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.32-caliber Harrington & Richardson, bought gun from winehead in East St. Louis, Ill., for $10.

.32-caliber Forehand Model 1901, bought gun from an unknown Negro male in Peoria, Ill., for $13.

.32-caliber Walther make, bought gun in Belleville, Ill.
.32-calibor Iver Johnson, bought gun in East St. Louis, Ill.
.32-caliber revolver Smith & Wesson, bought by a friend in Illinois.
.22-caliber Rohm revolver, German make, brought from East St. Louis, III.
.32-caliber Iver Johnson revolver, bought in East St. Louis, Ill.
(2).38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolvers, bought in Illinois.

Total, 14; 7.4 percent.
Guns obtained in State other than Missouri or Illinois :

Gas-type compressed air pellet gun brought from Texas.
.32-caliber 32 Swing Eig-Italy, bought in New Mexico for $20.
.22-caliber Mondial-Eig, Italy, bought in Clarksdale, Miss.
.22-caliber automatic Mikros make, bought in Mississippi.
.22-caliber revolver Valor make, bought in Stactor, Calif.
.22-caliber revolver make unknown, bought in Arkansas.
.22-caliber revolver German make, bought in Arkansas.
.22-caliber revolver Omega make, bought in Atlanta, Ga.

.25-caliber Browning automatic, brought from Barbara Sporting Goods. San Antonio, Tex.

.22-caliber blank-type Italy make, bought in Flint, Mich. for $2.

Total, 10; 5.3 percent.
Gun obtained in Missouri in city other than St. Louis :

.32-caliber Harrington & Richardson, bought in Dexter, Mo.
Unknown caliber Smith & Wesson revolver, found gun in Robertson, Jo.
.177 pellet pistol, Crasman, bought in St. Louis County.

Unknown caliber pellet pistol Marksman Repeater, bought in St. Louis County.

.22-caliber pellet gun purchased at E. J. Korvette at Lindbergh and Highway 66 in St. Louis County.

.38-caliber revolver made in Japan, bought in Fredericktown, Mo.

Total, 6; 3.2 percent.
Gun obtained in St. Louis, exact address unknown:

.22-caliber Smith & Wesson (Italy), bought from an unknown Negro male at Goodfellow and Easton for $7.

1965 22-caliber revolver made in Italy, found gun at 18th and Carr, wrapped in paper by a juvenile.

.22-caliber Galff make revolver, found gun in rear of 1402 Arlington in the alley.

.22-caliber Mondial pistol purchased from a sporting goods store on Grand Avenue.

.38-caliber Hopkins & Allen, bought gun in a tavern around Broadway and Madison.

.22-caliber revolver German make H-S Model II, bought in South St. Louis

.32-caliber H. & A, make revolver, bought in a poolroom on Union between St. Louis and Greer for $6.

1965 .22-caliber RTS make tear gas Marke Big Cutlery H-22-R Japan, bought in the 5800 block of Easton.

.22-caliber tear gas Model 1900 made in Italy, bought gun downtown in a pawnshop.

.25-caliber Beretta make, bought in a tavern in St. Louis area.

.32-caliber Harrington & Richardson, bought gun from an unknown person in project.

.32-caliber revolver Forehand Arms, bought from an unknown person in the city.

.25-0 ber autor tic Titan found on the city street.
.22 caliber revolver gas gun RTS, bought from a store on Easton Avenne.
7.65 automatic Spanish make, bought from a friend at Chevrolet plant.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson, found gun in the street.
.32-caliber unknown make found in the alley.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson, bought from store on Franklin Avenue.
.32-caliber Iver Johnson found gun in the city.
.38-caliber unknown make purchased near Kingshighway and Easton.
.22-caliber Rohm, German make, bought in the 2700 block of Franklin.

.32-caliber revolver Harrington & Richardson, bought in the city.
.22-caliber Astra make revolver found gun in his cab.
.22-caliber revolver, U.S. Revolver Co., bought in South St. Louis.

Total, 24 ; 12.6 percent.
Other (includes gift, bought from a friend or unknown persons):

.22-caliber rifle (sawed-off) was a gift from father.
.22-caliber Rohm, bought from unknown male.

.32-caliber German make Gerstenbergerv, Eberwein Gussemstatt, bought from unknown male.

.38-caliber Smith & Wesson bought from Perry Pawn Shop, location unknown. .38-caliber revolver, model 1901 S. & W. make, bought gun from Eddie Bell.

.22-caliber Harrington & Richardson, given to offender by relative.
.22-caliber revolver, Chicago Cub, bought from Army friend.
.32-caliber Spanish make, bought from friend.
.22-caliber revolver, German make, bought 7 years ago.
.25-caliber Star Brand automatic pistol, bought from fellow worker.
.38-caliber special revolver, received gun as cabfare.
.22-caliber unknown make, bought from unknown white male for $10.
.25-caliber Browning, unknown where bought gun (ex-policeman).
.45-caliber Marksman repeater air gun, found gun at new place of address.

