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Conservatorships, for certain banks or associations:

Federal savings and loan associations, 24 Parts 147, 148, 149, 150
National banks, conservatorships for, 12 $$ 4.12–4.15
State banks, appointment of conservators for (Executive Order 6080 of March

18, 1933); regulations of Monetary Offices, Treasury Department, respecting

banking, 31 $ 120.4 Consolidated income tax returns for certain affiliated corporations, 26 Part 24,

$ 39.141-1 Consolidation of certain associations, banks, corporations, etc.: Banks; consolidation of national banks or state and national banks, 12 $$ 4.4,

206.3, 206.4 Carriers; consolidation of railroads, express companies, water carriers, motor

carriers, etc., 49 Parts 52, 180 Electric power facilities, application for consolidation; regulations under Fed

eral Power Act, 18 Part 33 Farm associations; consolidation of:

National farm loan associations, 6 $ $ 11.1013–11.1016

Production credit associations, 6 $ 50.20
Government agencies:

Disposition of employees involved, 5 $ 20.8
Post office of fourth class, consolidation with one of higher class; acquisi-

tion of status by postal employees in connection with, 5 $ 3.101 (a) (2) Conspiring:

Against the United States. See Security programs.
To engage in unfair or unlawful trade practices; cease and desist orders, 16

8 8 13.290, 13.390–13.495 Constitution of United States, attachment to principles of, qualification for natu

ralization of alien; nationality regulations, 8 § 312.1 Construction: Aircraft and equipment, design and construction; airworthiness requirements.

See Civil Aeronautics Board. Defense materials for, 32A Chapter VI, DMS Regulation 2 and Direction 3 Emergency facilities and grain storage facilities; tax amortization for. See

Emergency facilities; and Grain storage facilities. Government construction contracts; partial payment or reimbursement, regu

lations respecting bids, bonds, forms, labor and material reports, etc., 44

$$ 54.12–54.18, 54.31 Hospitals, public health; grants for construction, 42 Part 53 Indian lands, construction costs for irrigation projects on, 25 Parts 141, 144, 147 Labor standards provision applicable to contracts covering Federally financed

and assisted construction, 29 Part 5 Loans construction; discount of, by Federal Reserve Banks, 12 & 201.3 (d) Procurement of construction; Army Department regulations, 32 $$ 606.501

606.504 Radio services for building and heavy construction activities, 47 $$ 11.504, 11.505,

11.509 Railroad lines, construction of; certificates of public convenience and necessity

for, 49 Part 41 Schools and school facilities, grants for construction of. See Education,

Office of.

Construction-differential subsı'; for. See Maritime Administration.
Contracts, guarantee in; operators' responsibilities, 46 Part 247
Reserves, construction; establishment of, 46 Part 287

Income and excess profits taxes regulations, 26 Part 32
Construction equipment distributing industry; trade practice conference rules, 16

Part 167 Construction machinery:

Export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 7)

Priority orders. See Business and Defense Services Administration. Consular officers:

Baggage and importations for; customs regulations, 19 $ $ 10.29, 10.30

Duties in connection with various matters. See State Department. Consultants, in public health matters, employment of, 42 $ 22.3

Containers (bags, barrels, baskets, boxes, cans, carboys, drums, tanks, etc.), for

various commodities: Customs entry:

Certificate of foreign shipper, 19 $ 10.6
Consular account, 19 $ 10.5
Domestic; exported and returned, 19 $ $ 8.2 (d), 10.7

Of duty; on certain containers or wrappers, 19 $$ 10.7, 22.6 (a), 22.14 (e)

Of internal revenue tax, 19 $ 10.3 (b) (2)
Marking of, 19 $ 11.8

Temporary importation, 19 § 10.31
Distilled spirits, containers for traffic in; excise tax regulations, 26 (1954)

Part 175
Explosives, containers for:

Compressed gas containers, mailing of, 39 $ 15.2 (c) (3)
Specifications for containers for:
To be transported by rail or motor carriers. See Interstate Commerce


