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Mandatory Items

January, 1994 Locality Pay Annualization........
January, 1994 Wage Rate Annualization............
January, 1995 Cost of Living Adjustment.......

January, 1995 Locality Pay..
January, 1995 Wage Rate Increase.......
Within-grades and Other Pay Changes...
Unfunded Positions and Other Pay Changes......
Other Personnel Compensation....
Contribution to Retirement Funds.....
Contribution to Health Benefits Funds.
Total Mandatory Items.



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Estimate 1995

Capitol Grounds

1994 Appropriation in annual act..

1994 Nonrecurring Deductions

1994 Excess Day Cost.....
Purchase of Street Light Poles.....
Replace Series Street Lighting, N.E. and
N.W. Quadrant.....

Total 1994 Nonrecurring Deductions.

Total 1995 Base.


Capitol Grounds




$ 11,000



$ 10,000







28,000 35,000

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January, 1994 Locality Pay Annualization.....
January, 1994 Wage Rate Annualization......
January, 1995 Cost of Living Adjustment.....
January, 1995 Locality Pay..........
January, 1995 Wage Rate Increase.
Within-grades and Other Pay Changes.
Unfunded Positions and Other Pay Changes.
Other Personnel Compensation..
Contribution to Retirement Funds.....
Contribution to Health Benefits Funds.

Total Increase - MANDATORY ITEMS.

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CAPITOL GROUNDS -- (Net Increase for 1995.

1994 Appropriation in annual act..

Deductions - Nonrecurring Items

1994 Excess Day Cost......
Purchase of Street Light Poles.

Replace Series Street Lighting, N.B. and N.W. Quadrant..

Base for 1994.






(-) 361,000



Estinto 1995
Capitol Grounds

Incrumu (continued)
Annual Recurring Maintenance

General Annual Repairs increased from $31,000 to $40,000.


This allotment provides funding for the routine maintenance and repairs for catch basins, man hole frames and covers, underground sprinkler systems, drain lines and sewers, fountains and pools, and other aiscellaneous work. The increase of $9,000 is requested to meet the rising cost of this work.

Exterior Pointing and Caulking increased from $22.000 to $52,000..



The preventive maintenance program for exterior pointing and caulking was established in fiscal year 1982. The purpose of the program is to provide routine maintenance to stonework and other masonry throughout the grounds to avoid costly emergency repair work. An inflationary increase of $12,000 is requested to provide sufficient funds to continue the program at its present level. Additionally, an amount of $18.000 is requested to perform specific repairs to the exterior pointing and caulking on the House Underground Garages.

Disposal of Solid Waste increased from $560,000 to $600,000.



This work is performed under contract, and involves the removal of solid waste from various buildings in the Capitol Complex. These include the Capitol, the House and Senate Office Buildings, the Botanic Garden and the Supreme Court Building, funding for which is provided in another appropriation. For fiscal year 1995, an increase of $40,000 is requested to cover the cost of these services. Based on the present annual contract, an increase of $40,000 will be required for fiscal year 1995.


Estimate 1995
Capitol Grounds

Increases (continued)

Annual Recurring Maintenance (continued)

Training increased from $9,000 to $18,000.

In recent years the Architect's Office has responded to recently
amended civil rights legislation by sponsoring training such
prevention of sexual harassment, employee rights and responsibilities,
substance abuse, and other subjects. This training is required for all
current and new employees. Additionally, the Office requires
supervisory development training and sponsors basic educational skills
training for reading. Programs to respond to agency training needs
such as trade apprenticeships and additional supervisory development,
are being prepared.


The limited funding available for training is directed almost entirely toward the required training, leaving few resources available for other organizational training needs. Cost increases have also reduced training opportunities. As a result, the Office will have to reduce the availability of basic educational skills training and eliminate trade apprenticeship training being developed. Without an increase in this allotment there will be no monies available for work performance improvement training, technical skills training. or training necessary for implementing or maintaining new programs or technologies.

Because of the unique and high profile environment within which the Office operates, employees must possess a combination of technical and communications skills in order to be effective and productive in supporting the activities of the Congress. Employees must have sufficient technical skills to operate and maintain the equipment the Office is responsible for, and they must have sufficient communications skills to perform their work within the Congressional community in an expedient and appropriate manner.

$ 9,000


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