.25-caliber Spanish automatic, grandfather gave the gun to subject 15 years ago.

.32-caliber American Bull Dog revolver, it was a family gun, two juveniles involved

.32-caliber Hopkins & Allen revolver, gun was a friend's.
.32-caliber S. & W. make revolver, borrowed gun from friend.
.25-caliber automatic Rino Galesi-Rigarmi-Crescia, found gun in alley.

.32-caliber (make unknown) hammerless revolver, bought gun 7 years ago from unknown Negro male.

.32-caliber Fabrique National arms, owned by an uncle.

.22-caliber Burgo revolver, bought gun from an unknown Negro male for $10.

.25-caliber automatic (make unknown), bought gun from an unknown Negro male for $5.

.38-caliber Colt, bought gun from an unknown Negro male.

.32-caliber Oliver Johnson Arms Co., got the gun from father at 8 years of age.

.22-caliber model 922 H. & R. Arms Co., bought the gun from an unknown Negro male for $15.

.22-caliber Janeia-Razzi tear gas gun, property of father, juvenile involved.
.22-caliber Cody make gun was a gift from a friend.
.25-caliber automatic made in Czechoslovakia, gun was a gift of a friend.
.22-caliber Rohm German make bought from a friend.
12-gauge Kessler Arms bought from an unknown person.

.32-caliber Cebra Spanish automatic, .32-caliber make unknown, both guns obtained from a friend.

.22-caliber German make Derringer, property of uncle.
.22-caliber Hopkins & Allen revolver, bought from a friend.
.32-caliber Harrington & Richardson, bought from brother-in-law.
.22-caliber Colt automatic, bought gun from soldier.
.38-caliber revolver, Smith & Wesson, gun taken for security in a loan.

.32-caliber Mauser automatic, bought gun from an unknown person at work.

6.35-caliber Gauton automatic, bought from an unknown person.
.380-Beretta automatic, bought gun from a friend.
.22-caliber pellet gun, Marksman, bought from an unknown person.
.22-caliber Mondial revolver found in the city, juvenile involved.
.32-caliber Smith & Wesson, bought from an unknown person.
.38-caliber pencil pistol bought from an unknown person.
.38-caliber Harrington & Richardson, bought from an unknown person.
.38-caliber Western Bull Dog, bought in pawn shop from uncle.

.32-caliber Hopkins & Allen, .22-caliber gas gun, both were obtained from elders at home-juveniles.

.380-caliber automatic (unknown make), obtained from home. .32-caliber Spanish make gun, belonged to brother.

.357-caliber Smith & Wesson, magnum gun, 9-millimeter German Luger, won guns in a dice game.

22/.410 caliber, Marbles make, received gun from father. .32 automatic, unknown make, bought pistol from an unknown person.

.22 caliber, Italian make, .22 caliber, German make, both bought from an unknown person.

.38-caliber Iver Johnson, won gun in a dice game.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver, bought from a friend.
.22-caliber RTS, pistol purchased from mail order house, unknown where
.38-caliber American Bull Dog revolver, obtained from parents.
.25-caliber Saul automatic, bought from an unknown male.
.32-caliber Iver Johnson revolver, obtained from relatives.
.22 caliber, Italian make, won in a dice game.
.38-caliber Colt revolver, purchased from unknown person.

Total, 63; 33.2 percent.
Unknown how or where gun was obtained :

.38-caliber Spanish make gun.
.22-caliber nine-shot revolver.
.22-caliber Derringer, Rohm & Sortneim-Brenz.
.22-caliber Rohm GMBH Sontheimbr.
22-caliber Winchester rifle (sawed-off).
.22-caliber H. & R. revolver, model 622.
.22-caliber Rohm revolver.
.22-caliber Omega.
.25-caliber 6.35 Walther.
.32-caliber Hopkins & Allen.
.32-caliber, five-shot Harrington & Richardson.
.38-caliber revolver, Spanish make.
.38-caliber Remington Arms derringer.
Tear Gas Perfecta.
Perfecta gas gun (Germany), juvenile.
.22-caliber six-shot revolver.
.32-caliber revolver, Smith & Wesson.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson Special.
.38-caliber Colt automatic.
.32-caliber revolver, make unknown.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver.
1965 .22-caliber RTS tear gas gun.
.32–20-caliber Colt revolver.
.38-caliber Worcester revolver.
.22-caliber pen gun.
.32 caliber, make unknown.
Pellet pistol, Plainsman make.
.22-caliber automatic and .32-caliber revolver.
.32-caliber "A.G." automatic.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver.
.25-caliber Colt revolver.
.22-caliber RTS.
.38-caliber Iver Johnson revolver.
12 gauge sawed-off shotgun.
.22-caliber Italian make revolver.
.25-caliber automatic, German make.
.22-caliber, homemade.
30.06-caliber J. C. Higgins.
.38-caliber revolver, Smith & Wesson.
.22-caliber H. & R. revolver.
.38-caliber Colt revolver.
.32 Harrington & Richardson.
.32-caliber revolver, Chicago Arms.
.38-caliber Colt revolver.
.32-caliber Hopkins & Allen.
.32-caliber U.S. revolver.
.25-caliber Libia automatic.
.22-caliber tear gas, Italian make.

