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Vincent P. Barabba, Director

Robert L. Hagan, Deputy Director James W. Turbitt, Associate Director for Field

Operations and User Services


Michael G. Garland, Chief


Preparation of this edition was
under the direction of

William Lerner
Chief, Statistical Compendia Staff

of manuscript for the printer. The Census Library, Dorothy W. Kaufman, Chief, also lent valuable assistance.

The cooperation of the many contributors to this volume and to the prior editions is gratefully acknowledged. Following the practice established by the prior editions, every data series shown in this volume is, to the extent possible, specifically identified by source as to issuing agency and/or individual author, publication title, publisher, and date of issue. Frequently all five items are shown; frequently additional information is given.

The bicentennial edition of Historical Statistics of the United States is the third in the series of volumes inaugurated in 1949. In both form and content, the bicentennial edition has drawn heavily from, and built upon, the two prior editions. Both the first volume, Historical Statistics of the United States, 1789 to 1945, issued in 1949, and the second volume, Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1957, issued in 1960, were prepared by the Bureau of the Census with the cooperation of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC). Although the SSRC did not participate in the preparation of the bicentennial edition, its cooperation in the first two volumes was invaluable in establishing those volumes as the basis for continuing work in the field of historical statistics. Similarly, the many individuals and agencies who made important and distinctive contributions to the first two volumes were instrumental in the preparation of the present one. Immediately following the table of contents, therefore, are reprinted the "official roster and credits" pages from the first two volumes. Also, incorporated within the "Acknowledgments for Chapter Contributions," under the title of each edition, are the credits to contributors as they appeared in the first two volumes.

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Analytical review and editing of text tables was primarily the responsibility of Helen E. Teir, Assistant Chief, Statistical Compendia Staff, Data User Services Division. During the period January 1972 to June 1973, Elma D. Beynon was primarily responsible for obtaining the cooperation and assistance of the many subject consultants and for immediate supervision of compilation operations. Suzanne L. Worth assisted Mrs. Beynon and, from July 1973 to November 1974, was responsible for working with consultants and for supervision of the technical and clerical staff. Alma L. Butler, assisted by Kay Swenson, was responsible for final editing and preparation

Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970,
Bicentennial Edition, Part 1
Washington, D.C., 1975

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Q. Transportation

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and owned, world and United States (Q 473–480)—

Documented vessels, by region, type, and service
(Q 481-505)-Capacity of vessels entered and
cleared (Q 506-517)-Waterborne imports, ex-
ports, and domestic cargo (Q 518-541)—Great
Lakes and canal traffic (Q 542-557)-River, harbor,
and canal expenditures (Q 558-564).


Aircraft production and exports (Q565-576)-

Domestic and international transportation (Q 577-
590) Revenues and expenses (Q 591-603)-Air-
ports, aircraft, pilots, and miles flown (Q 604-623)
-Accidents (Q 624–637).



Telephones, conversations, and toll rates (R 1-16)

-Bell and independent companies, summary (R

17-45)-Western Union Telegraph Company,

summary (R 46-55)-Domestic and international
telegraph industries (R 56-88)-International
communications rates (R 89-92).


Stations, sets produced, and households with sets

(R 93-105)-Advertising expenditures, finances,

and employment (R 106-139)-Safety and special

radio stations (R 140-162).


Post offices, finances, material issued, mail handled,

and employees (R 163-187)--Postal rates (R 188-

191)-New books and new editions published (R

192-217)-Newsprint consumption, newspapers,

and periodicals (R 218-257).


Horsepower of prime movers (S 1-14)-Raw ma-

terial and fuel consumption (S 15-31)-Electric

energy production (S 32-52)-Electric generating

plants and installed capacity (S 53-94)-Fuel con-

sumption by electric utilities (S 95-107)-Electric

energy service, prices, and use (S 108-132)-

Finances of privately owned electric utilities (S 133–

146) Rural electrification (S 147-159)—Water

power (S 160-175)-Natural gas and gas utility and

pipeline industries (S 176-218).

Distribution and Services...

National income originating, persons engaged, and

average earnings (T 1-42)-Legal form of organiza-

tion (T 43-57)-Inventories (T 58-78)-Retail es-

tablishments, sales, and persons engaged, by kind of

business (T 79-196)-Sales of multiunit retail

firms (T 197-219)-Chain stores, retail trade

margins, and retail store sales (T 220-271)-De-

partment store indexes (T 272-273)-Wholesale

establishments, sales, expenses, and persons en-

gaged, by kind of business (T 274-371)-Wholesale

sales, stocks, and trade margins (T 372-390)—

Service establishments and receipts, by kind of

business (T 391-443)-Advertising volume, ex-

penditure indexes, and newspaper lineage (T‍444–


International Transactions and Foreign Commerce


Balance of international payments (U 1-25)—U.S.

investments abroad and foreign investments in U.S.

(U 26-74)-U.S. foreign grants and credits (U 75–


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Methods of electing presidential electors (Y 1-26)-

Voter participation in presidential elections (Y 27-

78) Electoral and popular vote cast for President

(Y 79–186)—Costs of presidential elections (Y 187–
188) Legislative activity (Y 189-203)-Political
party affiliation (Y 204-210)-Vote for and appor-
tionment of Representatives (Y 211–271).

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