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ACTION's planning, policy development, budget and evaluation functions are undertaken on an agency-wide basis and encompass the following activities:

1. Planning - The planning process defines, presents and analyzes ACTION

goals, as well as program and administrative objectives, and trans-
lates these objectives Into both current and long-range plans. The
review of goal achievements and the planning for new initiatives
and demonstration programs are also parts of the planning function.
In addition, Planning includes coordination and supporting analyses
and discussions of agency-wide issues and problems, as well as pro-
viding technical assistance to all offices on planning issues.


Poiicy Development Policy Development includes identification of
areas in which volunteers are needed, and the people and organizations
inclined toward voluntary service. Policy development activities
aiso include the definition of ACTION policies, the development of
model demonstration programs, both domestic and international, to
meet human need areas, and the performance of exploratory studies
focusing on voluntarism,


Budget Budgeting involves the formulation, presentation, and
justification of ACTION budget requests to the Office of Management
and Budget and the Congress, as well as the formulation and execu-
tion of internal Agency budget plans. The review and utilization
of all funds is also a budget activity.


Evaluation Evaluation results in documenting the Agency's impact on volunteers, sponsors, communities, and countries. Evaluation activities also include the assessment of the effectiveness of Agency programs and projects with respect to goal achievement, organizational structure, costs, impact, and cost-effectiveness.

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Planning and evaluation activities in FY 1979 will result in the development of model demonstration programs utilizing volunteers to meet basic human needs. The increase of $91 thousand in personnel service costs reflects an improved rate in filling vacancies and includes a modest sum to support model program development. The increase of $138 thousand in Other Expenses will support program analyses and studies which will concentrate on determining the program initiatives applicable to both international and domestic operating programs in meeting basic human needs.

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A wide range of management functions are performed by staff offices, which report to the ACTION Director.

The staff offices and their functions are described below:


Office of the Director Staff in this office coordinate activities of the Agency Director, Deputy and staff.


Compliance This office serves as the principal advisor to Agency management on all matters affecting the integrity of Agency operations and carries out a comprehensive program of audits, investigations, Inspections, surveys, and reviews. Staff direct the Agency's compilance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, the implementation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Program, including the grievance process, and the development of Affirmative Action and Minority Business Opportunity programs. Incorporated into this new office are the functions formerly performed by the Inspector General and the Office of Equal Opportunity.


Legislative and Governmental Affairs This office develops legislative
and intergovernmental policy for the Agency and maintains contact
with the Congress and with state and local government officials.
It is responsible for constituent and inquiry casework, as well as
researching and responding to issues of interest or concern to
the Congress, State and local officials.


General Counsei This office provides legal counsel and support to volunteers and staff regarding matters covered by laws and regulations affecting Agency activities.

MANAGEMENT - continued

Budget Justification

An increase in other expenses of $137 thousand over the 1978 level is to support increased activities undertaken within the functions of compliance and legislative and governmental affairs. The increase is a reflection of the Agency's desire to be more agressive in regard to minority hiring and contracting practices and to be more sensitively responsive to the concerns of elected officials at the Federal, state and local levels. The rise in personnel costs of $37 thousand is based on the full year cost in FY 1979 for positions filled midway through FY 1978.

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The ACTION Agency, the Peace Corps, VISTA, the older American Volunteer Program and the Office of Administration and Finance could have been characterized over the past five years as five "agencies", each with a different mission. The unfortunate result of this was that volunteers received poor support and confusing direction.

The new cirection to the Office of Administration and Finance was to change this situatioa by working together as a team in assisting the volunteers. Specifically, the mission of Administration and Finance was to dramaticaliy improve support to the volunteers.

In eleven short months, Administration and Finance has accomplished this mission. Service to the volunteers is the clear goal of each of its eight divisions. It is the rationale behind all of the administrative isprovements that have taken place in the last eleven months.

Cwple, direct, and straightforward administrative improvements have Ocem made, Here are some of them:



Autoste: Duto Piccassin, (ALP) hac book hoidica y two divisions within :: 5 ency. This lei to poor coordination, inefficiencies and overiapping of ADP services.

ADP systems development and operation control were combined under one division with no loss of grade or career potential to any employee.

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