Documents on Disarmament

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United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1962

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Address by President Kennedy to the Canadian Parliament
AngloAmerican Proposal Submitted at the Geneva Confer
RadioTelevision Address by Premier Khrushchev on
United States Note to the Soviet Union Regarding the Nuclear
United States Draft Statement Submitted During the Bilateral
Address by Premier Khrushchev at SovietVietnamese Friend
Soviet Note to the United States Regarding the Nuclear Test
Address by Premier Khrushchev to Graduates of Soviet Mili
United States Draft Statement Submitted During the Bilateral
RadioTelevision Address by President Kennedy on the Berlin
Soviet Draft Declaration Submitted During the Bilateral
Soviet Note to the United States Regarding the Nuclear Test
Statement by Secretary of State Rusk to the Senate Foreign
Statement by Presidential Adviser McCloy to the Senate For
Statement by the British Representative OrmsbyGore
Decision by the Central Committee of the Communist Party
Statement by the United States Representative Dean at
Statement by the British Representative OrmsbyGore
Statement by the Soviet Representative Tsarapkin at
White House Statement on the Resumption of Soviet Tests
Statement by President Kennedy on the Resumption of Under
Japanese Note to the United States on Nuclear Tests Sep
armament Agency Bill September 6 1961
Statement and Declaration by the Belgrade Conference of Non
tries to President Kennedy September 6 1961
Statement by the Acting United States Representative Stelle
Communiqué on Recess of the Geneva Conference on the Dis
Letter From President Kennedy to President Soekarno of
White House Statement on First American Nuclear Test in

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584. lappuse - Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security.
376. lappuse - All peoples may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of international economic co-operation, based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and international law. In no case may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.
584. lappuse - Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defense shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.
375. lappuse - To eradicate all forms of colonialism from Africa; and e. To promote international cooperation, having due regard to the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
237. lappuse - The Embassy of the United States of America presents its compliments to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the...
119. lappuse - Nations for its official use. It is understood, however, that articles imported under such exemption will not be sold in the country into which they were imported except under conditions agreed with the Government of that country; (c) exempt from customs duties and prohibitions and restrictions on imports and exports in respect of its publications.
455. lappuse - The managers on the part of the House and the Senate at the conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the amendment of the Senate to the bill (HR 6161) to amend the Clean Air Act, and for other purposes...
219. lappuse - ... and to fix their compensation in accordance with the Classification Act of 1949, as amended. The...
118. lappuse - The United Nations shall possess juridical personality. It shall have the capacity : (a) to contract ; (b) to acquire and dispose of immovable and movable property ; (c) to institute legal proceedings.
87. lappuse - President and such other officers as may be required at the beginning of each session. They shall hold office for the duration of the session.

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