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514. lappuse - York, Bronx. . New York, Brooklyn... New York, Manhattan. New York, Queens New York, Richmond.. Oswego Bx>ehester.. Syracuse . . . Tarrytown. Troy Utica White Plains. Yonkere Total. Cement and Asphalt Laborers. New York, all boroughs New York, Manhattan Excavators. New York, Manhattan. . Plumbers
500. lappuse - York, Bronx New York, Brooklyn New York, Manhattan New York, Queens New York, Richmond . Niagara Falls North Tonawanda Norwich Nyack OKde Olear _ „densburg.
478. lappuse - New York, Brooklyn . . . New York, Manhattan. New York, Queens New York, Richmond . Niagara Falls North Tonawanda Ogdensburg Olean Poughkeepsie..
xxxvii. lappuse - ... three times as many suffered reductions which averaged much greater than those of 1903. Comparing the total number affected by changes with the union membership in the State at the middle of each year, it was found that 34 per cent of the unionists in the State were affected by changes in 1902, 18 per cent in 1903, and 5 per cent in 1904, which resulted in average net weekly increases of $1.68, $1.79, and $1.38, respectively. Cause of idleness. End ot March, 1903.
l. lappuse - ... hours per week and the number of organized workers affected : CHANGES IN WEEKLY HOURS OF LABOR OF MEMBERS OF LABOR ORGANIZATIONS AND MEMBERS AFFECTED, AS REPORTED BY LABOR UNIONS FOR THE YEAR ENDING SEPTEMBER 30. 1904. Of the 1,065 workers in the building trades that secured a shorter workday, 374 won the eight-hour day, while all of the others, with the eight-hour day already won, established in addition the Saturday half holiday. In 1904 the total number of union workers who secured "He eight-hour...
82. lappuse - Bricklayers', masons' and plasterers' laborers. . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Total 10 448 448 Tuckahoe.
290. lappuse - Masters and Pilots. American Association of Masters and Pilots of Steam Vessels. Lake Seamen's Union Atlantic Coast Seamen's Union. Lake Seamen's Union Seamen. Trucking, Cab Driving, Etc. Cabmen and Coach Drivers. Livery Employees
xxxiii. lappuse - ... in which 18,359 wage earners stopped work for an entire month (March 4 to April 6, losing 478,696 days' work). The dispute in the lithographic industry, lasting from March 17 to April 20, involved 2,118 workmen (loss of 63,540 days), all members of lithographers
xxx. lappuse - ... unions in the various industries not at work at --the end of each month during 1904 and the causes of idleness. From the returns it appears that the state of employment was much less favorable thruout 1904 than in 1902. Compared with 1903, the conditions do not appear so unfavorable; but this is due to the exceptional amount of idleness produced in the summer of 1903 by the extensive disputes in the building trades of New York City.
xxxiii. lappuse - March there were 25,723 wage workers on strike or locked out and of these 19,324 belonged to the building trades, 2,240 to the typographical trades, 1,870 to the garment and glove and shipbuilding, engine tending and miscellaneous trades, etc.

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