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Public Health Service-Continued
Quarantine regulations-Continued

Shellfish, interstate transportation of, 42 $$ 72.23, 72.165
Smallpox. See Diseases, certain.
Typhus. See Diseases, certain.
Vessels; foreign and interstate quarantine regulations. See Foreign quar-

antine; and Interstate quarantine.
Water, potable, on land, sea, or air conveyances; interstate quarantine

regulations. See Interstate quarantine.
Yellow fever. See Diseases, certain.
Quarters for commissioned officers and dependents. See Personnel.
Rags, quarantine, disinfection, etc.; customs regulations, 19 $ 12.25
Railroads, engaged in foreign or interstate traffic; quarantine regulations. See

Quarantine regulations.
Recommendation, letters of, with respect to article of manufacture or on behalf

of firm or corporation; regulations governing commissioned officers, 42

$ 21.268
Records and information:

Clinical records, confidential nature of. See Medical care and examinations.
Furnishing of information for publication; regulations governing commis-

sioned officers. See Personnel.
Official records and information, availability of; clinical and nonclinical

information, disclosure, limitations, etc., 42 Part 1
Red Cross personnel; emergency medical care when serving with United States

Coast Guard, 42 $ 32.116
Reserve Corps, commissioned officers of. See Personnel.
Retirement of commissioned officers. See Personnel.
Rodent and vermin control, for vessels and aircraft; foreign quarantine regu-

lations. See Quarantine regulations.
Sanitary inspection of vessels and aircraft; foreign quarantine regulations. See

Quarantine regulations.
Schools and educational institutions:

Commissioned officers; training. See Personnel.
Fellowships for advanced training in. See Fellowships.
Nursing schools or nursing homes for which Federal assistance is requested;

standards of construction and equipment. See under Grants.
State training ships and schools; cadets and seamen, medical care of, 42

SS 32.46, 32.76
Seamen, medical care for, 42 Part 32
Serums. See Biologic products.
Shellfish, interstate shipment of; quarantine regulations, 42 $$ 72.24, 72.165
Smallpox, quarantine measures respecting. See Quarantine regulations.
Smallpox vaccine; importation prohibited, 42 § 73.23

Commissioned officers detailed for service with. See Personnel.
Grants to, for public health services, cancer control programs, and for sur-

vey, planning, and construction of hospitals. See Grants.
Personnel employed in State programs assisted by grants-in-aid; merit

system policies for administration of, 42 Part 53, Appendix B
Training ships and schools; cadets and seamen, medical care of, 42 $$ 32.46,

Stations, public health. See Hospitals, public health centers, stations, and other

Toxins. See Biologic products.
Training. See Fellowships, internships, training.
Travel of persons; foreign and interstate quarantine. See Quarantine regu-

Trivalent organic arsenicals, standards for. See Biologic products.
Tuberculosis; grants for prevention and treatment of, etc. See Grants.
Typhus, quarantine measures respecting. See Quarantine regulations.
Uniforms for commissioned officers. See Personnel.
Venereal disease, grants to States for prevention, treatment, and control of.

See Grants.
Vermin and rodent control, for vessels and aircraft; foreign quarantine regula-

tions. See Quarantine regulations.

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Public Health Service-Continued
Vessels, engaged in foreign or interstate traffic; quarantine regulations. See

Quarantine regulations.
Viruses. See Biologic products.
Visa; medical examination of aliens for purpose of obtaining. See Medical care

and examinations.
War, certain regulations respecting commissioned officers during; recall of re-

tired officers, and burial payments in event of death. See Personnel.
Water, potable, on board land, sea, or air conveyances; interstate quarantine

regulations. See Quarantine regulations.
Water pollution control, grants and loans for, 42 Part 55

Yellow fever, quarantine measures respecting. See Quarantine regulations.
Public Housing Administration:

Claims cognizable under Federal Tort Claims Act, handling of, 24 & 300.3
General procedural provisions, 24 Part 300

