The Secret Interference by the Vice President's Staff with HUD's Guidelines for Access by Handicapped Persons to Multifamily Dwellings: Hearing Before the Legislation and National Security Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, Second Session, June 30, 1992

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64. lappuse - Each agency shall give an interested person the right to petition for the issuance, amendment, or repeal of a rule.
17. lappuse - ... (II) light switches, electrical outlets, thermostats, and other environmental controls in accessible locations; (III) reinforcements in bathroom walls to allow later installation of grab bars; and (IV) usable kitchens and bathrooms such that an individual in a wheelchair can maneuver about the space.
45. lappuse - Judiciary noted certain natural terrain may pose unique building problems. For example, in areas which flood frequently, such as waterfronts or marshlands, housing may traditionally be built on stilts. The Committee does not intend to require that the accessibility requirements of this Act override the need to protect the physical integrity of multifamily housing that may be built on such sites.
125. lappuse - Congress created the Bureau of the Budget (now the Office of Management and Budget) to review the morass of agency budgetary information and to approve agency budget requests.
9. lappuse - We will go to one more round at the request of the gentleman from Connecticut. Mr. Shays. Mr. SHAYS. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
17. lappuse - Covered multifamily dwellings for first occupancy after March 13. 1991 shall be designed and constructed to have at least one building entrance on an accessible route unless it is impractical to do so because of the terrain or unusual characteristics of the site.
17. lappuse - ... all the doors designed to allow passage into and within all premises within such dwellings are sufficiently wide to allow passage by handicapped persons in wheelchairs; and...
61. lappuse - House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 Dear Mr. Chairman: Thank you for your letter of...
98. lappuse - BEFORE THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON LEGISLATION AND NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE HOUSE COMMITTEE ON GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS July 24. 1990 Mr. Chairman and Members of the Subcommittee: I am pleased and honored to be asked to testify on the bill "To establish a Federal Council on Women.
36. lappuse - US Department of Housing and Urban Development 451 7th St., SW Washington, DC...

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