron and steel and products.
Steel industries. See Iron and steel industries.
Stemming devices, for sealing of explosives, use in coal mines; tests, approval, etc.,

30 Part 16
Stevedoring services, procurement of, during labor disputes; Army Department regu-

lations, 32 $$ 601.1650–601.1652
Stills and distilling apparatus:
Excise tax regulations respecting export, manufacture, use in production or

rectification of spirits and wines, etc. See Internal Revenue Service.
Exportation of; applicability of regulations respecting, to Guam, Puerto Rico,

American Samoa, and Virgin Islands, 26 (1954) $ 196.61
Removal for deposit in foreign-trade zone, 26 S$ 199.250–199.257
Stipends. See Pay and allowances; and Wages.
Stock, capital stock, etc.;

See also Securities.
Air carriers, ownership of stock of by officers or directors, or by affiliates, reports

respecting, 14 Parts 245, 246
Alien property, stock vested and later sold; restriction on retransfer, 8 $ $ 505.10-

Documentary stamp tax on issues, transfers, etc.; excise tax regulations, 26

Part 113
Employees' stock options; income tax regulations, 26 $$ 39.130A-39.130A-5
Federal home loan banks, capital stock of, 24 S$ 122.5–122.13
Federal land banks; stock in connection with loans, etc., 6 $$ 10.92–10.98, 10.149
Federal Reserve banks; issue and cancellation of capital stock, 12 Part 209
Federal savings and loan associations; capital stock and securities, 24 $$ 143.3,

145.1–145.4, 163.4, 163.6, 163.7
Foreign-owned stock vested in Office of Alien Property; restriction on retransfer

of, 8 $ $ 505.10-505.15
Insurance stock companies. See Insurance carriers.
Motor carriers, capital stock of; issuance, alteration, etc., 49 Part 56
National banks; increase, decrease, or impairment of capital stock; regula-

tions of Comptroller of the Currency, 12 $ $ 4.6, 4.15
National farm loan associations; classification of, in connection with stock,

6 8 11.378
Railroads, capital stock of; issuance, alteration, etc., 49 Parts 55, 56
Registered stocks; loans by Federal Reserve banks for purchasing or carrying,

12 Part 221
State nonmember banks, insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation;

reduction of capital stock, procedure, 12 $ 303.4
Stock exchanges, national:
Credit by brokers, dealers, and members of national securities exchanges;

regulations of Federal Reserve Board, 12 Part 220
Interlocking relationships with Federal Reserve banks, 12 Part 218
Regulations under Securities Exchange Act of 1934, 17 $$ 240.6a-1-

240.6a-3, 240.1101-1, 240.12d1-1-270.d12-6, 240.128-1-240.12f-6
Stock option plans for purchase and sale of securities by director, officer or

employee of issuer thereof:
Exemption under Securities Exchange Act of 1934, 17 $ 240.16b-3

Income tax regulations, 26 $$ 39.103A-39.103A-5
Stock driveways:

Mineral locations in, 43 $$ 185.35, 185.36

Withdrawal of public lands for, 43 $ $ 295.6, 295.7
Stock exchanges. See Exchanges, securities.
Stockmen, local associations of; Federal Range Code regulations respecting, 43

$ 161.13
Stockpile Storage Committee, Interdepartmental, establishment, 32A Chapter I,

DMO V-1, Supp. 2
Stockpiling of certain critical' and strategic materials; purchase programs for as-

bestos, beryl ore, columbium, manganese, mica, rubber, tantalum, and tungsten.

See General Services Administration.
Stock-raising homesteads, on public lands, 43 Part 168
Stockyards; regulations under Packers and Stockyards Act. See Agriculture


Stolen property. See Lost, stolen, etc, property.
Stone, crushed and cut, industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Parts 31, 33
Stone lands, public; leasing, etc. See Land Management Bureau.

Customs storage charges, 19 88 19.7, 24.12
Explosives or other dangerous articles, storage or stowage on board vessels.

See Coast Guard.
Grain storage:

Distress loan program, 6 Part 473
Farm storage, loans for, 6 Part 474
Tax amortization deduction for grain storage facilities, 26 $$ 39.124B-

Industrial alcohol, storerooms for; excise tax regulations. See Internal Rey-

enue Service.
Refrigerated storage industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 212
Stockpile materials, storage of; functions of Interdepartmental Stockpile Stor-

age Committee respecting, 32A Chapter I, DMO V-1, Supp. 2

Agricultural commodities. See Agriculture Department.

