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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1889 - 783 lappuses

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x. lappuse - of any carrier of interstate commerce shall be interested, directly or indirectly, in the furnishing of material or supplies to such company, or in the business of transportation as a common carrier of passengers or property over the works owned, leased, controlled, or operated
viii. lappuse - considered a matter of any importance that the road was built by the agency of a private corporation. No matter who is the agent, the function performed is that of the State. Though the ownership is private, the use is public. The owners may be
viii. lappuse - State legislature may authorize a private corporation to take laud for the construction of such a road, making compensation to the owner. What else does this doctrine mean if not that building a railroad, though it be built by a private corporation, is an act done for a public use
v. lappuse - roads of other States, so as to form continuons lines for the transportation of the same to the place of destination : Provided, That this act shall not
ii. lappuse - or of this State, to any citizen of the United States, or to any corporation chartered under the laws of this Commonwealth and authorized to hold real estate, before any inquisition shall have been taken against the real estate so held
v. lappuse - troops, Government supplies, mails, freights, and property on their way from any State to another State, and to receive compensation therefor; and to connect
x. lappuse - That any mining or manufacturing company may carry the products of its mines or manufactories on its railroad or canal not exceeding fifty miles in length. SEC.
214. lappuse - Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be considered as in any way giving to the said corporation any banking privileges whatsoever or any other liberties, privileges, or franchises but such as may be
xxviii. lappuse - thing. EFFECT OF THE RAILROAD MONOPOLY ON WORKMEN. We turn to another great branch of the subject, namely, the effect upon miners and laborers of this continued and ruthless domination by the carrier. During the first forty years the mines were worked by individuals, just as are farms. The hundreds of employers were
v. lappuse - act granting lands to any such company to aid in the construction of its road, nor shall it be construed to authorize any railroad company to build any

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