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* Classification of the Railroads in this State as to the maximum charges allowed

by law for the transportation of passengers.

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*Class “A” includes all railroads whose gross annual earnings, per mile, are four thousand dollars or more; Class "B," all whose gross annual earnings, per mile, are three thousand dollars or any sum in excess thereof less than four thousand dollars, and Class “C," all whose gross annual earnings, per mile, are less than three thousand dollars.

Roads in Class "A" are limited to a charge of three cents; in Class "B,” to three and one half cents, and in Class “Cto four cents per mile for the transportation of passengers, except that a charge of ten cents may be added to the fare of a passenger, when paid upon the cars, if a ticket might have been procured within a reesonable time before the departure of the train. One half the rates above mentioned is the limit for children twelve years of age or under. These rates cover ordinary baggage, not exceeding one hundred pounds in weight, with each passenger.

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