The Mechanics' Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal, and Gazette, 35. sējums

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M. Salmon, 1841

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125. lappuse - I have also reason to believe that the power of the STEAM ENGINE may be applied to work the WHEELS, so as to give them a quicker motion, and consequently, to increase that of the ship. In the course of this summer, I intend to make the experiment; and the result, if favourable, shall be communicated to the public.
298. lappuse - Somerset, then lord protector, a new office was erected for him ; he was made governor of the mystery and company of the merchant adventurers for the discovery of regions, dominions, islands, and places unknown, a pension was granted him by letters patent £166, 13s.
342. lappuse - It will be observed that above one inch diameter the same pitch is used for two sizes. This could not have been avoided without introducing small fractional parts. The economy of screwing apparatus was also promoted by repetition of the thread. It is important to remark that the proportion between the pitch and the diameter varies throughout the entire scale. Thus, the pitch of the...
132. lappuse - We left the fair city of New York; we passed through the romantic and ever-varying scenery of the highlands ; we descried the clustering houses of Albany; we reached its shores; and then, even then, when all seemed achieved, I was the victim of disappointment. Imagination superseded the influence of fact. It was then doubted, if it could be done again ; or if done, it was doubted if it could be made of any great value.
342. lappuse - A constant proportion is thus established between the depth and the pitch of the thread. In calculating the former, a deduction is to be made for the quantity rounded off, amounting to one-third of the whole depth, that is, one-sixth from the top, and one-sixth from the bottom of the thread. Making this deduction, it will be found that the angle of 55° gives for the actual depth rather more than three-fifths, and less than two-thirds of the pitch. The precaution of rounding off, is adopted to prevent...
342. lappuse - ... bolts, besides being weaker and less durable, might render it difficult to unfix them when occasion required. It will be remembered that the threads of which the preceding table shows the average, are used in cast iron as well as wrought, and this circumstance has no doubt had its effect in rendering them coarser than they would have been, if restricted to wrought iron.
339. lappuse - ... machinery. Great inconvenience is found to arise from the variety of threads adopted by different manufacturers. The general provision for repairs is rendered at once expensive and imperfect. The difficulty of ascertaining the exact pitch of a particular thread, especially when it is not a submultiple of the common inch measure, occasions extreme embarrassment. This evil would be completely obviated by uniformity of system, the thread becoming constant for a given diameter. The same principle...
472. lappuse - In such case, one half of the oxygen absorbed goes to form steam, by its union with the hydrogen ; while the other half forms carbonic acid, by its union with the carbon. Both constituents being thus supplied with their equivalent volumes of the supporter, the process would here be complete — perfect combustion would ensue, and no smoke be formed ; the quantity of air employed being ten times the rolume of the yas consumed.
339. lappuse - ... consideration. It does not appear that any combined effort has been hitherto made to attain this object As yet there is no recognized standard. This will not be matter of surprise, when it is considered that any standard must be to a great extent arbitrary. It is impossible to deduce a precise rule from mechanical principles, or from any number of experiments. On the other hand, the nature of the case is such that mere approximation would be unimportant, absolute identity of thread being indispensable....
125. lappuse - ... have also reason to believe that the power of the STEAM ENGINE may be applied to work the wheels, so as to give them a quicker motion, and consequently to increase that of the ship.

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