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Capitol Buildings Salaries and Expenses

Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Estimate

review and oversight of the design and provide procurement assistance and construction support. Currently, ACED is supporting more than 10 large projects and more than 40 medium size and small projects. ACED has only one engineer and two engineering technicians to perform HVAC engineering functions including hands-on design for in-house projects as well as review and oversight of the design by consultants, procurement assistance, and construction support. Even with the Head and Assistant Head of the division working hands-on as design engineers full-time, it is increasingly difficult to support the many on-going projects and ensure their quality and timely completion. Furthermore, working hands-on as design engineers essentially full-time has left the division Head and Assistant Head with little or no time to perform higher level engineering functions, project management functions or take care of the administrative functions. Therefore, funding for one GS-12 HVAC Engineer position is requested in order meet the demands of the ever increasing workload involving the design, procurement and construction coordination of the various projects and ensure quality work and a timely completion.

Fire Protection Engineer (1) - The two existing fire protection positions were transferred to the newly formed Life Safety Program Division. While the positions are required to support this very important function, the transfer has resulted in a need for expertise within the Engineering Division for fire protection engineering design on small and medium in-house projects as well as review of such design on large projects performed by outside consultants. This position is critical to ensure that the design aspects of Fire Protection engineering are adequately addressed on a day to day basis. Therefore, funding for one GS-12 Fire Protection Engineer is requested to meet these needs.

Electrical Engineer (1) - Funding is requested to hire one additional electrical engineer at the GS-12 level in the Electrical Engineering Division. There is an increasing need to provide additional technical assistance to support ongoing projects from the Electrical Engineering Division. This division exercises general supervision over the electrical distribution service in all buildings under the jurisdiction of the Architect of the Capitol. This includes development of design, working drawings and specifications, supervision of installation of new equipment and systems, supervision and assistance over maintenance and operation of installed systems & providing and coordinating raceway requirements for security systems.

The current staff are heavily involved with the design of numerous "in-house" construction projects including many supporting activities that relate to other groups such as Construction Management and individual electrical shops and other projects under the



Capitol Buildings Salaries and Expenses

Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Estimate

jurisdiction of the building superintendents. They participate in design reviews along with architects/engineers engaged by the Architect of the Capitol for major construction projects.

The major function of the Electrical Engineering Division is the design of new installations, modifications and alterations to
existing systems including the preparation of technical specifications and descriptive details for the procurement of materials and
equipment. Most "in-house" projects and other projects under jurisdiction of the building superintendents must be surveyed and existing
conditions verified. Energy efficient systems considerations must be investigated on each of these renovation and remodeling projects as
they occur. With the upcoming new major projects such as the Visitors Center, Ft. Meade Book Storage, and other ongoing construction
projects have imposed additional work loads of such proportions as to cause a major backlog in work performance, making it particularly
t to efficiently expedite work which must be programmed to schedules for the convenience of Congress. One additional engineer
position will help us carry out the AOC mission to provide better service to our clients.
difficult t

Workload Manager (1) - The professional staff in the Engineering Divisions consists of (23) personnel. The tremendous workload
allows Division Heads bare minimum time to provide the required technical and administrative direction and guidance to all the staff in
order for them to complete their projects and ensure quality. Division Heads have to perform hands-on engineering from time to time to
meet deadlines. Assistant Heads perform hands-on engineering essentially all the time. Division Heads are left with no time to do project
planning in order to allocate resources for upcoming tasks; evaluate the impact of new work; and ensure that the due dates are set
realistically (and negotiated and communicated to the client,) work is assigned equitably, progress is reviewed ahead of time, due dates
are met or renegotiated. In the absence of consistent and regular work management, the modus operandi is "reactive and crisis
management". Therefore, funding is requested to hire a Workload Manager at the GS-12 level to perform these duties.

