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(COPYRIGHT, 1895, BY William H. Hills. All Rights Reserved.]

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List, 119


No. 1.


stenographers are given a thorough training in

commercial dictation. All the instructors are


expert amanuenses, and will rigidly correct the


errors of students.

THE HOME OF MRS. MARY A. DENISON. Margaret “In practising dictation no pupil will be
Sullivan Burke.

allowed to speak in a whisper. All words must

be spoken loud enough to be heard three feet

away, since few stenographers are smart enough
1. — They Do. Alice Yates Grant.

to take down what they do not hear. On the
II. — They Don't. Jessie Wilson Manning.

other hand, the habit of bawling is discouraged.


To dictate in a loud, didactic style may impress

Introducing Conversation, 8- Complete Sets of The

WRITER, 8 - Order in the Sanctum, 9- The Thirteen a casual visitor with your importance, but, as a

Superstition in Literature.

rule, dictating to the gallery is held to be bad

HUDDLB Your IDRAS. Jed Scarboro.



“Smoking is allowed while dictating, but the


cigar must be removed from the lips when the


dictator is actually speaking.



“Special attention is given to correcting the


er-er habit in dictators. No dictator will be

Tablet Covers for Manuscripts, 14-A Literary Incubator,

graduated from this school who uses er more

14 – Learning to Illustrate, 14 – Saving Telegraph

Tolls, 14- – Enlarging One's Vocabulary. .

than once in every five words. It is expected


that some will do better than this.


"Speed in dictation is carefully cultivated,


and no person dictating less than twenty-five

words a minute will receive the certificate of
Why won't some one start a school for dic- the school. The more speed, the less haste is

tators — not political dictators, of course, but necessary to get through with a large mail ; and

the commercial article; the men who employ the danger of putting the stenographer to sleep

stenographers ?

by too-slow dictation is a point that should not

Such a school would fill a real, long-felt want, be overlooked.
and there might then be less contrast between “ For practice, actual business letters are
the confused, disjointed production that many a given to pupils to answer. It is expected that
capable stenographer “ takes down” and the these letters shall be read before answers to
smooth, correct business document that he “tran- them are dictated. The habit of dictating a
scribes” from his notes. The idea is hereby reply to a letter while reading it is discouraged,
presented to any business college in the country as not being conducive to a polished style and
that will adopt it, and a few hints for the pro- a methodical arrangement of the matter.
spectus are thrown in, as follows:

“ Courses in elementary grammar and the

“At this school persons intending to employ rudiments of the English language are given,

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