Annual Report, 38. sējums

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76. lappuse - Men, 16 years and over .... Women, 16 years and over . Children under 16 years...
1. lappuse - New Jersey; capital invested, number of operatives employed, cost value of material used, selling value of goods made, average working hours, classified weekly wages, average yearly earnings (p.
23. lappuse - Furnaces, ranges and heaters.. Glass (window and bottle)... • Hats (fur and felt) Leather (tanned and finished).. Lamps (electric and other) Oils Paper Pottery Rubber products (hard and soft).
176. lappuse - Joint resolution authorizing the appointment of a commission by the Governor to inquire into the practicability of consolidating the functions of the North Jersey Water Supply Commission and the Passaic Valley District Sewerage and Drainage Commission under the control and authority of one State board,
15. lappuse - The employes are classified as men 16 years of age and over; women 16 years of age and over, and young persons, of both sexes, who are less than 1 6 years.
122. lappuse - TABLE No. 8. — Number of Days in Operation, Number of Hours Worked per Day, Number of Hours Worked per Week and Overtime, 1915.
218. lappuse - Is no longer effective, to take necessary measures for the preservation of order and the protection of life and property.
271. lappuse - ... on a public street and refusing to move on when ordered to do so by the police.
175. lappuse - As members of the mir from a time beyond which the memory of man runneth not to the contrary...
25. lappuse - ... per cent of the men and 3.1 per cent. of the women are in the two groups whose earnings are $15, but under $25 per week and over.

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