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we are struggling, and to suppress proGermanism and Pan-Germanism in whatever form it may appear.

When you go to conference you will meet many with whom I am acquainted, probably many who have loved ones over here. Tell them for me that they shall be proud of their American soldiers, and even if there will be those who will not return, as there will be, they should not mourn, but should have the same faith that their boys had, a faith in God, and in their cause, and an ever-readiness to do the thing that was expected of them.

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Neither cooties nor shrapnel have any lasting effect on the cheerful spirit of the American soldier. He turns a smiling face to all the “fortunes of war," and proves himself a hero both at the front and in the hospital. This gratifying fact is finely illustrated in a letter written by Private A. B. Callow, of the 49th Company, United States Marine Corps, to•a former associate in the Armstrong Cork and Insulation Company of Pittsburg. One can scarcely believe that a wounded man could run on in this strain:

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I got hit with a little chunk of shrapnel in the last drive and am now resting my exceedingly weary limbs in a hospital. I have a fine iron hospital bed to sleep in; beaucoup bewitching little Red-Cross nurses flitting about, a phonograph right at the end of my bed, a hot shower-bath when I want it, beaucoup reading matter, and last but not least, old friend, a beer "parlor” right alongside of the building.

I want to tell you, friend, that two or three days ago I wouldn't believe there were such luxuries in this country. There is as much difference between this hospital life and the one I had been leading as there is between Pittsburg and Chicago on Sunday. And that is some difference.

A week before I came to the hospital, while I was at the front, I indulged me in a little cootie hunt and broke the record that day by finding fifty-two of them. Not a bad average, eh! That is not exaggeration. I had a fellow alongside of me counting them on an adding machine.

When I hit this heaven I turned in all my clothes, and after they come through the incinerator I will have lost all my little pets. When I hit this place I had not washed my face, hands, or teeth for three weeks, and my breeches and blouse were all ripped and torn to pieces. I believe they thought I was one of those Moroccans that are fighting for the French.

But, boy, you ought to see me now. I have had about “steen" hundred external water-baths and the same number internal beer-baths; my mustache curled up at the ends, hair combed, rest of the upper part of the body shaved, nice clean pair of pajamas and bath-robe on, with a Prussian Guard belt, that I got off a dead machine-gunner, around my waist.

I have lots of souvenirs with me, and I have quite a time keeping them, as these hospital fellows all want to buy them from me. This is an American hospital, but there are all sorts here. At the chow-table to-night there were the following nationalities represented: French, American white man, American negro, French Moroccan, Russian, Italian and a Chinaman. Some gathering, eh! If I could just lingo a' few of those tongues I would sure have some time. There are some of those da


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The W. D. C. triangle trade.

You will take a lot of pleasure in your Wellingmark has been the sign of ton. It has a well that catches all moisture and supreme pipe value for more than 50 years. It is not only

tobacco crumbs. There is no wheezing or bubon every Wellington, but also

bling. No tobacco comes through into your mouth. on pipes that we make of every other style, size and grade. All you get is clean, cool, dry smoke, which the Grade for grade, price for top opening in the bit sends up away from your price, there is no better pipe made than a W. D. C.

tongue. The bowl of every Wellington is expertly made of genuine French Briar, seasoned by our own special process so that it breaks-in sweet and mellow. It is guaranteed against cracking or burning through. No wonder the Wellington is the most popular pipe in the world!

All good dealers sell Wellington Pipes in many sizes, shapes and grades from 75 cents up. Get one. You will be glad you did it. WM. DEMUTH & CO., New York

World's Largest Pine Manufaa

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here also. They keep them busy cleaning up the place. In this last drive I took some prisoners back to headquarters and while there guarded a herd of Hun wounded. There were some awful sights. This modern warfare maims a man up horribly. There was one German wounded who was a pitiful case especially to look at. Other Germans were sitting about, but made no attempt whatsoever to help him. We went up and helped him as best we could.

That is one of the many sights you see up there, and of course there are beaucoup of them about here in the hospital.

Do you know, these American boys are wonders. There are fellows in this ward with me with arms and legs off that are as cheerful and hilarious as any of us. There is one kid especially whose right hand was blown off just above the wrist by a handgrenade who is making fun continually. They all seem to take it as a matter of course and count it as part of the game. And it is the same up at the front. I have seen fellows maimed up horribly, some mortally wounded, laughing and joking. In fact, I have ridden in the same ambulance with them. And they die the same way. In coming up to this last front I was with a fellow I had been “palling" a little with. He and I had come through the Château-Thierry affair without a scratch, and he was saying continually on our bike to this last front that he felt it in his bones that he was going to get his on this coming drive. And he did. Three machine-gun bullets through the stomach. I was with him when he died and he left with a smile on his face. He said, “What did I tell you? Part of the game, you know.”

