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76th Congress, 1st Session

(January 8-August 5, 1989)


VOL. 5






911. Regulation of practice of optometry in District of Columbia.

912. Increase of pension to Jeannette W. Moffett, widow of William A. Moffett.

913. Relief of Harvey P. Wilson.

914. Relief of estate of K. J. Foss.

915. Relief of Tom Kelly.

916. Relief of Lucile Snider and Cliff Snider, jr.

917. Relief of Frank Malles, jr.

918. Relief of estate of Harvey T. Combs.

919. Relief of Helen Louise Glles.

920. Relief of Anna E. Hurley.

921. Relief of American Insurance Co. of New Jersey.

922. Relief of Harry Vrountas and Theodore Vrountas.

923. Relief of Byron MacDonald.

924. Relief of estates of Marie R. Morkovsky and Alphons Morkovsky.

925. Relief of Caryl Burbank, Preston A. Stanford, etc.

926. Relief of John E. Garrett.

927. Relief of James D. Larry, sr.

928. Relief of J. C. Grice.

929. Relief of Rent-A-Car Co.

930. Relief of Grace S. Taylor.

931. Relief of legal guardian of Dorothy Elizabeth Sisson.

932. Relief of Joseph W. Parse.

933. Amending Federal home loan bank act, home owners' loan act, etc. 2 pts.

934. Coordinating regulation of transportation rel. to carriers by water.

935. Payment of principal of awards of Special Mexican Claims Commission.

936. Compiling and publishing historical data rel. to Constitution of U. S.

937. Appropriation for participation in Golden Gate Internat. Exposition.

938. Authorizing postmasters within Alaska to administer oaths.

939. Placer mining claims for deposits of phosphate, etc., on public domain.

940. Acceptance of easement with respect to certain lands in New Mexico.

941. Amending act to reserve lands to Alaska for educational uses.

942. Conveyance of lands to Nevada.

943. Validate conveyance by Central Pacific Railway of part of right-of-way.*

944. Registration of trade-marks used in commerce.

945. Relief of Clarendon Davis.

946. Relief of Harry W. Lyle.

947. Relief of Mrs. Virgie B. Weaver.

948. Relief of John August Johnson.

949. Adding lands to Vicksburg National Park.

950. Adding lands to Cleveland National Forest.

951. Acquisition of additional lands for national military parks, etc.

952. Relating to exchange of lands in Oregon.
953. Change designation of Abraham Lincoln and Fort McHenry national parks.
954. Providing for recreational facilities in Chopawamsic project, Va.

[blocks in formation]


955. Relief of C. Z. Bush and W. D. Kennedy.

956. Relief of heirs of John Cauley.

957. Relief of Mina Keil.

958. Relief of Mr. and Mrs John Eckendorff and Mr and Mrs. Alexander G: Dorr.

959. Relief of H. A. Dixon.

960. Providing permanent force to classify patents in Patent Office.

961. Reduce time for public use, etc., before filing applications for patent.

962. Simplifying interference practice in Patent Office.

963. Authority for shortening of times for reply to Patent Office actions.

964. Labor Department appropriation bill, 1940.

965. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1940.

