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completion of design, funding for construction will be requested in fiscal year 2004. It is currently estimated that construction funds of
approximately $170,000 will be requested in fiscal year 2004.

Design, Fire Alarm System Upgrades for ADA, Production Facility at D.C. Village
Category: Life Safety


Funding in the amount of $5,000 will be requested in fiscal year 2002 to design an upgrade of the fire alarm system at the
Production Facility at D.C. Village, including visual signaling devices and other equipment, for compliance with the Americans with
Disabilities Act and the Congressional Accountability Act. It is currently projected that approximately $50,000 will be required to provide
these fire alarm system upgrades. The upgrade funds would be requested in fiscal year 2004.

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Funds were appropriated in fiscal year 2000 in the amount of $90,000 for design of various renovations and improvements to Bartholdi Park to make it accessible to all visitors and aesthetically more pleasing.

The actual renovations are presently estimated at $1,000,000. This will complete the sidewalk replacement internally and around the perimeter of Bartholdi Park. The project also entails equipping the park with two to four handicap ramps in compliance with ADA, replacing the irrigation system and, if deemed necessary for protection of plants and the Bartholdi Fountain, installing a fence. These funds would be requested in fiscal year 2002 based on actual design and cost estimates.

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This project would construct approximately 4,600 square feet of concrete pads at strategic locations by the greenhouses, next to the cold frames, the pesticide building walkway, an area behind several high bays and an area south of the road between the cold frames and the road. The pads are requested in order to facilitate transport and materials handling.


BG 21

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Conservatory Gallery Exhibits and Audio Tour


Improvement - AOC

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This project will provide for the conceptual design, construction, drawings and fabrication/installation of the exhibits and amenities in the East and West Galleries of the Conservatory. Plans for the exhibits, which are program related, include secure permanent exhibit spaces, arranged to accommodate after-hours gatherings, with cases, models, interactive stations, video screens, artifacts, a few interactive stations and decorative banners to fit the arched windows in front of the Conservatory. Another element of project would be an audio tour describing to visitors what they are seeing and other useful facts about the Botanic Garden.

The design for the West Gallery is expected to be complete before fiscal year 2002. In fiscal year 2002 it is proposed to implement construction in the West Gallery and design of the East Gallery. Additional funds of $650,000 will be requested in fiscal year 2003 to begin construction of the East Gallery, fabrication of the banners and development of the audio system.

Vehicle Replacement


Cyclical Maintenance


The U.S. Botanic Garden's fleet for transporting plants, gardening materials, and staff includes three vehicles recommended for replacement from fiscal year 2002 through fiscal year 2004:

Current vehicle

1984 GMC Step Van

1988 Chev. Pick-Up

1991 Chev. Dump Body

Replacement Year

FY 2002

FY 2003 FY 2004

These vehicles are normally maintained by the Garden and other jurisdictions within the Office of the Architect of the Capitol In-house maintenance and repair capabilities support purchasing (vs. leasing) the vehicles. During each fiscal year targeted above for vehicle replacement, efforts will be made to locate and acquire surplus vehicles as an alternative to purchasing new vehicles. The condition

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of each vehicle will also be reevaluated prior to the replacement year to determine whether ongoing maintenance can be a viable alternative to a purchase.

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This project will complete the restoration of Bartholdi Fountain, an historic sculpture which is the centerpiece of Bartholdi Park.

The restoration and renovation of the fountain was initiated in the mid-1980s. In fiscal year 1986, paint was removed from the statue, which was subsequently repainted. In fiscal year 1992, the Construction Branch of the Architect of the Capitol replaced the fountain's basin. From fiscal year 1992 through fiscal year 1995, both outside contractors and the U.S. Botanic Garden's internal staff have maintained the statue via high-pressure cleaning. In fiscal year 1996, the Construction Branch repainted the statue at a cost of $22,000. The statue previously had received only touch-ups since the repainting ten years earlier.

The current proposal will complete the restoration via selective replacement of the marble coping, restoration of the light fixtures on the fountain and coping, upgrading the existing electrical wiring to the fountain, addressing the fountain's water circulation and filtration systems and stripping and re-coating the fountain. A total of $50,000 was appropriated in fiscal year 2000 for the design, with an estimated $500,000 to follow in fiscal year 2002 for actual restoration/renovation. The latter figure may be revised pending results of the project design. This proposal will position the Bartholdi statue and fountain for an ongoing, cyclical maintenance program that will protect this historic artwork.


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Several Capitol complex buildings have been cited for noncompliance with OSHA Standard, sub-part M1926 "Fall Protection".
To correct these conditions fiscal year 1998 funding was provided to engage consultants to survey, program, design and document Fall
Protection Systems for the D.C. Village Growing Facility. Fall protection construction funds currently estimated at $130,000 will be
requested for fiscal year 2003.

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The shade curtain system at the Production Facility controls the amount of sunlight passing into the glass houses, and thus assists in temperature and growing condition controls. The curtain material is reaching the end of its useful life expectancy. It will need to be replaced over a three year period beginning in fiscal year 2003. An estimated $22,000 will be required for each of three years for the replacement.

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