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Senate Wide:

NFPA compliant inspection and maintenance of kitchen hood suppression systems

Elevator fire service recall upgrades being worked as elevator projects are performed.
ADA Fire alarm system upgrades underway.

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House wide:

Omega sprinkler head replacement completed in all HOB.

Firefighter telephones installed and operational in all HOB.

New kitchen hood suppression systems installed (Cannon, Longworth, Ford, and
Rayburn pizza kitchen, remaining Rayburn kitchen installation planned as part of

Door fire rating survey completed, corrections underway.


Elevator fire service recall upgrades being worked as elevator projects are performed.

Revolving door designs completed.


Survey task order to be issued May 01

Design to be complete Jun 01

in public areas

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The United States Congress passed the AOC Human Resources Act of 1995 in the fiscal year 1995 Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, Public Law 103-283, approved July 22, 1994. The law required that the AOC develop a human resources management program consistent with modern practices common to federal and private sector programs.

II. Human Resources Program Focus

The Human Resources Management Division (HRMD) has made the following areas priorities:

Customer service delivery.
Program/policy development.

Service delivery systems re-engineering.

Personnel action and operational processing simplification.

In order to accomplish these priorities, as well as the daily human resource operational requirements, HRMD has, as a team, formed relationships across branches and functions to address these new challenges. The following information outlines HRMD's progress in the last year and identifies new directions for the coming year.

III. Program Guidance Completed

AOC's Human Resources Management Division has dedicated this past year to meeting the needs of AOC customers while providing timely, customer-focused programs and services. Human Resources is a proactive partner and resource in advancing the AOC mission of being an innovative and efficient team committed to service excellence and to preserving, maintaining and enhancing the national treasures entrusted to our care.

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