School Health Services, (National Health Plan). Hearing ... on H.R. 4312 and H.R. 4313, H.R. 4918 and S. 1411, H.R. 4660, H.R. 3942 ... July 7, 1949

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41. lappuse - Federal level should be brought about through a joint committee representing the United States Office of Education, the United States Public Health Service, and the United States Children's Bureau, which...
53. lappuse - Services of the American Academy of Pediatrics with the cooperation of the United States Public Health Service and the United States Children's Bureau.
45. lappuse - American Academy of Pediatrics, with the cooperation of the United States Public Health Service and the United States Children's Bureau, xxv+270 p. THE COMMONWEALTH FUND: NEW YORK. 1949. $3.50. This is the first nationwide study of health services for a segment of the population. The results of three years...
50. lappuse - This may be the result of State Legislation, unequal development of the two departments, or differences in availability of qualified personnel. In some areas the schools have taken the leadership; in others, the health departments have assumed primary responsibility; in still others, joint planning is the practice. It is becoming increasingly apparent that where there is a high degree of mutual understanding and cooperation between the two agencies, with the resultant pooling of the resources of...
63. lappuse - That such use is not in violation of the provisions of §§ 24.1, 24.2; or (d) to persons treating human ailments by prayer or spiritual means, as an exercise or enjoyment of religious freedom...
50. lappuse - ... health services for children and youth of school age. Education departments have intimate knowledge of the children as a result of daily contact and observation and an understanding of the part health services play in the total educational experience of each child.

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