Claims cognizable under Federal Tort Claims Act, handling of, 24 $ 300.3
Final action on application for tenancy, procurement, etc.; availability of,

24 $ 300.2
Records, official; definition of, and availability, 24 $ 300.1
Lanham Act housing, permanent, disposition of; date of agreement for adminis-

tration of projects, 24 $ 1.2
Records, official, availability of, 24 & 300.1
Tort claims. See Claims.
Veterans' emergency housing program, policy respecting, 24 Part 350

Disposition of Federal rights in veterans' housing projects, 24 $ 350.3
Eligibility of local bodies for participations in program, 24 $ 350.1

Standards for selection of tenants, 24 $ 350.2
War housing program, policy respecting, 24 Part 340
Disposition of Federally provided war and veterans' housing projects, 24

§ 340.5
Furniture, disposition to tenants, 24 § 340.6
Eligibility for admission, 24 $ 340.2
Rental and occupancy, 24 $ 340.3
Status of program, 24 $ 340.1

Taxes, payments in lieu of, 24 § 340.4
Public international organizations. See International organizations.
Public lands:

In Canal Zone; acquisition of title by United States, leasing, etc., 35 $ $ 21.1, 21.2
Regulations respecting. See Land Management Bureau; and Reclamation

Public radiocommunication services. See Federal Communications Commission.
Public relations of armed services; regulations respecting. See Air Force Depart-

ment; Army Department; and Navy Department.
Public Roads Bureau:
Federal-Aid Road Act of 1916, regulations under, 23 Part 1

Definitions, 23 $ 1.1
Delegations of authority, 23 $ 1.22
Operating procedures and instructions, 23 $ 1.23

Advance of funds, 23 § 1.21
Airport and highway location, coordination of, 23 $ 1.15
Construction and contracts, 23 $ 1.10
Highway planning and research projects, 23 $ 1.13
Labor and employment, 23 $ 1.12
Maintenance of projects, 23 $ 1.16
Payments, 23 $ 1.20
Programs of proposed projects, 23 $ 1.6
Project agreements, 23 $ 1.0-
Project statements, 23 $ 1.7
Railway-highway crossing projects, 23 $ 1.14
Records and cost keeping, 23 § 1.19
Right-of-way, 23 $ 1.11

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Public Roads Bureau-Continued
Federal-Aid Road Act of 1916, regulations under, 23 Part 1-Continued
Projects Continued

Surveys, plans, specifications and estimates, 23 $ 1.8

Trafic signs and signals, 23 § 1.17
Purpose of program, 23 $ 1.2
Secondary Road Plan, 1954, 23 $ 1.25
Selection and designations of highway systems, 23 $ 1.4
State highway department, organization and powers of, 23 § 1.3
Taxes, gasoline and motor-vehicle, diversion of; reduction of apportion-

ment, 23 $ 1.18
"Urban area” boundaries, establishment of, 23 $ 1.5
Forest highways, rules and regulations for administering, 23 Part 15

Apportionment of forest highway fund, 23 $ 15.2
Commissioner's report covering operations for preceding fiscal year, 23

§ 15.10
Construction only after approval of survey and cost estimate, 23 § 15.7
Cooperative agreements involving financial contributions for construction

or maintenance, approval of, 23 $ 15.5
Definitions, 23 $ 15.1
Forest highway system, classification of, 23 $ 15.3
Maintenance work on projects, 23 $ 15.8
Records and accounting, 23 § 15.9
Selection of forest highway program, 23 $ 15.4

Surveys, 23 15.6
Public safety radio services. See Federal Communications Commission.
Public seating industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 20
Public utilities (gas, electricity, telephone and telegraph, transit, water):
Accounts, rates, etc., under Federal Power Act and Natural Gas Act. See

Federal Power Commission.
Directors and officers. See Directors and officers.
Electric power, public utilities, and licensees; regulations under Federal Power