This letter is getting rather blue in spirit. I didn't mean it that way, tho I just wanted to show vou the wonderful spirit these guys are showing over here. It is the typical American spirit. Everything is a game and there is a chance to be taken.

I don't expect to be here very long, as mine doesn't amount to much. They can keep me just as long as they want, as I have no kick coming. Say, Skotchie, I forgot to mention these American nurses. They are humdingers, I want to tell you. I have seen beaucoup of these French girls, and it did my heart good to lay my eyes on a trim, clean little American figure when I hit this place. And, Skotchie, these girls are all for you here. There isn't anything they won't do for you. There is one in my ward who certainly has my eye. She is a little quieen and is from Boston. Me for the baked beans!


Two-fold Fabric

An order for more Duofold from a Lieutenant of the Royal Flying Corps of Great Britain included this comment:

The Warmth of


The Comfort of


I find it best for flying on active service in France, owing to the high altitude at which we Ay in scout machines. In the flying game I find that the underwear one wears protects him best from the cold, damp air of 15,000 ft. and not the coats one wears over his uniform... Warmth, protection, comfort-are all yours in Duofold.





Duofold Health Underwear Co.

Mohawk, N. Y. New York, 846 Broadway

Chicago, 424 S. Wells St.


National Underwear Standards: "Duofold" for cold weather;

"Rockinchair" for warm weather.


Polish Up Your English Get a vest-pocket copy of Faulty Diction. It will help you guard against embarrassing mistakes and inelegancies in your speech. Points out the common word-misusages. By mail, 25 cents. Dept. 805, FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY, 354-60 Fourth Ave., New York.

Stories of the fortunate deflection of bullets by carrying “good books” next the heart are often told in war-times, but it is the lot of few soldiers to be saved by the “toting” of a canteen. This odd experience happened to Corporal H. E. Hilty, A. E. F., who details the circumstances in the following letter to a friend in Los Angeles:

Am sending home my "wounded canteen” and will try, in a few words, to tell you its history and my experiences in the big battle that halted the Boche last Monday, before he even got a good start. Toward bedtime the order came to sleep with all our clothes on and have everything where we could get hold of it quickly

. I even went one better and rearranged my pack, putting all my toilet articles in the top with my emergency rations, and made mi hod so that when I got out I could roll

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The Government Orders American Footwear to be Simplified, Economized and Standardized!


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whose workmen have never made anything but the highest quality of shoes, who has special technical knowledge of how to secure the ultra refinements of fit and finish, is prepared to put the utmost quality in the “A” grade shoe.

The name of "Nettleton" has always stood for the very zenith of shoe craftsmanship. For over 40 years it has meant-the finest leathers tanned, the most stylish lasts, the most exquisite carefulness in making. Now it stands for highest possible values among "A" grade shoes.

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Nettleton shoes will be made only in "A" grade.

No shoes are to be made to retail at over $12 the pair.

The name “Nettleton" means highest quality.

Every shoe must be stamped with the serial number of the manufacturer and the grade-A, B, or C, to which it has been appointed by the Government.

This standardization limits shoe manufacturers to the use of black, one shade of brown and white leathers. These cannot be used in combination. This will simplify tanning processes and eliminate all fancy, expensive and unstable leathers, release tanning equipment for other purposes, conserve labor and money invested.

Nettleton interpretation of "A" grade means the same careful workmanship that has always distinguished Nettleton footwear. It means the same careful selection of leathers, without blemish, of finest known tannage. It means we will cheerfully cooperate with the Government by conforming Nettleton workmanship to the limited number of styles and leathers that we are permitted to use, but that the utmost Nettleton skill and the highest quality materials allowed us will go into these models. These war time styles will include a choice of popular Nettleton lasts that permit the perfect fitting of

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every foot.

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Today is the time to insist on branded shoes. Agrade is protection within certain broad lines. Shoes branded "Nettleton” represent assured quality by the largest manufacturers in America of men's fine shoes exclusively.

Manifestly there will be several standards of value in each grade. All shoes marked “A” will legitimately belong in that grade by Government authorization. But the maximum meaning of Avalue will depend on who makes the shoe so marked.

Nettleton Shoes are sold by representative dealers throughout the country. Their stocks now include a limited quantity of Nettleton Shoes made before the Government order took effect. Men who appreciate the exclusive refinements of Nettleton workmanship are able today to exercise a broader choice and individual taste, than will be possible when these stocks are exhausted.

