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[Clerk's Note-The Program and Finance and Object Class tables reflect the budget justifications as submitted to the Subcommittee. Please check Appendix to the President's FY95 Budget for any changes that may be made


This is not an appropriation but a limitation on the total
amount under all funds which may be expended by the Architect of the
Capitol in any one fiscal year for travel. Travel is done in
connection with public works and other construction projects;
purchase, repair, or improvement of equipment; training; and visits to
nurseries to inspect plant material. The amount of travel varies from
time to time and is determined by the extent of the workload placed
upon the Architect of the Capitol from year to year. The annual
limitation of $20,000 remained unchanged from fiscal year 1961 to
fiscal year 1988, when it was reduced to $10,000. In fiscal year 1989
the limitation was returned to $20,000 in order to permit adequate
flexibility in permitting staff to travel when needed, and remained at
that level until fiscal year 1992, when it was increased to $50,000.
The increase was allowed to provide for the travel necessary as a
result of conversion of the AOC payroll/personnel system to the
National Finance Center, which is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.
In fiscal year 1994, the $50,000 limitation was reduced to the $20,000
level. That limitation is again requested for fiscal year 1995. The
limitation on travel expenses does not require additional
appropriations, as funding for travel is allotted from existing



Travel Limitations


Total appropriation 1994.

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Total 1994 Nonrecurring Deductions.

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An appropriation for "Contingent Expenses" has been provided annually since 1956 to enable the Architect to make surveys and studies, and to meet unforeseen expenses in connection with activities under the care of the Architect of the Capitol. Rental of warehouse space and related expenses as authorized by the Act of December 13, 1973 (87 Stat. 704) were funded in this appropriation until fiscal year 1986. In fiscal year 1987 the authority was transferred to the "Capitol Buildings appropriation.

In fiscal years 1993 and 1994, $100,000 was allowed for this appropriation, but not on the "No Year" basis upon which it had been requested. This amount is again requested on a "No Year" basis for fiscal year 1995. These funds must be appropriated for fiscal year 1995 to meet the needs for which this appropriation is made.

In addition to the fiscal year 1993 appropriation of $100,000, $124,152 of prior
"No Year" funding was available for obligation in fiscal year 1993 for a total of

$ 100.000

$ 100.000

$ 100,000

$ 100.000


Estimate 1995

Contingent Expenses (continued)

Of the $224,152 available during fiscal year 1993, $6,350 was obligated as follows:

Contingent Expenses

Air Quality Testing..

Infill Concepts for House Office Buildings. Appraisal of Square 695.



1 Deobligation of prior year funds.


6,100 (2,500) 1 2.750


Funds Allotted but not yet Obligated

As of September 30, 1993, $120,552 in prior year "No Year" funds remained available for obligation during fiscal year 1994. This amount has been augmented by the $100,000 allowed for fiscal year 1994. Thus there is a total of $220,552 available for unforeseen expenses and surveys and studies in fiscal year 1994.


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