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Botanic Garden

Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Estimate

The Garden has been without an Assistant Director since November 1996. When the Palm House was demolished due to safety concerns, and overall renovation of the entire Conservatory was necessary, it became clear that the Garden's mission would be somewhat diminished until the Palm House was restored and the Conservatory renovated. Because of the diminished workload, the position was not filled. With the opening of the Conservatory and Palm House, managing the Garden will once again require an Assistant Director. This position is also essential for a smooth transition as the Garden re-emerges as an active public-oriented institution dedicated to its mission. Funding for this position is requested at the GS-14 level.

Educational Program Manager (1) - This is a new position at the GS-13 level that will coordinate all public relations efforts for the newly re-opened Conservatory, implement the Botanic Garden's Interpretive Master Plan for signage, wayfinding, and exhibits, and develop educational programs for both on-site and off-site delivery. Programming for Congressional and other audiences served by the Botanic Garden will also fall under this position. The educational program has the greatest focus for the new Conservatory and is one of the most important functions to provide. The incumbent of this position also provides oversight for all publications for the Botanic Garden's brochures, event calendars, plant information handouts and website.

Laborer (1) - This position will primarily serve the Palm Program and will enable Botanic Garden management to better utilize professional gardeners in their primary tasks of maintaining the new Conservatory and its new plantings. At the present time, an existing professional gardener performs all deliveries of palms to the Members offices and special functions. Additionally, this position will assist in set-up of the facilities for public visitation, assemble chairs, podium and audio-visual equipment, and assist with the exhibit cases. This position will be funded at the WG-4 level.

Gardener (3) - Funding is requested for 3 additional gardeners at the WG-8 level. The reopening of the Conservatory will significantly increase the workload for the Botanic Garden staff. For the past several years, the Conservatory has operated in a downsized mode since the demolition of the Palm House. As positions vacated they were not backfilled. Reopening the newly reconstructed Palm House and renovated Conservatory will increase the workload to maintain the plantings.

Gardeners in the new configuration of the Conservatory will be required to grow plants and support planned exhibits which will be rotated on a periodic basis. Additionally, tropical plants form the backdrop in many houses of the Conservatory and were downsized when the Palm House was closed. Therefore, additional support is required for Palm House tropical collections and the exterior plantings.


Botanic Garden

Fiscal Year 2001 Budesi Palliate

Maintenance Worker Helper (1) - Funding is requested at the Wtr & level in Bit nur Akuuteurs Msukes this ******** duties of this position will be to serve the newly renovated Conservatory and Bartkuldi Puck

Personnel Benefits

Increase Requested.

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This allotment provides for personnel benefits for employees including caninbulans for retirement to the Palavics Besment System, the Federal Employees Retirement System, Social Security, and Medicare Alse mcluded als apsury summikulison is His Podgl Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), the Federal Employees Group 1 ife Insurance (rbrill) shangshash scale of this Worksy'a Compensation Program, and subsidies paid to employees for commuting custs The mereuse for fiscal year 4001 is ankueaks pe increased costs of agency contributions for employees health benefits and retirement funds

Increase Requested - New Positions (7)

Funding in the amount of $115,000 is requested to provide for the agency contributen shure for employes kemejus for the previously described 7 additional positions of this amount, it is estimated that $82,000 will ke required for retirement semirikansane sand $33,000 for health and life insurance benefits.


Increase Requested

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This allotment has provided funding to pay for travel costs for Botanic Garden employees. Such needs occur when staff have had to visit nurseries to examine new growing stock, and to attend meetings and conferences. The reopening of the Conservatory necessitate travel to several and and semi-tropical climates for the selection and purchase of southwestern native plants, desert succulents and cacti, palms and tropical foliage for the new exhibits

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This allotment has been used for shipping costs when large plant stock has been transported. Reopening the Botanic Garden Conservatory will increase the cost of shipping exhibits for the Botanic Garden. The requested increase is to meet this need.

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This allotment provides for communications services including local and long distance telephone service for the Botanic Garden. Reopening the Botanic Garden Conservatory will increase the cost of communications services and the purchase of new telecommunications equipment for the Botanic Garden. The requested increase is to meet this need.

Postage and Metered Mail

Increase Requested:

$5,000 $3,000

This amount is needed for all postage and mail costs incurred by the Botanic Garden. Reopening the Botanic Garden Conservatory will increase the cost of mail services for the Botanic Garden. The requested increase is to meet this need.

General Annual Repairs Increase Requested:

$95,000 $70,000

This allotment covers the cost of annual repair and maintenance of the Conservatory, Administrative Office and Bartholdi Park as well as the production facility which has 34 greenhouses, 26,000 square feet of support facilities plus outdoor growing areas, cold frames and a lath house. It also covers the motor equipment such as trucks, tractors, front-end loader and other equipment of the Garden. Reopening the Botanic Garden Conservatory will increase the cost of general annual repairs for the Botanic Garden. It is also planned this year to begin replacing the evaporative cell pads, which have a useful life of five years, at the Production Facility. These pads are


Botanic Garden

Operating Budget

Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Estimate

essential for the environmental conditions that promote healthy plant growth in the greenhouses. The requested lietener là hi wire tha


Miscellaneous Improvements

These funds are required to perform necessary but unscheduled maintenance and small renovation propecia Appical hom the Architect is required before these funds may be used.

Waste Disposal

Increase Requested:

This allotment covers costs related to the removal of solid waste from the Botanic Garden facilities. Reopening the Bedants Fronten Conservatory and resuming full production at the Growing Facility will increase the debris pick-up at all locations. Newly arrtetně planta will also contribute to increased waste disposal due to pots, packing and associated debris,

Computer Services

Increase Requested


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Custodial services for the D.C. Village production facility are being contracted out to an outside cleaning vendor. The vendor dedicates twenty man-hours per week in providing routine janitorial services, including floor maintenance, window cleaning, trash removal, maintenance of rest rooms, and cleaning employee locker areas. Reopening the Botanic Garden Conservatory will increase the cost of custodial services for the Botanic Garden. The Conservatory will operate seven days every week, and its hours will necessitate having more than one shift of custodial workers. The requested increase is to meet this need.

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This allotment is used to train Botanic Garden employees in technical areas related to the employee's job and in programs such as prevention of sexual harassment, understanding employee rights and responsibilities, substance abuse, and other subjects. This training is required for all current and new employees. Additionally, the Office provides supervisory, technical skills and staff development training and sponsors basic educational skills training. Reopening the Botanic Garden Conservatory will increase the need for up to date training on the new mechanical, environmental educational systems and plant care for the Botanic Garden. The requested increase is to meet this need.

Elevator Maintenance

New Operating Allotment


In keeping with agency practice, $10,000 is requested to establish a certified elevator maintenance program that will include the newly re-opened Conservatory and Production Facility. These funds are necessary to perform maintenance, as well as required annual testing and certification.

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