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If you are not sure where Nettleton Shoes are to be had in your vicinity and are persuaded that the name Nettleton represents a definitely assured and desirable value, write direct to us here at the factory for booklet "Economy Through Quality" and the name of our agent nearest you.

It stands to reason that the manufacturer who has never employed anything but the finest materials,

U. S. Army officers have set the seal of their approval
on Nettleton Military Footwear Extraordinary

A. E.

Largest Manufacturers in America of Men's Fine Shoes Exclusively




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OSES, Violets and the earlier blooming potted plants compete R with late Chrysanthemum varieties, to dominate Thanksgiving displays in Flower shops everywhere. It's needless to say that flowers will contribute much to your Thanksgiving observance. This Thanksgiving, perhaps, your soldier boy will be on furlough, or you'll entertain another soldier boy in his place. Think how much he will appreciate the presence of flowers there in your

home. Your florist is ready to handle Thanksgiving orders with infinite care as to details of arrangement. The cost will be small as you desire.

It's appropriate to send Thanksgiving Floral Remembrances Flowers may be sent anywhere in the U. S. or Canada through the Florists' Telegraph Delivery

it up and strap it into the pack-carrier without losing any time at all.

Had only been asleep a short time when I awoke with a start to hear a roaring as if every gun in the universe had opened up at

Every one in the barrack was up and I didn't waste any time in carrying out my program. Had just about completed rolling my pack when I heard the sergeant calling for his detail, so I got into my equipment of belt, pack, gas-mask, steel helmet, and two bandoleers of cartridges and was off. Outside it looked as if hell had broken loose. The night was inky black and broken in all directions by the flash of guns and exploding shells, while the noise was deafening. The report of the guns, the exploding shells, the whistle of them overhead and the scream of the shrapnel and shell-fragments combined to make one mighty roar. But soon my ears got accustomed to it and I could distinguish the various sounds. After going about a hundred yards my eyes were burning and watering and my throat was dry from the smoke, and fearing there might be gas about, which there was in small quantities, I stopt long enough to adjust my mask and then proceeded to my post. Another man was to be there too, and he did not arrive, so I started to look around for shelter, but I knew of none and naturally didn't find any.

As we were supposed to keep up a laision with the next post where the sergeant was, I crouched by a tree to sort of get a hold of myself and decide what to do, for I couldn't keep up the laision myself and watch the post too. While crouching there the shells were breaking everywhere. How anybody could live out there I don't know, unless the good Lord sure enough loved them.

But while debating as to what I should do, the Boche decided for me. A shell broke directly across the road, not over fifteen feet in front of me, and as I ducked my head to get what protection I could from my helmet, something hit me on the right hip with force enough that I rolled completely over before I could stop. I straightened out my right leg and it was still in working order. So I got up and was surprized that I could stand with only a little pain. I got a hold of my gun and took a few steps about and could hardly realize that I was still all there. Next I gingerly put my hand back, expecting to feel blood. Well, it was all wet, but cold, and I knew well I wasn't that cold-blooded, and then proceeded to forget about it. Toward dawn the firing increased in volume, just before the Boche advanced. And his surprize and defeat by the Americans you have all read about.

When it was daylight I started in to examine myself, and the canteen I am sending tells the story of my escape from a serious wound much better than I ever could. As you will notice, the piece of shell-fragment hit the very thickest place it could. The edge of the cup was hit first, and then the fact that

the canteen was full of water helped slow it up. Coming out, it again struck the edge of the cup, and last but not least, the double canvas that fastens the cover to the belt. This was barely penetrated. Notice also that the end of the fragment is covered with aluminum from the cup.

Can't let you see what it did to me, but I have a black and blue spot about as big as the size of the cup on my hip directly over the hip joint. So all together I think I was pretty lucky and would not trade that night of thrills for anything, but wouldn't hid a cent for another.



When a Preventable Accident

is a Crime


Before the war a preventable motor car or motor truck accident-if no one was hurt-was merely an inconvenience and an extravagance.

Usually the burden fell upon the insurance company.

Now a preventable motor car or motor truck accident is a crime.

It means an additional drain upon steel, upon labor, to supply new parts, and a burden on over-taxed transportation.

Criminal wastage means clogging the national machinery, placing obstacles in the way of winning the war.

Were not Weed Chains so absolutely necessary, if there was any way to get along without them, and escape accidents and the destruction of tires, the problem would be simple.

Failure to use chains on slippery roads means multiplying accidents. Non-creeping chains cut the tires to pieces.

Reckless use of Weed Chains means there will not be enough to meet the needs of war, and of motor cars and motor trucks necessary to essential industries.

Every pound of steel is needed to do important work.

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“If You Please" You Are Asked to Subscribe to This Pledge:

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