Act. See Federal Power Commission.
Public utility holding companies and subsidiaries; financial statements, and

regulations under Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 and Securi-

ties and Exchange Act of 1934. See Securities and Exchange Commission.
Puerto Rico, public utilities (gas, electric, steam, water, sanitation) industries

in; minimum wage orders for workers, 29 Part 671
Radio services in connection with. See Federal Communications Commission.
Rights-of-way for power lines, etc. See Rights-of-way.
Telephone and telegraph common carriers; records, etc. See Federal Com-

munications Commission.
Public works projects:
Advance planning program, for assistance to States or political subdivisions,

44 Part 202
Alaska, Public Works Act in, 43 $ 72.3
Highway projects. See Public Roads Bureau.
Projects outside continental United States; compensation for injury or death

of certain employees on, 20 $ 51.1 (b) (3)
Real estate activities of Corps of Engineers in connection with civil works

projects, 33 Part 211

See also Books; and Newspapers.
Copyrights. See Copyrights.
Customs regulations:
Importation of copyrighted books or periodicals of foreign origin, 19

$ 11.21
Printed material, immoraì or obscene, or advocating insurrection or treason,

or threatening bodily harm to any person; customs seizure, 19 $ 12.40
Serial publications; customs entry, 19 § 10.45
Export control of books, motion pictures, music, newspapers, etc., not con-

taining technical data, 15 § 371.20
Federal Register, Code of. Federal Regulations, and United States Government
Organization Manual, publication of.

See Administrative Committee of
Federal Register.

Publications Continued
Improperly publishing confidential or restricted Governmental matter; cease

and desist orders, 16 § 13.2110
Mailing of; classification and rates for. See Post Office Department.
Subscription and mail order book publishing industry; trade practice confer-

ence rules, 16 Part 150
Veterans, furnishing of magazines and other periodicals to for educational or

training purposes, 38 $ 21.324a
Pueblo Indians:

Arts and crafts, regulations respecting, 25 Parts 301, 304
Jewelry manufacturing; minimum wage order, 29 $ 607.12

Lands of Pueblo Indians, irrigation and leasing, 25 $$ 129.1, 171.28
Puerto Rico:
Agricultural conservation programs; conservation practices, rates of assistance,

etc., 7 Part 1102
Aircraft, restricted areas for, 14 $ 608.63
Banks for cooperatives; loans for financing operations, 6 Part 70
Boundary lines for inland waters; regulations respecting, 33 $$ 82.200–82.230,

Customs relations with:

Air commerce regulations, 19 Part 6
Coffee, foreign grown, shipped to, from United States, entry; consular

invoice not required, 19 % 7.1
Customs district and port of entry, 19 $ 1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6
Jerked beef for sale or distribution to consumers in; free importation,

19 $ 53.1
Ports of entry, 19 Part 1, page 10
Spirits and wines, withdrawal from bonded manufacturing warehouse for

shipment to, 19 $ 7.1
Employment in:
Compensation for injury or death of certain employees in; regulations of

Employees' Compensation Bureau, 20 $ 51.1 (b)
Messengers, employment of; conditions upon which special certificates

may be granted, 29 Part 671
Minimum wage orders, etc., for workers in various industries. See Wage

and Hour Division.
Employment taxes; collection of tax:

Income tax withheld at source on wages, 26 $$ 406.804_406.805

Under Federal Insurance Contributions Act, 26 $ 408.904
Export declarations, 15 $ $ 30.30, 30.33b, 30.42, 30.44, 30.45
Income tax provisions affecting residents. See Internal Revenue Service.
Liquors and articles coming into United States from; excise tax regulations,

26 $$ 182.973-182.981; 26 (1954) $ $ 250.35–250.186
Marketing quotas, for certain agricultural commodities, 7 $$ 711.36, 717.14
Quarantine of certain fruits, vegetables, plants, etc., from. See Agriculture

School lunch program, 7 $ 210.3 (c)
Self-employment income tax; collection of, etc., 26 $$ 39.481-1 (c) (7), 39.3810–

