Imperialism in the Ancient World: The Cambridge University Research Seminar in Ancient History

Pirmais vāks
P. D. A. Garnsey, C. R. Whittaker
Cambridge University Press, 2007. gada 15. febr. - 404 lappuses
The economics of imperialism, its political background and institutional frameworks, the material benefits it conferred, the ideologies of ruler and ruled - these are some of the more important aspects of imperialism discussed in this volume. In presenting the evidence for ancient imperialims and suggesting concepts and methods of interpretation these articles, which are the work of the Cambridge University Research Seminar in Ancient History, range from New Kingdom Egypt and Carthage, through the classical Greek world of Athens and Sparta, to Macedonia and Rome. This book will be particularly useful to ancient historians but should also interest historian of other periods as well as students of politics.

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