To be transported or stored on board vessels. See Coast Guard, Fruits, berries, vegetables; standards for containers:

Barrels, 15 Part 241

Baskets, 7 Part 41 Lime, etc., barrels for; standards, 15 Part 240 Paper bags, boxes, etc. See Paper and paper products. Priorities respecting, 32A Chapter VI, BDSA Regulation 2, Interpretation 1 Surplus property (burlap bags and strips, steel containers, shipping barrels,

drums and pails) originally produced in United States; importation, 44

$ 308.56 Contest schemes, using unfairly; cease and desist orders, 16 § 13.2270 Contiguous foreign territory. See Canada; and Mexico. Continental Shelf, Outer: Employees compensation benefits, to persons employed in certain operations

conducted on. See Employees Compensation Bureau. Mineral deposits in; leasing, etc., 43 Part 201 Oil and gas and sulphur operations in, 30 Part 250

Rights-of-way for pipelines, 43 Part 202 Contingent fees, paid by contractors in connection with procurement; covenants

against, etc., 32 $$ 590.502–590.550; 44 Part 150 Contraband articles: Counterfeit coins, securities, etc. See Counterfeit coins, obligations, securities,

etc. Firearms and narcotics, seizure of vessels, vehicles and aircraft transporting,

etc., 26 Parts 153, 466, 468 Traffic in contraband articles in Federal penal and correctional institutions;

regulations respecting, 28 $ 6.1 Contraceptive and abortive materials or literature: Customs regulations:

Importation by mail, 19 $ 9.12 (e)

Seizure or disposition of, 19 $ 12.40 Mailing of, 39 $ 14.3 Contract Appeals, Board of, Interior Department; membership, authority, etc., 43

Part 4 Contract Disputes Board for Commodity Credit Corporation, rules for, 6 Part 400 Contract markets, for trading in commodities; regulations affecting. See Com

modity Exchange Authority. Contract Settlement, Office of: Preservation of records of war contractors; responsibility, procedure, etc., 32

Part 2011
Contractors with Government:

Delivery of Government property in trust to, 32 Part 13
Employees of, outside United States; compensation for disability or death. See

Employees' Compensation Commission.
Procurement regulations of armed services. See Army Department; and De-

fense Department.

Contractors with Government Continued
Safeguarding classified or defense information in possession of contractors with

military agencies, 32 Parts 66, 72, 505, 805
Surgeons, contract; service with Army Department, 32 $$ 572.1-572.5
Contracts and purchases:

See also Procurement of supplies.
Accounting procedures; certificate to be used by contractors and vendors on

invoices or bills, 4 Part 11 Air carriers: Defense contracts; accounting and reporting requirements, 14 $$ 241.04,

241.8-1-241.8–16 Filing of, with Civil Aeronautics Board, 14 Part 261 Aircraft, Army and Navy contracts for; taxation of excess profits in connection

with, 26 Parts 16, 17 Appeals. See Appeals. Armed services procurement regulations. See Army Department; Defense De

partment; and Navy Department. Atomic Energy Commission, Advisory Board of Contract Appeals; rules of

procedure, 10 Part 3 Civil defense contracts; contractual standards to be followed by Federal Civil

Defense Administrator under Executive Order 10243, 32 Part 1706 Coast Guard procurement contracts. See Coast Guard. Commodity Credit Corporation; Contract Disputes Board for, rules for, 6 Part

400 Competitors' contracts, inducing breach of; cease and desist orders, 16

$$ 13.1060--13.1075 Construction, Federally financed and assisted; labor standards provisions of

various acts applicable to, 29 Part 5 Contingent fees paid by contractors for securing Government contracts; cove

nants against, and related procedure, 44 Part 150 Electrical energy or mechanical horsepower, filing of contracts, agreements,

etc., respecting sale at wholesale of; regulations under Federal Power Act,

18 $$ 35.15, 35.20 Emergency powers under Title II, First War Powers Act of 1941, as amended;

exercise of certain authority under, in connection with amendment, cor

rection, or formalization of informal commitments, 32 Part 83 Financing defense contracts:

