Immigrant Health and the Community

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Harper & Brothers, 1921 - 481 lappuses
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34. lappuse - it is apparent that there is a substantial difference between the per cent of rejections in native and alien communities. An additional light on this subject is thrown by a report from local board for Division No. 129, New York City. This board, realizing a great opportunity,
363. lappuse - and Lauck, The Immigration Problem, fourth edition, 1913, p. 493. Company of Detroit, 1 "there are thousands paid out for injuries, many of which may be traced directly to the inability of the employee to understand English." Clarence H. Howard, president of the Commonwealth Steel Company, St. Louis, says: 2 "Records kept in our industry show that 80 per cent of the
34. lappuse - of New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati, representing a registration of 300,000. Then some 100,000 examinations were similarly assembled from other than city boards in the states of Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, and Ohio, representing also a registration of
205. lappuse - by Dr. S. Josephine Baker, Director of the Bureau of Child Hygiene of the New York City Department of
117. lappuse - 1 Ibid., vol. ii, p. 50. cut off. But this defect is not confined to Croatia. It was among the Slovaks that a priest told us that he preached against windows "so small that it made an eclipse of the sun if a hen flew
187. lappuse - 1 Peter Roberts, The New Immigration, 1914, pp. 368-369. (Appended material abstracted from Immigration Commission's Report on "Fecundity of Immigrant Women," pp. 46-52.) 2 PR Eastman, New York State Department of Health. A Comparison of the Birth Rates of Native and of Foreign-born White Women in the State of New York During 1916, 1916, p. 3. ' Peter Roberts, The New Immigration, 1912, p. 373. 185
449. lappuse - shown that the data of anthropology teach us a greater tolerance of forms of civilization different from our own, and that we should learn to look upon foreign races with greater sympathy, and with the conviction that, as all races have contributed in the past to cultural progress in one way or another, so they will be capable of advancing the interests of mankind, if we are only willing to give them
383. lappuse - The industrial physician should be directly responsible to one of the high officials of his plant, as the head of any major department would be. Only in that way will the full value and importance of the medical work be realized. The larger problem of industrial medicine hinges
362. lappuse - noted more pernicious anaemia among Swedes than among the southern European races. So he will go on analyzing the data secured day by day in the routine work of the clinic, and applying the knowledge gained to the practical demands of his
35. lappuse - made careful anthropometric studies of about 600 registrants. A preliminary report said: 1 Time has been lacking for a final study of the observed data. However, the figures seem to indicate that the foreignborn registrants were markedly less fit for service than the native born. Since this report was written this local board has gone farther into the matter and summarized certain results which verify these preliminary conclusions: 2 While the

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