966. Agriculture Department and Farm Credit Admn. appropriation bill, 1940.

967. Readmitting Mary Cohen Bienvenu to citizenship.

968. Agreeing to conference on H. R. 3325, relative to stabilization fund, etc.

969. Simplify procedure in paying final fees on applications for patents.

970. Reduce time within which interference with issued patent is permitted.

971. Granting right-of-way over Middletown Air Depot military reservation.

972. Granting right-of-way over Fort Mifflin military reservation.

973 Jurisdiction over General Clarence R. Edwards Memorial Bridge.

974. Waiving age limit for appointment as 2d lieutenant, Air Corps.

975. Direct obligations of U. S. as security for Federal reserve notes.

976. City of Dubuque Bridge Commission to bridge Mississippi River.

977. Bridge over Missouri River at Poplar, Mont.

978. Bridge over Grant Pass between Cedar Point and Dauphin Island, Ala.

979. Bridge over Pearl River at or near Georgetown, Miss.

980. Bridge over Pearl River at or near Ratliffs Ferry, Miss.

981. Bridge over Mississippi River at or near East St. Louis, Ill.

982. Bridge over Mississippi River at or near Stites, Ill.

983. Bridges across Monongahela River in Allegheny County, Pa.

984. Bridge across Mississippi River at or near Cassville, Wis.

985. Bridge over Black River at or near Black Rock, Ark.

986. Bridge over Red River from point in Walsh County, N. Dak.

987. Bridge over Connecticut River at or near Hartford, Conn.

988. Bridge over St. Louis River between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

989. Bridge across Mississippi River at or near Little Falls, Minn.

990. Bridge over Mahoning River in Youngstown, Ohio.

991. Bridge over Missouri R. between Dakota Co., Nebr., and Woodbury Co., Iowa.

992. Bridge over Mississippi River at or near Winona, Minn.

993. Additional funds for carrying out H. Res. 130, for investigation of W. P. A.

994. Suppression of certain subversive activities.

995. Reclamation project act of 1939.*

996. Bridge over Lake Sabine near Port Arthur, Tex.

997. Compiling of manuscript relative to ratification of U. S. Constitution.

998. Relief of Charles H. LeGay.

999. Relief of Franklin C. Richardson.

1000. Pensions to certair widows of veterans of Civil War.
1001. Increase of pensions to certain widows of veterans of Civil War.
1002. Increase pension of Elizabeth Fairfax Ayres, widow of Charles G. Ayres.
1003. Increase pension of Mertie Lorain Anderson.
1004. Pension to John Spaedy, also known as John Spada and John Spady.

*Corrected print.


1005. Appropriations for work relief, relief, and public works projects, 1940.

1006. Stabilization fund, devaluation, and silver purchases.

1007. District of Columbia revenue act of 1939.

1008. Urgent deficiency and supplemental appropriation act, 1939 and 1940.

1009. Benefits of employees' compensation act to Officers Reserve Corps, etc.

1010. Encouraging travel in United States.

1011. Relief of John Buturuga and Norah Buturuga.

1012. Bridge across Niagara River by Niagara Falls Bridge Commission.

1013. To record lawful admission to U.S. of Chaim Wakerman or Hyman Wakerman.

1014. Additional appropriations for military establishment, 1940.

1015. Readjusting commissioned personnel of Coast Guard.

1016. Trust indenture bill of 1939.

1017. Interstate oil compact to conserve oil and gas.

1018. Consideration of H. R. 5939, trials in case of certain Federal judges.

1019. Consideration of S. J. Res. 118, Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park.

1020. Consideration of H. R. 6746, to amend merchant marine shipping acts.

1021. Consideration of H. R. 5999, to provide for administration of U. S. courts.

1022. Printing of manuscript describing Army as public document.

1023. Permit matter having laminated covering to enter mail as 2d-class matter.

1024. Construction of new buildings for Navy Department in D. C.

1025. Requesting information relative to imminent war in Europe.

1026. Consideration of H. R. 6634, to amend previous flood-control acts, etc.

1027. Consideration of H. R. 6984, construction payment on reclamation projects.

1028. Preventing pernicious political activities in elections.

1029. Portraying story of aviation in rotunda of Capitol.

1030. Extend forest exchange act to lands adjacent to Whitman Nat. Forest, etc.

1031. Extend forest exchange act to lands adjacent to Ochoco National Forest.

1032. Erect equestrian statue of Robert E. Lee in Arlington National Cemetery.

1033. Erection of monument to memory of Father Pierre Gibault at Cahokia, III.

1034. Establishing Benjamin Harrison Memorial Commission.

1035. Relief of Growers Fertilizer Co.

1036. Relief of Dorothy Clair Hester, daughter of E. R. Hester.

1037. Relief of N. F. Clower and Elijah Williams.

1038. Creating select committee to investigate National Labor Relations Bd.

1039. Consideration of H. R. 5129, additional lock facilities for Panama Canal.

1040. Dissolving Supreme Court Building Commission.

1041. Marine band to attend benefit concert for families of Squalus victims.

1042. Site for post-office building to be constructed in Poplarville, Miss.

1043. Giving jurisdiction to Texas over lands acquired from Mexico.

1044. Allowances for uniforms, etc., for Officers' Reserve Corps.

1045. Correcting military record of Oberlin M. Carter. 2 pts.

1046. Amend agricultural adjustment act of 1938 rel. to corn-marketing-quota.

1047. Amend agricultural adjustment act of 1938 rel. to wheat-marketing-quota.

1048. Establishment of cemetery within Crab Orchard Creek Dam project.

1049. Consideration of S. 2065, trust indenture bill of 1939.

1050. Consideration of S. 685, Water P ion Div. in Public Health Service.

1051. Consideration of S. 281, to amend civil service retirement act.

1052. Exchange part of Fort Armstrong reservation for adjoining land.

1053. Advancing funds for enforcement of marihuana tax act and customs laws.

1054. Seizure and forfeiture of vessels, etc., used to transport contraband.

1055. Amending law relative to terms of court at Lubbock, Tex.

1056. Judge for western district, Washington, to serve eastern district also.

1057. Exchange of lands at Fort Francis E. Warren reservation with N. P. Black.

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