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OF 1985 1


(f) Until modified pursuant to section 8(b) of the Communications Act of 1934 (as added by subsection (e) of this section), the Schedule of Charges which the Federal Communications Commission shall prescribe pursuant to section 8(a) of such Act shall be as follows: SCHEDULE OF CHARGES Continued



Fee amount

$60.00 135.00 60.00 30.00

250.00 650.00



6,500.00 3,250.00 1,300.00

150.00 100.00

PRIVATE RADIO BUREAU 1. Marine Coast Stations (New, Modifications, Renewals) 2. Operational Fixed Microwave Stations (New, Modifications, Renewals) 3. Aviation (Ground Stations) (New, Modifications, Renewals) 4. Land Mobile Radio Licenses (New, Modifications, Renewals).


a. Receivers (Except TV & FM Receivers)

b. All Other Devices. 2. Type Acceptance

a. Approval of Subscription TV Systems

b. All Others .. 3. Type Approval

a. Ship (Radio Telegraph) Automatic Alarm Systems.
b. Ship and Lifeboat (Radio Telegraph) Transmitters.
c. All Others (With Testing)

d. All Others (Without Testing) 4. Notifications ...

MASS MEDIA BUREAU 1. Commercial TV Stations

a. New and Major Change Construction Permits Application Fees
b. Minor Changes Application Fee.
c. Hearing Charge.

d. License Fee..
2. Commercial Radio Stations

a. New and Major Change Construction Permits..

(1) Application Fee AM Station

(2) Application Fee FM Station...
b. Minor Changes Appl. Fee-AM & FM.
C. Hearing Charge.
d. License Fee

(1) AM.

(2) FM..

e. Directional Antenna License Fee (AM only) 3. FM/TV Translators and LPTV Stations (New & Major Change Construction Permits)

a. Application Fee.

b. License Fee..... 4. Station Assignment and Transfer fees

a. AM, FM and TV Commercial Stations

(1) Application Fee (Forms 314/315).


500.00 6,000.00


2,000.00 1,800.00

500.00 6,000.00

325.00 100.00 375.00

375.00 75.00


· Public Law 99-272, 100 Stat. 82, 119, April 7, 1986.


Fee amount

70.00 75.00 75.00 30.00



1,800.00 17,500.00

500.00 6,000.00

200.00 20.00 20.00

200.00 200.00

525.00 50.00 20.00 50.00

90.00 20.00

(2) Application Fee (Form 316).

b. FM/TV Translators & LPTV Stations. 5. Auxiliary Services Major Actions—Application Fee. 6. Renewals All Services. 7. Cable Television Service

a. Cable Television Relay Service Construction Permits, Assignments & Transfers, Renewals &


b. Cable Special Relief Petitions—Filing Fee.. 8. Direct Broadcast Satellite New & Major Change CPs

a. Application for Authorization to Construct a Direct Broadcast Satellite.
b. Issuance of CP & Launch Authority..
c. License to Operate Satellite..

d. Hearing Charge...
1. Domestic Public Land Mobile Stations (Base, Dispatch, Control & Repeater Stations)

a. New or Additional Facility Authorizations, Assignments & Transfers (Per transmitter/per station).
b. Renewals and Minor Modifications (Per station)

c. Air-Ground Individual License Renewals & Modifications... 2. Cellular Systems

a. Initial Construction Permits & Major Modification Applications (Per cellular systems).
b. Assignments & Transfers (Per station)..
C. Initial covering license (Per cellular system)

(1) Wireline carrier...

(2) Nonwireline carrier d. Renewals

e. Minor modifications and additional licenses. 3. Rural Radio (Central Office, Interoffice or Relay Facilities)

a. Initial Construction Permit, Assignments & Transfers (Per transmitter).

b. Renewals & Modifications (Per station) 4. Offshore Radio Service

a. Initial Construction Permit, Assignments & Transfers (Per transmitter).

b. Renewals & Modifications (Per station)
5. Local Television or Point To Point Microwave Radio Service

a. Construction Permits, Modifications of construction Permits, and Renewals of Licenses
b. Assignments & Transfers of Control (Per station).

c. Initial License for New Frequency......
6. International Fixed Public Radio (Public & Control Stations)

a. Initial Construction Permits, Assignments & Transfers

b. Renewals & Modifications... 1. Satellite Services

a. Transmit Earth Stations

(1) Initial Station Authorization ...
(2) Assignments & Transters of Station Authorizations.

(3) All Other Applications.
b. Small Transmit/Receive Earth Stations (2 meters or less)

(1) Lead Authorization.
(2) Routine Authorization

(3) All Other Applications.
c. Receive Only Earth Stations

(1) Initial Station Authorization.

(2) All Other Applications .....
d. Applications For Authority To Construct a Space Station........
e. Applications For Authority To Launch & Operate a Space Station
1. Satellite System Application

(1) Initial Station Authorization ...
(2) Assignments & Transfers of Systems.