7.65-caliber Browning, German make.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson.
.38-caliber Colt Special and .38-caliber Walther.
.22-caliber Mondial gas gun.
.22-caliber Rohm, German revolver.
.38-caliber Colt revolver.
.22-caliber tear gas gun juveniles involved.
.32-caliber Remington Auto and .38-caliber Miroku Special.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson.
.38-caliber Harrington & Richardson.
.38 caliber, make unknown.
12-gauge shotgun, Diamond Arms.
.38 HKP revolver.
.22-caliber Mondial gas gun.
.41 caliber, make unknown.
.38-caliber Harrington & Richardson gun.
.22-caliber RTS revolver.
.25-caliber Colt automatic.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson.
Total, 70; 36.8 percent.


Exact place where gun obtained in St. Louis :

.22-caliber Perfecta tear gas; purchased at Kindle's Sporting Goods Store, 2600 block of Cherokee.

.22-caliber, unknown make; purchased from unknown male at 3400 Franklin.

Total, 2; 3 percent. Guns obtained in Illinois :

.38-caliber Astra-Cadit revolver; purchased from Murle's Sporting Goods, Alton, Ill.

.22-caliber Cub revolver ; purchased in East St. Louis.
.38-caliber Colt revolver ; purchased in East St. Louis.
.22-caliber Astra-Uncetay (Spanish) ; purchased in Madison, Ill.
22-caliber Savage revolver ; purchased in East St. Louis.
.22-caliber Rohm (German) ; purchased in East St. Louis.

Total, 6; 10 percent.
Guns obtained in State other than Missouri or Illinois:

.22-caliber Harrington & Richardson; purchased in California.

Total, 1 ; 2 percent.
Guns obtained in Missouri city other than St. Louis: None.
Guns obtained in St. Louis, exact place unknown :

22-caliber R. & S. gas gun; purchased from unknown person.
.45-caliber Remington automatic; purchased from friend.
.357 Smith & Wesson magnum ; purchased from friend.
12-gage Stevens shotgun; obtained from friend.
Bolt-action rifle; father's gun for hunting.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson; taken from a police officer, later recovered.
.32-caliber Harrington & Richardson; purchased from unknown male.
16-gage Winchester shotgun; stole gun.

Total, 8; 14 percent.
Unknown where gun obtained :

.38-caliber British Bulldog.
16-gage Harrington & Richardson shotgun.
.22-caliber EGI revolver.
.22/.410 Savage over-under (juvenile).
.12-gage shotgun.
.22 Iver Johnson.
.22-caliber Rohm (German).
.22-caliber Springfield rifle.
.38-caliber Airweight.
12-gage shotgun, Whisler.
.32-caliber, make unknown.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson.
.32-caliber make unknown.

.25-caliber Colt automatic.
.32-caliber Iver Johnson.
.32-caliber Iver Johnson revolver.
.32-caliber, make unknown.
.25-caliber Colt automatic.
.38-caliber, make unknown.
.25-caliber Colt automatic.
.22-caliber, make unknown.
Large caliber rifle.
.22-caliber, Italian make.
.38-caliber Smith & Wesson.
.38-caliber Hopkins & Allen.
.32-caliber Smith & Wesson.
1962 model Italian-make gas gun.
.38-caliber revolver.
.22-caliber, unknown make rifle.
.32-caliber Smith & Wesson (juvenile).
.38-caliber Harrington & Richardson.
.32-caliber, make unknown.
.22-caliber Rohm (German).
.22-caliber Winchester.
.25-caliber automatic.
.22-caliber revolver.
.22-caliber revolver.
12-gage shotgun, Nabel make.
.22-caliber pistol.
.38-caliber revolver.
.38-caliber Harrington & Richardson.
Total, 42; 71 percent.




City of St. Louis, June 23. 196.5. To: Maj. Adolph C. Jacobsmeyer, special operations commander. From: Sgt. Charles H. Mueller, juvenile division. Subject: Research on juveniles involved in possession of firearms. A final memorandum on the aforementioned subject is as follows: 1965

1964 January 1 to May 31 :

January 1 to December 31 : Flourishing a deadly weapon.. 16 Flourishing a deadly weapon.. 3 Discharging firearms-

18 Discharging firearms-Other -

18 Other (unavailable).



79 In 1965, two of these incidents resulted in homicides. The coroner's verdiet in one instance was justifiable homicide and in the second instance same was de clared accidental. In both instances, the weapons used were the property of a parent or a friend and were not obtained illegally.

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