Office of the Assistant Architect - Funds are requested to hire 2 additional employees in the Office of the Assistant Architect

Architect/Planner (1) - This position will be serve as the Facility Planner for the Architect of the Capitol This agency does not currently have a staff person dedicated to coordinate the long range strategic planning projects for the Capitol complex This position establishes a principle staff representative who would plan a body of capital improvement projects forecasting the real facility needs for

CB 18


Capitol Buildings Salaries and Expenses

Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Estimate

the Capitol complex over current and projected planning periods. Funding for this position is requested at the GS-12 level.

Engineering Technician (1) - This position will serve as the Facility Programmer for the Architect of the Capitol. This agency does not currently have a staff person dedicated to coordinate the development of programs for proposed construction projects or prepare programs based on an analysis of the customer's functional requirements. This position establishes a principle staff representative for organizing programming services and coordinating the scopes of work required for review within the AOC and its clients. Funding for this position is requested at the GS-12 level.

Architecture Division - Funding is requested to hire 2 additional employees in the Architecture Division

Structural Engineer (1) - There is currently one Structural Engineer in the Architecture Division who is tasked with advising on internal design work as well as reviewing the work of vitally every consultant. In addition, the structural engineer is tasked with reviewing all structural shop drawings. Given our current work load as well as the anticipated load for the next 5 years, it is impossible for one engineer to perform the work. In order for projects to continue on schedule it is necessary to have a backup engineer. Absent this second engineer it is probable that project schedules will suffer. In addition, there are many duties, such as advising internal staff on design issues, that could be handled by a more junior engineer thus making more efficient use of the senior engineer's time. Finally, the junior engineer will also be available to manage projects that are structural driven such as repairs to the Cannon and Rayburn garages. Therefore, funding at the GS-12 level is requested for this position.

Project Architect (1) - Currently the Architect of the Capitol has several large projects that are of long duration that require full time management. The Botanic Garden Conservatory, the Capitol Dome, and the House hearing room/Capitol Master Plan plus small projects have consumed 100% of the time of all three of the Division's top Architectural managers. Further, the capital budget in the foreseeable future contains architecturally driven projects that are of significant duration that will require management by AOC Architecture staff. The sole Project Architect position is the minimum needed to accomplish the work. Therefore, funding is requested at the GS-12 level for this position.

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This allotment provides for personnel benefits for employees including contributions for retirement to the Civil Service Retirement
System, the Federal Employees Retirement System, Social Security, and Medicare. Also included are agency contributions to the Federal
Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI),chargeback costs of the Worker's
Compensation Program, and subsidies paid to employees for commuting costs. The increase for fiscal year 2001 is attributable to
increased costs of agency contributions for employees health benefits and retirement funds and chargeback costs for the Worker's
Compensation Program.

Increase Requested, New Positions:


Funding in the amount of $410,000 is requested to provide for the agency contribution share for employee benefits for the previously described 21 new positions. Of this amount, it is estimated that $293,000 will be required for retirement contributions and $117,000 for health and life insurance benefits.


Unemployment Compensation


This allotment includes funding for benefits due to former employees in the form of agency payments to unemployment compensation programs.


This allotment provides reimbursement to employees for travel expenses related to their official duties.

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This allotment provides for communications services including local, long distance, and wireless telephone service for the central offices of the Architect of the Capitol.

Postage and Metered Mail


This amount is needed for all postage and mail costs incurred by the Office of the Architect of the Capitol.

Rental of Warehouse Space


Funding is requested for the rental of warehouse space at the South Capitol Street warehouse.

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This allotment provides for the maintenance of all of the air conditioning equipment in the Capitol, and includes such items as
filters, oil, grease, cleaning equipment, tools, paint and refrigerant for the air conditioning equipment. Maintenance is also performed on
kitchen ducts, hoods, and other parts of the kitchen exhaust systems in the House and Senate Restaurants in the Capitol; cooling and heating
coil replacements; and repair of refrigeration machines and other appurtenant equipment. The increase requested is based on the need to
initiate an annual program to clean the approximately 120 working chimneys throughout the Building during the spring and summer
months prior to the beginning of the heating season.


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