Armed services regulations, 32 Parts 81, 82, 83, 84
Loan guarantees for financing in connection with defense production,

32A Chapter XV, Regulation V Government agencies, contracts for procurement of supplies, services, etc. See

Army Department; Coast Guard; Defense Department; General Services
Administration; Navy Department; Post Office Department; and Public

Contracts Division.
Indian education, welfare, etc., contracts for services in connection with. See

Indian Affairs Bureau. Interior Department, Board of Contract Appeals; membership, authority, etc.,

43 Part 4 Labor contracts; maintaining, changing, etc., regulations of National Mediation

Board, 29 Part 1204 Minimum wages, stipulations respecting, in public contracts, 41 | 201.1 Motor or rail carriers; contracts for furnishing supplies, etc., to. See Inter

state Commerce Commission. Natural gas companies, contracts; form of proposed cancellation or termination

of, regulations under Natural Gas Act, 18 $ 250.3 Personal property for use of Government agencies (other than armed services);

procurement of. See General Services Administration. Public buildings or work financed by loans or grants from United States; Anti

Kickback regulations to be part of contract, 29 $ 3.6 Public utility holding companies' contracts for sales, service or construction;

regulations under Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, 17 $ $ 250.80–

250.95 Radio broadcast licensees and permittees; filling of contracts with Federal Com

munications Commission, 47 $ 1.342 Rail or motor carriers; contracts for furnishing supplies, etc., to. See Inter

state Commerce Commission.

Contracts and purchases—Continued

Records of war contractors, preservation of, 32 Part 2011
Renegotiation of contracts. See Renegotiation Board.
Research contracts with commercial or nonprofit organizations; armed services

procurement regulations, 32 $$ 13.505, 13.506, 15.200–15.205, 15.300–15.305 Research and marketing services work, for Agriculture Department; contracts

with public or private agencies, firms or individuals for, 7 Part 10 Vessels; contracts for construction or repair:

Construction; guarantee clause, operators' responsibilities, 46 Part 247

Repairs, contracts for. See National Shipping Authority.
Wages; provisions in contracts respecting minimum wages for certain indus-

tries. See Public Contracts Division, Labor Department.
Contributions. See Donations, gifts, contributions.
Contributions, Federal, to States, for various purposes. See States.
Control areas, zones:

See also Danger areas.

For aircraft operations. See Civil Aeronautics Administration.
Control of persons entering or leaving United States. See State Department.
Controlled circulations publications, mailing of:

Bulk mailings, 39 $ 16.1 (g)
Rates, etc., 39 Part 23

Undeliverable; disposal of, 39 § 48.2 (c)
Conventions with various countries. See Treaties, conventions, etc.
Conversion of foreign currency, for purpose of assessment and collection of customs

duties, 19 $ 16.4 Converters, export control, 15 § 399.1 (Group 7) Conveyor belts, fire-resistant, for use in mines; tests, approvals, fees, etc., 30 Part 34 Convict, forced, or indentured labor: Accidents to inmates of Federal penal or correctional institutions, employed by

Federal Prisons Industries, Inc.; compensation for, 40 Part 1 Merchandise produced by; bonding, investigation, transportation, etc., customs

regulations respecting, 19 $ $ 12.42–12.45 Narcotic addicts, employment in certain industries; good time allowances for,

42 $$ 33.2, 33.3 Prison-made products, military procurement off; regulations of armed services,

32 $ $ 5.401-5.408, 12.201-12.203 Stipulations in public contracts respecting convict-made goods, 41 $ 201.1 Cooking and heating appliances and parts; British Token Import Plan, export to

United Kingdom under, 15 § 361.13 Cooperation between Federal and State commissions, agencies, etc., respecting vari

ous matters: Communications carriers subject to one or more State public utilities commis

sions; regulations respecting, 47 Part 1, Appendix 2 Federal Power Act and Natural Gas Act, administration of; general rules of

