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This higher level of funding is necessary if the new

and important areas of support proposed by the President are to be financed. . Under no circumstances should they be financed at the expense of on-going, regular licensed operations.

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CPB's first priority in facilities- remains the upgrading of existing transmitting facilities of UHF stations which can provide immediate services to many homes presently deprived of such service through the UHF disadvantage. Based on the estimates of its 1975 study (currently being updated), support for this area should be $7 million at the $30 million appropriation and $4 million at the $18 million appropriation.

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In the same manner as the upgrading of UHF television stations,

many radio stations also require increased antenna height, greater

radiated power, and in some cases new antennas.

These changes will

add new areas and homes to be served, as well as provide increased

service to the driving public.

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Equipment needs for television in the form of video tape recorders,


switchers, and remote equipment are derived from the 1975
One change which has been instituted is the lowering of


cost for the VTR's through the adoption of the 1" format.


additional VTR's would also serve in the satellite system as a

means for recording the various feeds which are simultaneously broadcast over the four satellite channels.

A break down of costs by type of equipment is as follows:

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