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It is requested that a new recurring allotment be allowed for
Contractual Custodial Services at $16,000 per year. This contract
would service the D.C. village production facility for three days each

Training increased from $7.000 to $14,000.

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In recent years the Architect's office has responded to recently
amended civil rights legislation by sponsoring training such
prevention of sexual harassment, employee rights and responsibilities,
substance abuse, and other subjects. This training is required for all
current and new employees. Additionally,


supervisory development training and sponsors basic educational skills
training for reading. Programs to respond to agency training needs
such as trade apprenticeships and additional supervisory development,
are being prepared.

The limited funding available for training is directed almost
entirely toward the required training, leaving few resources available
for other organizational training needs. Cost increases have also
reduced training opportunities. As a result, the office will have to
reduce the availability of basic educational skills training and
eliminate trade apprenticeship training being developed. Without an
increase in this allotment there will be no monies available for work
performance improvement training, technical skills training,
training necessary for implementing or maintaining new programs or


Because of the unique and high profile environment within which the
office operates, employees must possess a combination of technical and
communications skills in order to be effective and productive in
supporting the activities of the Congress. Employees must have
sufficient technical skills to operate and maintain the equipment the


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office is responsible for, and they must have sufficient communications
skills to perform their work within the Congressional community in an
expedient and appropriate manner.



These funds are requested to enable the office to continue its
efforts to permit all employees to be trained in their legal rights and
responsibilities, well

to maintain and improve their work
performance efficiency.

Supplies and Materials increased from $148, 150 to $152,000..


This allotment provides all supplies and materials for the
Conservatory, the Production Facility and the Administrative Office,
including electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, flower pots and tubs
gas and oil for motor vehicles and equipment, mowers, hardware, tools,
and boxes, labels and signs, fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides,
scalecides, medical and office supplies, paints, brushes, periodicals
and books, and cleaning supplies. Materials needed to support public
programs offered by the Botanic Garden are also charged against this
allotment. This increase will bring the allotment into line with
current and projected price level requirements

Total Increase




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Renovation of the Conservatory.

In fiscal year 1989 $100,000 was appropriated for an architectural
and engineering study of the Botanic Garden Conservatory to determine
the functional integrity of the building and its systems. The
consulting firm of Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall (DMJM) was
engaged to conduct the study. The firm's final report was submitted to
the Architect of the Capitol in late 1990.

The results of the testing conducted by DMJM showed extensive
deterioration of the aluminum structure in the Palm House. Because of
concern about the structural integrity of

the Palm House
superstructure, the unobligated balance from the $500,000 appropriated
in fiscal year 1991 for design was approved to be reprogrammed for
dismantling of the Palm House.

Funding in the amount of $2,000,000 for the complete design and
construction documentation phases of the Conservatory renovation was
appropriated in fiscal year 1993. This effort, to be completed October
1, 1994, will provide the final design and construction phasing plan
for the renovation work, based upon the goal of maintaining public
access to portions of the Conservatory during renovation, the logic and
efficiency of construction, safety and structural factors, and the
anticipated availability of partial project funding each year for a
period of years as required to complete the work.


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The schematic (or "concept") design phase has been completed, Design directions have been determined for all major architectural mechanical, electrical, structural and other elements of the Conservatory and its plant exhibits. This phase has included the preparation of a detailed cost estimate that is based upon these design directions and a preliminary four-phase construction plan. The purpose of the design development phase, now underway and to be completed at the end of February, 1994, will be to fix and describe the size and character of all elements of the project and to finalize the construction phasing plan. The revised cost estimate to be prepared at the conclusion of this phase of work is expected to reflect the refinements in design and construction phasing considered during the design development phase The project will then proceed into the preparation of tinal construction documents based upon the final construction phasing plan.

The original cost estimate for the Conservatory renovation was
prepared in 1990 in conjunction with the initial DMJM study and report.
The estimate was based on a broad program of requirements determined by
the study. It was not based on the in depth analysis and decision
processes that are characteristic of the full sequence of design phases
presently underway. In that context, the total cost, in fiscal year
1990 dollars, was estimated to be $23, 332,000, including the design
cost which has been funded, leaving an estimated construction cost of
$21,332,000 to be funded. with an escalation of 3% per year to the
anticipated aid point of construction (fiscal


1998). the construction cost us originally estimated would now be $27,023,000.


At present, it is requested that the amount requested for fiscal 1995, $7,000,000, be appropriated on a "No Year" basis, and that the same amount be left in the budget base for three additional years, also on a "No Year" basis. Thus, the presently estimated total construction cost of approximately $28,000,000 would be appropriated over four years.


Estinate 1995
Botanic Garden

Increases (continued)



Cyclical Maintenance (continued)

Renovation of the Conservatory (continued)

The present detailed cost estimate, including additional escalation
at 3% per year throughout the construction phases, totals $28.980,000.
This also includes a contingency applied to the design phases of $1.45
million and a contingency applied to the construction phases of $2.37
million. During the design development phase, every effort will be
made to reduce project costs, especially through refinements in design
and determination of the most efficient construction phasing.


year 1995 funds will provide for phase I
construction, including the reconstruction of the Palm House, the
completion of underground utilities in the Conservatory courtyards that
are intended to serve the Palm House and other major spaces on the
north side of the Conservatory, and related reconstruction in the two
low-houses on the south side of the courtyards. A funding request for
this project has been approved by the Joint Committee on the Library.

Total Increase

Cyclical Maintenance

$ 1.000.000


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