(3) All Other Applications. 8. Multipoint Distribution Service

a. Construction Permits, Renewals & Modifications of Construction Permits.
b. Assignments & Transfers of Control (Per station).
c. Initial License (Per channel)...

90.00 20.00


45.00 135.00

450.00 325.00

1,350.00 450.00 90.00


30.00 90.00


90.00 1,800.00 18,000.00

5,000.00 1,333.00



45.00 400.00



Fee amount


540.00 540.00

9. Section 214 Applications

a. Applications for Overseas Cable Construction
b. Applications for Domestic Cable Construction ..

C. All Other 214 Applications... 10. Taritt Filings

a. Filing Fee....

b. Special Permission Filings. 11. Telephone Equipment Registration. 12. Digital Electronic Message Service

a. Construction Permits, Renewals & Modifications of Construction Permits.
b. Assignments & Transfers of Control (Per station).
c. Initial License (First License Adding a New Frequency)

250.00 200.00 135.00


45.00 135.00

(47 U.S.C. 158 note)


YEARS 1986 AND 1987 1


(a) POLICY.—The Congress declares that it is the policy of the United States,

(1) as a party to the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (hereafter in this section referred to as “Intelsat”), to foster and support the global commercial communications satellite system owned and operated by Intelsat;

(2) to make available to consumers a variety of communications satellite services utilizing the space segment facilities of Intelsat and any additional such facilities which are found to be in the national interest and which

(A) are technically compatible with the use of the radio frequency spectrum and orbital space by the existing or planned Intelsat space segment, and

(B) avoid significant economic harm to the global system of Intelsat; and (3) to authorize use and operation of any additional space segment facilities only if the obligations of the United States

under article XIV(d) of the Intelsat Agreement have been met. (b) PRECONDITIONS FOR INTELSAT CONSULTATION.-Before consulting with Intelsat for purposes of coordination of any separate international telecommunications satellite system under article XIV(d) of the Intelsat Agreement, the Secretary of State shall

(1) in coordination with the Secretary of Commerce, ensure that any proposed separate international satellite telecommunications system comply with the executive branch conditions established pursuant to the Presidential Determination No. 85–2; and

(2) ensure that one or more foreign authorities have authorized the use of such system consistent with such conditions. (c) AMENDMENT OF INTELSAT AGREEMENT.—(1) The Secretary of State shall consult with the United States signatory to Intelsat and the Secretary of Commerce regarding the appropriate scope and character of a modification to article V(d) of the Intelsat Agreement which would permit Intelsat to establish cost-based rates for individual traffic routes, as exceptional circumstances warrant, paying particular attention to the need for avoiding significant economic harm to the global system of Intelsat as well as United States national and foreign policy interests.

(2XA) To ensure that rates established by Intelsat for such routes are cost-based, the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce and the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, shall instruct the United States signatory to Intelsat to ensure that sufficient documentation, including documentation regarding revenues and costs, is provided by Intelsat so as to verify that such rates are in fact cost-based.

1 Public Law 99-93, 99 Stat. 405, 425, sec. 146, Aug. 16, 1985.

(B) To the maximum extent possible, such documentation will be made available to interested parties on a timely basis.

(3) Pursuant to the consultation under paragraph (1) and taking the steps prescribed in paragraph (2) to provide documentation, the United States shall support an appropriate modification to article V(d) of the Intelsat Agreement to accomplish the purpose described in paragraph (1).

(d) CONGRESSIONAL CONSULTATION.-In the event that, after United States consultation with Intelsat for the purposes of coordination under article XIV(d) of the Intelsat Agreement for the establishment of a separate international telecommunications satellite system, the Assembly of Parties of Intelsat fails to recommend such a separate system, and the President determines to pursue the establishment of a separate system notwithstanding the Assembly's failure to approve such system, the Secretary of State, after consultation with the Secretary of Commerce, shall submit to the Congress a detailed report which shall set forth

(1) the foreign policy reasons for the President's determination, and

(2) a plan for minimizing any negative effects of the President's action on Intelsat and on United States foreign policy

interests. (e) NOTIFICATION TO FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION.-In the event the Secretary of State submits a report under subsection (d), the Secretary, 60 calendar days after the receipt by the Congress of such report, shall notify the Federal Communications Commission as to whether the United States obligations under article XIV(d) of the Intelsat Agreement have been met.

(f) IMPLEMENTATION.-In implementing the provisions of this section, the Secretary of State shall act in accordance with Executive order 12046.

(g) DEFINITION.- For the purposes of this section, the term "separate international telecommunications satellite system" or "separate system” means a system of one or more telecommunications satellites separate from the Intelsat space segment which is established to provide international telecommunications services be tween points within the United States and points outside the United States, except that such term shall not include any satellite or system of satellites established

(1) primarily for domestic telecommunications purposes and which incidentally provides services on an ancillary basis to points outside the jurisdiction of the United States but within the western hemisphere, or

(2) solely for unique governmental purposes. (47 U.S.C. 701 note)

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