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Statement of—Continued

Fannin, Paul J., U.S. Senator from Arizona -

Foote, Frank, section chief, Division of State Parks, Nebraska Game,

Forestation, and Parks Commission, State Capitol, Lincoln, Nebr.. 54

Fowler, Henry H., Secretary of the Treasury.

Fox, Harry G., chief inspector, Philadelphia Police Department

(accompanied Commissioner Leary)


Gonzalez, Jess C., sergeant, robbery division, Department of Police,

Los Angeles, Calif.


Gutermuth C. R., vice president, Wildlife Management Institute,

Washington, D.C. (accompanied by Daniel A. Poole, secretary,

Wildlife Management Institute).-


Hease, Walter, detective, New York City Police Department (accom-
panied Commissioner Reisman) --

Hadley, Dr. E. C., president, Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manu-

facturers’ Institute, New York City (accompanied by Robert C.

Barnard, counsel).
Hellstrom, Douglas R., executive vice president, Smith & Wesson,
Inc., Springfield, Mass-

Higgins, Sgt. Edward, firearms records bureau, Massachusetts State
Police (accompanied Commissioner Richard R. Caples).


Hilliard, E. H., Jr., managing partner, Redfield Gun Sight Corp.,

Denver, Colo..

335, 373

Howe, Merton W., commander, robbery division, Department of
Police, Los Angeles, Calif.

Jacobsmeyer, Adolph C., commander, special operation command,
Police Department, St. Louis, Mo.


Jenkins, Herbert T., chief of police, Atlanta, Ga..


Katzenbach, Nicholas deB., Attorney General of the United States..

Kennedy, Robert F., U.S. Senator from New York-

Kimball, Thomas L., executive director, National Wildlife Federation,

Washington, D.C.


Layton, John B., chief of police, Metropolitan Police Department,

Washington, D.C


Leary, Howard R., commissioner, Police Department, Philadelphia, Pa.

(accompanied by Chief Inspector Harry G. Fox).

Leary, Lt. Patrick F., New York City Police Department (accom-

panied by Commissioner Leonard Reisman).


Leonard, Dr. Harmon C., president, American Society of Arms Col-
lectors, Cheshire, Conn..


Lynch, Thomas C., attorney general, State of California, Sacramento,


McLeod, Daniel R., attorney general, State of South Carolina, Colum-

bia, S.C. (accompanied by Chief J. Preston Strom, South Carolina

Law Enforcement Division)-..


Margraves, Robert N., Director, Office of Munitions Control, Depart-

ment of State, Washington, D.C.

Mashaw, William G., executive vice president, National Retail Hard-

ware Association, Indianapolis, Ind. (Accompanied by Hardy Rick-

Maxwell, Samuel L., secretary, Washington State Sportsmen's Council,

Inc., Edmunds, Wash..
Miller, Carl K., director, records and communications division, Police
Department, Chicago, M.---

Nolan, Edward P., sales manager, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc., South-
port, Conn...

Orth, Franklin L., executive vice president, National Rifle Association,

Washington, D.C. (accompanied by Harlon Carter, president).-
Palmisano, Angelo F., assemblyman, Annapolis, Md.
Pasch, Capt. Frank J., supervisor, bureau of identification, New

Jersey State Police, Trenton, N.J. (accompanied Attorney General
Arthur J. Sills).-

Piccinini, Joseph, detective, New York City Police Department (ac-

companied by Commissioner Leonard Reisman).
Poole, Daniel A., secretary, Wildlife Management Institute, Washing-
ton, D.C. (accompanied C. R. Gutermuth, vice president).




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335, 373

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Tydings, Joseph D., U.S. Senator from Maryland..-
Blondes. Leonard S., assembly man, Annapolis, Md..
Palmisano, Angelo F., assembly man, Annapolis, Md.
Leary, Howard R., commissioner, Philadelphia Police Department (ac-

companied by Harry J. Fox, chief inspector).

Comstock, Hilliard, chairman, legislative committee and past president of

the National Rifle Association, Washington, D.C.--.

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1. Text of S. 1592, dated March 22, 1965.

2. Text of S. 14, dated January 6, 1965-

3. Text of S. 1180, dated February 18, 1965.

4. Text of S. 1965, dated May 13, 1965.-

5. Charts showing an analysis of types of firearms shipped into New York

City and New York State from one mail-order house during 1961,

1962, and 1963...

6. Advertisements from a photostat copy of the Shotgun News, Pages 1

and 4 of the May 15, 1965, issue...
7. Memorandum by the General Counsel of the Treasury Department re

"Federal Firearms Control and the Second Amendment”.
8. Memorandum by the Acting General Counsel of the Treasury Depart-

ment on the “Constitutional Basis for Federal Firearms Legislation”.
9. Statistics from Uniform Crime Reports, 1963, on States, homicides,

and gun laws.
10. Letter from Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara recommend-

ing enactment of S. 1592, dated April 30, 1965-
*11. Insert of Herblock cartoon which appeared in the Washington Post on

December 29, 1964, by Mr. Cohen.
12. Appendix to Mr. Cohen's statement, an analysis of bill S. 1592 by

Douglas C. Dillon, former Secretary of the Treasury -

13. Hy Hunter Catalog and Training Manual No. 3.

14. Excerpts from catalog of Service Armament Co., 689 Bergen Boule-

vard, Ridgefield, N.J..

15. Photograph of a .37-mm. German-made cannon left on the courthouse

lawn in Santa Barbara, Calif.

