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" One reason why a play is easier to write than a novel." That fetched me. I did not want to know "one reason" for so outrageous a stroke of novelist's bluff. But the impetus of my reading carried me on, in spite of the shock; and so I learnt that this... "
The Writer - 122. lappuse
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The Dramatist, 1-5. sējumi

Luther Anthony (B.) - 1912 - 566 lapas
...Here are a few of his paradoxes. "No technic is so crude and so simple as the technique of the stage." "One reason why a play is easier to write than a novel is that a play is shorter than a novel." "Everything basic that applies to the technique of the novel applies equally to the technique of the...
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Arnold Bennett: The Critical Heritage

James Hepburn - 1997 - 584 lapas
...and professionally. In 'The Author's Craft' he observes that it is easier to write plays than novels: 'On the average, one may say that it takes six plays to make the matter of a novel.' Such an assertion was intended to raise hackles, and it did, in spite of the good sense with which...
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