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Bookkeeping. Art. 182. No particular system of bookkeeping or accounting will be required by the department. However, the business transacted by corporations must be so recorded that each and every item set forth in the return of annual net income may be readily verified by an examination of the books of account.

Books of Account Best Guide to Income. Art. 183. The books of a corporation are assumed to re flect the facts as to its earnings, income, etc. Hence they will be taken as the best guide in determining the net income upon which the tax imposed by this act is calculated. Except as the same may be modified by the provisions of the law, wherein certain deductions are limited, the net income disclosed by the books and verified by the annual balance sheet, or the annual report to stockholders, should be the same as that returned for taxation.

Omitted Taxes May be Assessed. Art. 184. In cases wherein corporations have neglected or refused to make returns, and in cases wherein returns made are found, upon investigation or otherwise, to be false or fraudulent, the Commissioner may, upon discovery thereof, at any time within three years after said return is due, make return upon the information obtained in the manner provided in the act, and the tax so discovered to be due, together with the additional tax prescribed, shall be assessed, and the amount thereof shall be paid immediately upon notice and de mand.

Corporations Subject to Normal Tax. Art. 185. Corporations coming within the terms of this law are subject to the normal tax only; that is, a tax computed at a level rate of 1 per cent of their entire net income regardless of the amount of such net income.

Examination of Books. Art. 186. For the purpose of verifying any return, made pursuant to this act, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue may, by any duly authorized revenue agent or deputy collector, cause the books of such corporation to be examined, and if such examination discloses that the corporation is liable to tax in addition to that previously assessed, os assessable, the same shall be assessed and shall be payable immediately upon notice and demand. For the purpose of such examination, the books of corporations shall be open to the examining officer, or shall be produced for this purpose upon summons issued by any properly authorized officer.


Taxes Due to be Reported on Assessment List. ART. 187. All income taxes found to be due will be reported by collectors on their assessment lists, Form 23-A in the case of corporations, and on Form 23-B in the case of individuals and withholding agents. Names to be Listed in Alphabetical Order. Names of

Withholding Agents, How to be Listed. Art. 188. The names of corporations subject to tax will be listed on Form 23-A, according to their designated class, and in alphabetical order as to each class. Names of individuals subject to tax will be listed on Form 23-B, alphabetically, without reference to class or rate of tax. Following such names there will be listed, alphabetically, the names of all withholding or licensed collecting agents, and the aggregate amount of tax withheld by each, as shown by the annual returns rendered by them. An assessment against each person, firm or company from whose income the tax has been so withheld will be unnecessary in such cases. Assessment Against Withholding Agents to be Deferred Until

Annual Reports Are Received. Art. 189. To avoid, as far as possible, the assessment of taxes as to which claims for exemption or deduction may be filed under Article 33, collectors will delay reporting for assessment taxes remaining in the hands of withholding agents until the annual reports of such agents, which must be filed not later than March 1 in each year, are received.

Returns, When to be Made. Art. 190. Returns of withholding agents (including those of licensed collecting agents) as to interest payments shall be made monthly and returns containing summaries of said monthly returns shall be made annually. (See Part 2, A, B, and C.) Returns of individuals (see Part 1), corporations (see Part 3), and withholding agents, withholding tax on wages, salaries, rents, etc. (see Part 2, D), and fiduciaries acting as withholding agents (see Part 2, E) shall be made annually. All monthly returns are required to be made on or before the 20th day of each month for the preceding month. All annual returns are required to be made on or before the 1st day of March in each year, except in the case of corporations which have given due notice of the termination of their fiscal year, in which cases the prescribed return is to be filed within 60 days after the termination of such fiscal year.

Corporations May Include in Returns for Year 1913 Income

Subject to Special Excise Tax. Art. 191. Corporations which are subject to the special excise tax on income received during the months of January and February, 1913, may, under the provisions of section 4, paragraph S, of the act of October 3, 1913, include such income, as also the income taxable under said act, in one return for the year 1913. In each such case one assessment only will be made.

Returns of Income to be Forwarded With Assessment Lists.

False or Fraudulent Returns. ART. 192. All returns of income, whether of individuals or corporations, should be forwarded with the assessment list rendered. Where in any case the collector has reason to be lieve that any return rendered is false or fraudulent, he will prepare and retain in his office a copy of such return, and will note on the original and under the head of “Remarks” of his assessment list the words "Investigation pending.” He will in all such cases make his investigation in the manner prescribed in section 3173, Revised Statutes, and paragraph D of said act of October 3, 1913; and he will report the results of his investigation to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, referring to the list, folio, and line on which the assessment was reported. (Amended T. D. 2024.)

Certain Returns of Withholding Agents to be in Duplicate.

Art. 193. Monthly and annual returns of withholding agents (including those of licensed agents) as to interest payments and the annual returns of withholding agents withholding tax on wages, salaries, etc., will be made in duplicate, one copy of which will be retained by the collector in his office and one copy transmitted to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Annual returns of withholding agents (including those of licensed agents) as to interest payments, and returns of withholding agents as to wages, salaries, etc., and of fiduciaries will be forwarded by the collector with his list, Form 23-B, on which the tax withheld is reported for assessment.

Certificates and Returns to be Forwarded as soon as Received.

Art. 194. All certificates of exemption or deductions, filed by or on behalf of persons subject to tax, will be forwarded by the collector as soon as received; and all such certificates, reports, and returns, before being transmitted to the commissioner, will have stamped thereon the name and number of the district; will be arranged (unfolded) in alphabetical order and, in the case of corporations, according to the designated class to which they belong. Care should be taken to have all such papers, when so arranged, carefully secured by cord or other fastening, so as to insure their receipt in like order. This is especially necessary in view of the large number of like papers which will be forwarded from the various districts.

Reports and Returns to be at Once Examined by Collectors.

ART. 195. In order that assessment lists may be promptly prepared and forwarded, collectors will see that all reports and returns to be listed are examined as received, and that no delay occurs in this branch of the work. Special diligence in this matter is necessary, as sufficient time must be given for the reëxamination of such returns in the commissioner's office before assessment is made. The forwarding of assess

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