Stills, exportation of, etc., 26 (1954) § 196.61
Sugar; entry, quotas, etc., 7 Parts 812, 827, 837, 847, 857, 867, 877
Unemployment compensation for Federal employees under title XV, Social

Security Act; responsibilities of agencies in Puerto Rico respecting, 20 Part

Veterans, unemployment compensation for, 20 Part 607
Pulpwood, customs entry; invoices, exception, 19 $ 8.15 (c) (30)
Pump, vertical turbine, industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 172
Pumping equipment; export control, 15 $ 399.1 (Group 7)
Purchases, certain:
Agricultural commodities, certain; purchase programs. See Agriculture Depart-

Federal purchase specifications, 44 $$ 53.11-53.13
Government agencies, purchases of supplies, etc. See Procurement of supplies,

Mortgages; purchase, sale, or servicing of certain mortgages by Federal National

Mortgage Association, 24 Part 400

Purchases, certain Continued
Securities, purchase and sale of, various practices (arbitrage transactions, de-

ceptive devices, over-the-counter transactions, price fixing, short sales,
etc.); regulations under Securities Exchange Act of 1934. See Securities

and Exchange Commission.
Vessels; purchases of equipment and materials for construction-differential sub-

sidy vessels, 46 Part 275
Putty manufacturing industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 140
Pyrometers; test fee schedules, 15 $8 203.102, 203.105


Quantity limits, procedure in fixing, for any commodity or class of commodities;

fair trade practices, 16 $ $ 2.11-2.18, 310.1
Quapaw Indian Agency:

See also Indian Affairs Bureau.

Lead end zinc mining, 25 Part 201
Animals, livestock; restrictions on importation, exportation, and interstate

transportation, to prevent spread of diseases. See Agriculture Department.
Plant quarantine:

On Indian reservations, 25 $ 276.26
Quarantine of plants and plant products, to prevent spread of insect pests

and plant diseases. See Agriculture Department.
Public health quarantine:
Foreign and interstate quarantine; regulations respecting. See Public

Health Service.
In Canal Zone, 35 $ $ 24.37–24.104

Indians afflicted with communicable diseases, 25 $$ 84.27, 84.36, 84.48–84.53
Quarantined areas; aids to navigation respecting marking of quarantined areas,

33 $ 62.01-20
Quarters, for certain personnel:

Army personnel; allowances for dependents, 32 $ 538.13
Navy personnel, allowances for, 32 $$ 715.1-715.4, 718.2
Panama Canal and Panama Railroad Company employees; rentals, maintenance

and repair, etc. (Canal Zone Order 1), 35 Chapter I, Appendix
Public health commissioned officers and dependents, 42 $ $ 21.341-21.348
Quartz crystal; export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 5), 399.2, Interpretation 6
Quasi-official agencies; publication of organizational statement in United States

Government Organization Manual, 1 $$ 3.1, 3.18
Quicksilver; mining, mineral leasing, etc.:

General regulations. See Land Management Bureau.
Leases to owners of private land claims, 43 Part 187

Operating and safety regulations, for mining, 30 Part 231
Quince preserves, jams, jellies. See Fruits and berries.

Customs quotas, merchandise subject to; importation of, 19 $$ 12.49–12.51
Farm marketing quotas, for various agricultural commodities. See Agriculture

Immigration quotas, 22 $ $ 42.10–42.13
Induction quotas. See Selective Service System.
Sugar quotas. See Agriculture Department.


Rabbit and cavy breeders' industry; trade practice conference rules, 16 Part 103
Rabbits, domestic; grading, inspection, and standards, 7 Part 54
Rabies and other animal diseases; quarantine measures for Canal Zone, 35 $ $ 24.100-

Racial discrimination. See Discrimination because of race, color, creed.
Radar; use for radiolocation purposes in maritime services, 47 $$ 7.4, 7.138, 7.402,

8.4, 8.72, 8.74 (e), 8.138, 8.405
Radiation lamps; test fee schedules, 15 $ 204.201

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