Customs. See Customs Bureau.
Storage batteries, for vessels, 46 $$ 111.15, 112.30, 112.35, 112.55
Store, business, or office machines; excise tax on sales by manufacturers, 26

88 316.140, 316.141
Strategic materials. See Critical and strategic materials.
Strategic Services, Office of; compensation for disability or death of non-citizen

employees of, outside United States, regulations of Employees' Compensation

Bureau, 20 $ 25.23
Strategic Services Unit, War Department; compensation for disability or death of

non-citizen employees of, outside United States, 20 $ 25.23

Inspection and certification, 7 $$ 68.1–68.53

Standards for, 7 $ $ 57.50–57.52
Straw, drinking (paper), industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 108
Strawberries. See Fruits and berries.
Streptomycin (antibiotic drugs). See Drugs.
Strikes, labor:

See also Labor.
Strikes and boycotts to force certain unfair labor practices; temporary injunc-

tive relief or restraining orders, under National Labor Relations Act, 29

$ $ 101.32, 101.33, 102.76–102.79
Striking of securities from listing and registration; regulations under Securities

Exchange Act of 1934, 17 8 8 240.12d2-1, 240.12d2–2
Structural clay products industry; minimum wage determinations for persons em-

ployed on public contracts, 41 $ 202.36
Structural clay tile industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 47

See also Education and training.
Admission to United States, length of stay, etc.; immigration regulations, 8

Part 214f
Documentation of foreign students, trainees, etc., nonimmigrants, 8 Part 214f;

22 $$ 41.40, 41.41, 41.80, 41.100
Employment at below minimum wages:

Student learners, in vocational training programs, 29 Part 520

Student workers, 29 Part 527
Fellowships or training grants for students from other American Republics, in

various fields. See Fellowships and training grants.
Foreign students, teachers, trainees, etc.:

Educational-exchange programs, 22 Parts 65, 66, 67, 68
Fellowships and training grants, for students from other American repub-

lics. See Fellowships and training grants.
Visas for students, trainees, etc., 22 $$_41.40, 41.41, 41.80, 41.100
Selective Service classification, 32 $$ 1622.15, 1622.25
Stuffed toy and doll industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 173
Style piracy, conspiring to eliminate; cease and desist orders, 16 § 13.420
Submarine cables, representation of, on Government charts, 33 & 209.430


See also witnesses.
Aircraft proceedings; subpoenas of witnesses or evidence, 14 $$ 301.14, 302.19,

Federal Coal Mine Safety Board of Review, subpoenas by, 30 Part 401
Military courts, subpoenas by; allowances to be paid for service of, 32 g 534.5
Naval or civil courts, subpoenas by; Navy Department regulations respecting,

32 $$ 701.2, 719.6, 719.7, 720.9, 720.10
Selective Service local boards, subpoenas by, 32 88 1621.15, 1670.17
Service of subpenas abroad, by officers and employees of Foreign Service, 22

$$ 136.84–136.94
Subpoenas of employees, records, etc., of various agencies; regulations of agen-

cies respecting response to, see specific agencies.
Tariff Commission, subpoena of witnesses by, 19 $ 201.15
Subscription and mail order book publishing industry; trade practice conference

rules, 16 Part 150
Subsidiaries, secret, operation of, in business or trade; cease and desist orders,

16 § 13.2095
Agricultural commodities; loans and purchases to support prices. See Agri-

culture Department.
Air carriers:

Accounting with respect to Federal subsidy, 14 § 241.3900

Rate policy, 14 $$ 399.13–399.15
Vessels; regulations respecting subsidized vessels and operators. See Maritime

Subsidizing business, unfairly; cease and desist orders, 16 & 13.2260
Subsistence allowances:

For certain personnel. See Pay and allowances.
For veterans undergoing vocational rehabilitation or education, 38 88 21.90–21.93,

21.100–21.113, 21.130–21.135
Subsistence and production loans. See Farmers Home Administration,
Subversive Activities Control Board:

Rules of procedure; hearings, etc., 28 Part 201
Subversive activities, organizations, etc. See Security programs.
Subversive or treasonable matter, mailing of, prohibited, 39 $ 14.7
Succotash. See Vegetables.
Sugar and related products:
Consumption requirements, quotas, prices, wages, etc. See Agriculture

Customs duties, etc., 19 $$ 13.1–13.9, 22.1, 22.5, 22.6 (b)
Countervailing duties on sugar and sugar content of articles from Australia

and Great Britain, 19 $ 16.24
Excise tax on manufacture of sugar, 26 Part 312
Inspection and certification, 7 Part 52, note
Parity prices, for sugar crops, 7 Part 5
Puerto Rico; sugar manufacturing industry, minimum wage orders, 29 Part 689
Standards, for sugar and sugarcane products, 7 Part 44
Sugarcane; plant quarantine, regulations, 7 $$ 301.16, 319.15
Synthesis of Ch-labeled sugars; test fee schedules, 15 § 205.302

Warehouses, for sirups, 7 Part 108
Sugar measurement instruments; test fee schedules, 15 $ 205.301
Suits, infringement, threatening of, not in good faith; cease and desist orders,

16 § 13.2265
Suits by employees, under Portal-to-Portal Act of 1947; restrictions on, 29 $$ 790.20-

Sulfur; export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 5)

See also Drugs.

Designation of derivatives as habit-forming drugs, 21 $ 165.1
Sulphur deposits:

Mining of, 30 Parts 231, 250

Public lands containing; leasing of, etc. See Land Management Bureau.
Sun glass industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 202

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