Federal Power Commission respecting, 18 g 1.37 Narcotic drugs; cooperation between Narcotics Bureau and State or municipal

prosecuting officers and agencies having power to suspend or revoke licenses,

21 $$ 301.8–301.11 Cooperative associations, etc.:

Banks for Cooperatives. See Farm Credit Administration.
Cooperative marketing associations, paper (notes, etc.) of; discount of, by

Federal Reserve Banks, 12 & 201.3 (f)
Cooperatives which compete with civilian enterprise; prohibition against use

of military personnel or civilian employees of Army in conducting, 32

$ 552.18 (d)
Farmers' cooperative associations:

Employees of; hours of work, 29 $$ 780.80_780.82
Loans for. See Farm Credit Administration; and Farmers Home Admin-

istration. National farm loan associations and production credit associations, regulations

respecting. See Farm Credit Administration. Cooperative housing; mortgage insurance. See Federal Housing Administration. Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands, Oregon; regulations respecting. See Land

Management Bureau.

Copeland (“Anti-Kickback”) Act (pay-roll deductions):
Armed services procurement regulations, 32 $$ 12.400—12.404–12, 601.404-7

(b) (4)
Coast Guard procurement regulations, 33 $ 118.04-4

Labor Department regulations respecting, 29 Part 3
Copper, alloys, manufactures, etc.:

See also Metals and ores.
Customs entry; copper-bearing materials:

Fluxing material, 19 $ 10.98
Not for smelting or refining in bond; entry and sampling, 19 § 8.47

To be smelted or refined in bonded warehouse, 19 $$ 19.17-19.28
Export control, 15 $$ 373.41, 373.71, 380.5, 398.52, 399.1 (Group 6)
Priority orders, for copper and copper-base alloys, 32A Chapter VI, M-11A

Standard samples, for melting-point, 15 $ 230.11 (j) Copyright Office, Library of Congress:

Classes of works subject to copyright. See Registration of claims to copyright.
General provisions, 37 Part 201

Amendments to registrations and other records, 37 3 201.5
Assignments of copyright and other papers, 37 & 201.4
Catalog card for work of foreign origin, 37 & 201.7
Catalog of Copyright Entries, 37 $ 201.3
Correspondence, 37 & 201.1
Fees, payment and refund, 37 g 201.6
Foreign origin, marks of:

Catalog card for, 37 & 201.7
Import statements for books and periodicals of foreign origin in English

language, 37 & 201.8
Information, 37 201.2
Registra on of claims to copyright, 37 Part 202

Application forms, 37 § 202.1
Classes of works:

Art works and reproductions, 37 38 202.8, 202.9
Books, 37 202.2
Dramatic and dramatico-musical compositions, 37 § 202.5
Drawings or plastic works of scientific or technical character, 37

$ 202.10
Lectures or similar productions prepared for oral delivery, 37 202.4
Maps, 37 $ 202.7
Motion-picture photoplays, 37 $ 202.13
Motion pictures other than photoplays, 37 $ 202.14
Musical compositions, 37 § 202.6
Periodicals, 37 $ 202.3
Photographs, 37 § 202.11
Prints, pictorial illustrations, and commercial prints or labels, 37

$ 202.12 Copyrights: Blocked copyrights, authorization of certain transactions in connection with;

foreign assets control regulations, 31 $ $ 500.527, 500.528 Customs entry of parcels marked for copyright, etc., 19 $$ 9.7, 11.20

False notice of copyright, 19 $ 11.18
Piratical copies, 19 $ 11.20

Recordation of copyrighted works, 19 $ 11.19

Licensing of transactions in, 8 $8 507.70, 507.71

Royalties, 8 § 510.70 Importation of copyrighted books or periodicals of foreign origin; customs regu

lations, 19 11.21 Mailing of copyright material:

Free matter, 39 $ 27.2 (a) (6)

Publications violating copyrights, nonmailable, 39 $ 14.8 Military procurement involving; armed services procurement regulations, 32

Parts 9, 598 Registration of claims to copyright; regulations respecting, 37 Parts 201, 202

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