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Renovate Room B-310, Rayburn Building

Category:** Improvement - Client

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This project was submitted at the request of the Chief Administrative Officer for upgrading lighting and minor wall renovations to the House Recording Studio in B-310, Rayburn Building. This renovation to the existing studio is necessary in order to provide Members the facility for videoconferencing with constituents. Design funding of $5,000 was provided in fiscal year 2000.

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Square 692 is the site of the existing House Page Dormitory in the O'Neill House Office Building. It is planned that the Pages will vacate the O'Neill House Office Building to relocate to 501 First Street. Current plans include the demolition of the O'Neill building with the intention of rebuilding on that site and eventually moving the Pages to the new building. Funding will be requested for site evaluation of this property and schematic planning.

Design, Food Servicè Main Serving Area, FHOB Category: Improvement - Client


An amount of $200,000 will be requested in fiscal year 2002 to provide for the design to renovate the Ford Building Main Food Serving area. It is estimated that the total cost of the renovation project will be $2,000,000 although a firmer estimate will be available upon design completion. It is anticipated that the construction funding for this project will be requested in fiscal year 2004. This project is included in the budget at the request of the Chief Administrative Officer, House of Representatives.


House Office Buildings

Capital Budget Projects Beginning in Fiscal Year 2002

Environmental Conditioning Wire Closets


Improvement - Client

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An amount of $184,000 will be requested in fiscal year 2002 to provide for environmental conditioning in the wire closets of the
Ford, Longworth, and Rayburn House Office Buildings. This project is included in the budget at the request of the Chief Administrative
Officer, House of Representatives.

Expand/Renovate Computer Center, Ford Building
Category: Improvement - Client


This project is submitted at the request of the Chief Administrative Officer for renovations to the expansion of the Computer Center
in the Ford House Office Building. These renovations are necessary to provide participating vendors with a secured area within the House
Information Resources Computer Center to manage and service Members' computer servers. In order to facilitate anticipated additional
equipment as a result of the Member Server Park, existing space will be expanded and renovations for this additional server spaces are
needed, including additional raised flooring. The project will also include replacement of the current fire suppression system. An estimated
amount of $1,500,000 will be requested in fiscal year 2002 to provide for construction of this project. An amount of $109,000 was
provided for design costs in fiscal year 2000.


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Design, Garage Floor Repairs, Rayburn Building

Cyclical Maintenance


The Rayburn building garage floor slab has deteriorated due to water and chemicals which are deposited on the slab by automobiles. The structural integrity of the concrete decks are dramatically affected by this type of deterioration. There is already visible evidence of deterioration. Small hairline cracks have allowed water-borne chlorides to penetrate the deck and attack the reinforcing bars. This has caused corrosion, oxidation and in turn, expansion generating enough force to cause the concrete to spall and delaminate. This destructive action, if allowed to continue, will lead to severe structural damage not only for the garage but also for the Members' offices located above the garage.

In order to determine the amount of structural damage, and most cost effective repair alternatives funding in the amount of $100,000 was provided in fiscal year 1999 for a thorough analysis, appropriate design and specification development. Based on the results of the analysis an estimated amount of $900,000 will be requested in fiscal year 2003 for design work. It is anticipated that an amount of $9 million will be required in fiscal year 2005 to make the required repairs. The Sergeant at Arms has also requested that these repairs be made.

Design, Upgrade HVAC Systems, Cannon Building

Cyclical Maintenance


There are 19 major air handling systems in the Cannon House Office Building. Three of the systems were replaced in the mid1980's and four were installed new in the early 1990's. The remaining twelve units were renovated/installed in the mid 1960's and are in need of replacement. Funding was provided in fiscal year 1998 for an engineering evaluation of these twelve systems including an analysis of the air handling units themselves, the distribution system, the method of control, and the ventilation quantities. Funding in the amount of $4,250,000 will be requested in fiscal year 2003 for preparation of a design to replace the twelve existing air handling systems and the


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upgrade/replacement of the other seven systems. It is planned that funding for construction will be requested in fiscal year 2005 at an
estimated $35 million.


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The exterior windows of the Ford House Office Building have deteriorated and have become increasingly less energy efficient. Continual maintenance is no longer cost effective and funding is requested to do a study to determine the most cost effective method and type of window to replace all of the windows in the building. Current plans call for requesting design funding in fiscal year 2004 and construction funding estimated at $3.9 million in fiscal year 2006.

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The existing subway cars which operate between the Rayburn House Office Building and the U.S. Capitol have been in service for over 35 years. During this time they have served their intended function well. However, due to their age they now are less reliable and require more maintenance. In addition, they are not equipped to serve the needs of individuals with handicaps. It is proposed that replacement cars be provided that will operate on the existing track system, be more reliable, and accommodate the handicapped. The design process will also evaluate the potential of making the subway cars operate either with an attendant or without, similar to the elevators in the House Office Buildings.

The new subway cars will be designed by a consultant and be constructed by a contractor. Preliminary estimates indicate that a total of $4,000,000 may be sufficient to replace the two cars. Following the design of the cars, for which funding will be requested in fiscal year 2004, the estimated cost will be reevaluated and appropriate funding will be requested in fiscal year 2006.


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