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The Architect of the Capitol, subject to the approval and direction of the House Office Building Commission, is responsible for the structural, mechanical, and domestic care and maintenance of the five House Office Buildings, the underground garages, and the office building at 501 First Street. This appropriation provides for the structural, mechanical, and domestic care of the Cannon, Longworth, Rayburn, O'Neill and Ford House Office Buildings, Garages, and the House Annexes, the House subways, and the operation of the mechanical equipment. The Cannon and Longworth Buildings each contain approximately 500 office and committee rooms, together with storage rooms, shops, transformer stations, and subways. The Rayburn House Office Building contains approximately 700 office and committee rooms, together with storage rooms, shops, transformer rooms, subways, and other miscellaneous facilities. The Cannon House Office Building has a 300-car garage in its courtyard; the Longworth House Office Building has a cafeteria in its courtyard; the Rayburn House Office Building has a garage in its substructure accommodating 2,400 vehicles.

The Cannon Building was occupied January 10, 1908; the Longworth Building was occupied April 20, 1933; general occupancy
of Congressional suites in the Rayburn Building commenced in February 1965 and was completed in April 1965. Occupancy of Committee
Rooms in the Rayburn Building commenced in March 1965 and was also completed in April 1965. The underground garages in Squares
637 and 691, accommodating 1,300 automobiles and building maintenance shops, were placed in operation in September 1967.

The O'Neill House Office Building has been occupied by House personnel under authority of Section 8 of Public law 92-313 (86 Stat. 222) approved June 16, 1972. This building will be vacated by the House Page group in the near future. The Ford House Office Building was made part of the House Office Buildings complex for occupancy by the House, under authority of Public Law 94-6, approved February 28, 1975. The building at 501 First Street, S.E., was acquired for use as a House Office Building pursuant to Public Law 98-367, approved July 17, 1984, and the Additional House Office Building Act of 1955 (69 Stat. 41, 42). This building is currently undergoing a renovation to house the pages who will be relocated from the O'Neill House Office Building.


House Office Buildings

Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Estimate

Under the direction of the Architect of the Capitol, the Superintendent of the House Office Buildings is responsible for the day-to-day care of the buildings, including the operation of the following shops: Carpentry, Electrical, Elevator, Industrial Equipment, Labor, Masonry, Night Cleaning, Painting, Pipefitting-Plumbing, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and Sheet Metal.

The Superintendent's Office maintains confidentially the combinations of Members' safes and assigns office suites, rooms, and storerooms to Members of the House. The assignment of office suites is performed under rules prescribed by the House Office Building Commission. With the assignment of an office to a Member, the Superintendent's Office coordinates the move with all other support offices that are involved, including House Information Resources, Office Equipment, Furniture Resources Center, and Office Systems Management. In addition, a variety of internal activities are scheduled, including painting, computer cabling and electrical work, lock changes, and partition removal or installation.

The Superintendent's Office makes detailed suggestions to the Architect and the House Office Building Commission with regard to space requirements, remodeling within the buildings, and changes and improvements to existing facilities.

The employees provide care for the House office buildings and garages and their mechanical equipment, which includes such items as the air conditioning systems with their extensive and complex equipment; 68 elevators, 31 escalators and 1 lift; 1 dumbwaiter, and 2 subway cars and transportation system; electric fixtures and wiring; plumbing fixtures and piping. 873875000

231 133'000


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* Includes Obligations from Prior Year "No Year" Authority.

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21,920 1,248 257







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