16. Photograph of Jerry's, a gunshop in Oceanside, Calif

17. Photograph of weapons for sale in Jerry's Gun Shop, Oceanside,


18. Photograph of weapons for sale in Jerry's Gun Shop, Oceanside,


19. Photograph of advertisement of Universal Firearms Corp., Hialeah,

Fla., for "The Enforcer”.

20. Photograph showing comparison of M-1 carbine versus "The En-


21. Police report on gun and explosives-evidence against Robert Ro-

mero, 5030 Stern Avenue, Van Nuys, Calif., October 15, 1964.

22. The Romero Arsenal..

23. Machinegun barrels and parts (Romero case) -

24. Captain Howe holding 9-mm. Browning parabellum automatic with

shoulder stock attached (Romero case) --

25. Arsenal which includes full automatic machineguns (Romero case) ---

26. 9-mm German MP-40 machine pistol (submachinegun) develop-

ed by the Schmeisser factory in Germany. Full automatic only

(Romero case)...

27. .223 caliber Colt AR-15 rifle model SP-1. Semiautomatic, 2144-

inch barrel including a prong-type flash suppressor which can be

used as a grenade launcher..

28. M-1 Caliber U.S. carbine model Mi A1. Manufactured by Inland

Manufacturing Division, General Motors 1-44. Semiautomatic.

Designed for use by paratroopers (Romero case)

29. 7.92 caliber (German service cartridge) German MG 34 light ma-

chinegun. Manufactured by CRĂ 1941 (barrel plugged). Full-

or semi-automatic (Romero case).

30. Full automatic Bren MK 3—1945 machinegun, series No. LB 19791

(Romero case)--

31. Inventory of Robert A. Smith, Francis A. Owens..

32. 5-ton trucks used by Robert A. Smith and his traveling gun salesman


33. Interior of van truck depicting ammunition boxes and a wooden crate

containing a Lahti 20-mm. antitank cannon (Smith case)--

34. View of machineguns and aerial bomb (Smith case)----

35. An assortment of rifles found in the van truck (Smith case)




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36. Closeup of mortar in wooden crate (Smith case)...

37. Closeup of one of the mortars found in the van truck (Smith case) ---

38. Chart: Weapons destroyed by the Los Angeles Police Department as

provided in section 12028 California Penal Code..

39. Chart: Robberies reported to the Los Angeles Police Department,

1956 through 1964.

40. Chart: Robberies with guns used, reported to the Los Angeles Police

Department, 1956 through 1964..

41. Chart: Aggravated ass vults reported to the Los Angeles Police De-

partment, 1956 through 1964.

42. Chart: Homicides reported to the Los Angeles Police Department,

1956 through 1964..

43. Chart illustrating the rise of bank robberies in the city of Los Angeles -

*44. Advertisement of the Mellinger Corp., a correspondence school located

at 1554_South Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif., from

Master Detective magazine concerning a sales training course in the

importing and mail order merchandising of guns.

*45. Advertisement from True magazine by the Mellinger Corp. concern-

ing mail-order merchandising of guns.

*46. Literature offering courses in mail-order merchandising of guns by

the Mellinger Corp---

47. Advertisement from Shotgun News, October 15, 1963, concerning sale

of German Lugers by Mr. Roger A. Dier.-

48. Property report of Los Angeles Police Department concerning seizure

of goods at the residence of Mr. Roger A. Dier in Los Angeles.---

49. Sheriff of Ventura County's report on Harold A. Schlapia, dated

June 28, 1964.

50. Harold A. Schlapia-Camouflage gear, backpacks, books on chemical

warfare, how to handle explosives, mine laying, survival, and other

similar information..

51. Harold A. Schlapia-Ammunition, rifles, and other equipment of the

type used in military maneuvers

52. Harold A. Schlapia-Arsenal seized with arrest of above mentioned

subject which included gas mask kits, gas decontamination kits, 40

quad maps of the Sequoia National Park area..

53. News clip from the Los Angeles Times, Thursday, February 21, 1963,

concerning seizure of 1,660 pistols and revolvers by Los Angeles

customs agents. The shipment was destined for the Crown Inter-

national Firearms, Inc., a firm owned by Hy Hunter, 8255 Sunset

Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif.

54. Property report of Sgt. Jess C. Gonzalez, Los Angeles Police Depart-

ment on seizure of goods from Haywood “Hy” Hunter ----

55. Series of photographs of conversion of a Hy Hunter firearm from a

blank revolver to a .45 caliber firearm.

56. See exhibit No. 55.--

57. See exhibit No. 55.

58. See exhibit No. 55..

59. Advertisement from Shotgun News, June 1, 1964, for Hy Hunter


60. Advertisement from Shotgun News, May 1, 1965, concerning imported


61. Legislative Bulletin of the National Rifle Association sent to all

members and clubs in Prince Georges County, Md., on bill No. 13

an ordinance to amend the existing weapons law of that county --

62. Letter dated April 9, 1965, from the National Rifle Association of

America (Franklin L. Orth, executive vice president) to NRA


63. Treasury Department analysis of the National Rifle Association

letter to the NRA members dated April 9, 1965, concerning S. 1592.

64. Letter dated August 5, 1965, from Franklin L. Orth, executive vice

president, National Rifle Association, to the Honorable Thomas J.

Dodd, U.S. Senate.

65. Article from the American Bar Association Journal, June and July

1965 (vol. 61, No. 6 and 7) entitled “The Lost Amendment," by

Robert A. Sprecher.

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