Annual Report, 1. sējums,1. daļa

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76. lappuse - Equipment + Methods . — FINAL SCORE NOTE 1. — If any exceptionally filthy condition is found, particularly dirty utensils, the total score may be further limited. NOTE 2. — If the water is exposed to dangerous contamination, or there is evidence of the presence of a dangerous disease in animals or attendants, the score shall be 0.
172. lappuse - ... en route to some point within the state and give the name of the consignor and consignee, and the...
182. lappuse - NEW JERSEY.— The law requires the inspection of all nurseries at least once in each year. Shipments into the State must be accompanied by a certificate of inspection, or...
176. lappuse - ... buds, fruit pits, and other seeds of fruit and ornamental trees or shrubs, and other plants and plant products for propagation, except field, vegetable, and flower seeds, bedding plants, and other herbaceous plants, bulbs, and roots, may be admitted to the mails only when accompanied...
172. lappuse - ... thereof shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. All custom house brokers bringing into or causing to be brought into this state any nursery stock, shall file with the commissioner of agriculture on or before October...
186. lappuse - Clemson College, SC SOUTH DAKOTA.— All nursery stock shipped into the State must be accompanied by a certificate of inspection issued by the State Entomologist of the State from which it was shipped. Any person, firm or corporation owning a nursery which sells stock to be delivered in this State must certify where the stock was grown and attach this statement to all shipments.
74. lappuse - ... or if it contains eighteen per centum of milk fat or over, it may be branded
181. lappuse - Shipments into the state must be labeled with the name of consignor and consignee and each package bear a certificate of inspection. Duplicate certificates should be filed with the State Entomologist.
182. lappuse - State from another state, country or province, every package thereof shall be plainly labeled on the outside with the name of...
81. lappuse - Every manufacturer or prodxicer of vinegar shall plainly brand each cask, barrel, or other container of such vinegar with his name and place of business, the kind of vinegar contained therein and the substance or substances from which it was made. And no person shall mark or brand as or for cider vinegar any package containing that which is not cider vinegar.

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