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Renovation to Publication Distribution Service, Longworth Building. ..$ 437,000 The Publication Distribution Service Division of The Doorkeeper has recently upgraded and expanded its capabilities which included the installation of new equipment. Extensive modifications to the facilities are required to adequately accommodate this equipment and provide a satisfactory work environment for Publications Distribution Service employees. Due to the broad scope of the changes in the Division's function, work is required in most of the areas assigned to the Division.

These funds are requested to perform these renovations. The work will be performed by skilled temporary personnel supervised by in-house staff. The requested funds have been adjusted from previous requests to account for preliminary work which has been completed by in-house forces with maintenance funds. This request also includes funds for areas added to the scope since the original request. This project was requested and denied in fiscal years 1993 and 1994. Approval to request funds in the fiscal year 1995 budget for this project has been sought from the House Office Building Commission.

Structural Study, Cannon Building Garage Floors.

The Cannon Building garage floor slab is deteriorating due to the water and salts which are deposited on the slab by automobiles. Concrete pan construction, and its structural integrity, are dramatically affected by this type of deterioration. There is already visible evidence. Small hairline cracks have allowed water-borne chlorides to penetrate the deck and attack the reinforcing bars. This causes corrosion, oxidation and in turn, expansion generating enough force to cause the concrete to spall and delaminate. This destructive action, if allowed to continue, could lead to severe structural damage.




Estimate 1995 House Office Buildings

Increases (continued)

Cyclical Maintenance



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Structural Study, Cannon Building Garage Floors (continued)



involves the
method of
delaminated and spalled areas by sawcutting the damaged area, chipping
and exposing the
with pneumatic hammers
Next the reinforcing bar is thoroughly
bad concrete
deteriorated reinforcing bar.
cleaned by either sandblasting or waterblasting and then painted with
A repair mortar is then poured and finished
In some instances additional floor
an anti-corrosion coating.
with a surface coating sealer.
drains are added to eliminate ponding on the deck produced by snowmelt

and rain.


In order to determine the most effective and least costly repair
to the long term
make recommendations as
as well a
it will be necessary to enlist the
effectiveness of these repairs,
services of a professional engineering restoration firm who will
initiate a condition appraisal of the structure through field survey
systematic approach
They will develop a
and prescribed testing.
listing repair alternatives, cost estimates and, finally, construction
The initial field survey will identify areas which are in
need of immediate repair.

Approval to request funds in the fiscal year 1995 budget for this project has been sought from the House Office Building Commission. This project was requested and denied in fiscal years 1993 and 1994.


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Cyclical Maintenance (continued)

Expansion Joint Replacement, Rayburn Building..

Water is penetrating into the Rayburn Building through the
expansion joint located between the courtyard walls and the main office
and now allow water to enter the wall system.
Sealed joints between stones of the water table have failed
The greatest point of
entry is at the bed joint which is lower than the adjacent soil and
often is below the level of surface water which is trapped next to the

Above the expansion joint is a metal cover which, on the building
side, is let into a reglet cast in to the wall and on the opposite side
is flashed into the built-up waterproof membrane of the courtyard. A
pourable sealer has been applied over the joint cover at a level 3
inches below the top of the courtyard wall. Water, after entering the
wall system, ponds up on top of the sealer and eventually migrates
downward through points of adhesive failure between sealer and wall.
At the joint cover, water is able to work around the metal in the
reglet or infiltrate down between the metal joint cover and the

The consultant that provided recommendations for the repairs of the
east courtyard, which was funded in fiscal year 1992, recommended
remedial work including the installation of a new elastomeric membrane
across the expansion joint at the level of the water table stone bed
joint that will allow water to drain out of the wall through weep
this new area of leakage.
It is proposed to use this system to improve the conditions in



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This condition exists in the center and west courtyards of the Rayburn House Office Building. In fiscal year 1992, $150,000 was appropriated which allowed the repair of the east courtyard. With this request the west courtyard will be waterproofed in fiscal year 1995. The funds will be left in the budget base for fiscal year 1996 to accommodate the repairs in the center courtyard. Approval to request funds in the fiscal year 1995 budget for this project has been sought from the House Office Building Commission. This project was requested and denied in fiscal year 1994.

Modernization of Longworth Toilets and Anterooms.

In response to a long standing need to maximize the efficient use of existing space within the House Office Buildings, a proposal was developed to convert certain toilet area anterooms to office space


The men's and women's restrooms on the north end of floors four through seven of the Longworth House Office Buildings can be reconfigured to provide additional office space. These anterooms were originally built to provide passageway and lounge areas for the toilet Present day use patterns indicate that these areas are not utilized at all, and thus the space is available for other, higher priority, uses such as conversion to office space. When the conversion is completed, approximately 300 square feet of usable office space will be achieved on each floor. At the same time, four sets of the restrooms will be renovated to comply with the recent ADA accessibility standards. Approval to request funds in the fiscal year 1995 budget for this project has been sought from the House Office Building Commission. This project was requested and denied in fiscal year 1994.

$ 299,000


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Escalator Modernization, Longworth and Rayburn Buildings.

The House Office Buildings have thirty-one escalators all of which
have been in service since occupancy of the Rayburn Building beginning
in 1964. Since this equipment's installation there have been many
industry safety and design improvements. Some changes have been made
but substantial control and equipment modification are still required.

Four of the six escalators between the Rayburn and the Longworth Buildings have been modernized. The two remaining escalators were requested to be modernized with reprogrammed funds during fiscal year 1994 due to serious safety concerns. If the reprogramming is not approved, full funding for their replacement is included in this request. The balance of the escalators in the Rayburn Building, twenty three in all, should have their safety features and controls updated. Several of these escalators have suffered a high level of wear and could become hazardous if the situation is ignored. These escalators receive a high level of maintenance but their continued degradation requires attention.


Escalator technology has advanced dramatically in the area safety and motion sensor and controls since 1958. Escalators have recently been the focus of many litigations involving personal injury and death. The primary factors in most of these incidents were age of the equipment and lack of modern safety sensors.

This request is to support the continued implementation of a phased modernization and improvement program. As stated before, if the two remaining escalators between the Rayburn and Longworth Buildings cannot be replaced with reprogrammed funds, then they will be replaced with funds in this request. The balance would then be used to upgrade five of the remaining 23 escalators in the Rayburn Building. Should

$ 580,000


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