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To carry out his assigned duties in the Legislative Branch, the Architect has 2,068 authorized employees under his jurisdiction. Employees are authorized to be compensated under the Wage-Board system, the General Schedule of the Classification Act, administrative rates and statutory rates. of our annual maintenance appropriations, the cost of personnel compensation and benefits constitutes approximately 64 percent of the total for fiscal year 1995.


The employees covered by this pay system are those engaged in recognized trades and crafts and in skilled and unskilled manual labor occupations. Employees compensated under the Wage-Board system constitute approximately 80-85 percent of our total permanent staff.

Employees under the Architect engaged in such work have been compensated under the Wage-Board System since 1955. Their compensation is presently governed by sections 5341-5349 and 5544-5548 of title 5 of the United States Code, which require that "rates of pay of prevailing rate employees shall be fixed and adjusted from time to time as nearly as is consistent with the public interest in accordance with prevailing rates."

Each year, wage surveys of private industry throughout the Washington Metropolitan area are conducted by major government agencies, designated by the Office of Personnel Management. Based on such surveys, appropriate wage schedules and rates for prevailing rate employees are normally established. Heads of agencies are then required to apply the new wage schedules and rates to their prevailing rate employees. Under the provisions of Public Law 92-392, new rates must be placed in effect not later than the first day of the first pay period which begins on or after the 45th day, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, following the date the wage survey is ordered to be made.


Estimate 1995

General Statement

as the

The present Wage-Board System, under which the Architect of the Capitol operates, is authorized and That Act vests the Architect of the Capitol with authority to utilize governed by Public Law 92-392. the Federal Wage System established by that law for Wage-Board employees, to such extent In the interest of equity and sound administration the Architect of the Capitol has continued to follow, generally, the uniform Federal Wage System as established by Public Law Architect deems feasible. 92-392.

A report on the Renovation of the Library of Congress Jefferson and Adams Buildings follows:


Estimate 1995

General Statement


Funding in the amount of $81,000,000 for renovation and restoration of the Jefferson and Adams Library of Congress Buildings was appropriated in the Second Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1984, (P.L.98This program will provide modernized space and facilities for staff and visiting scholars, 396). researchers and congressional staff. In addition to modernized space, mechanical, electrical, fire and Preservation and restoration life safety systems will be improved/upgraded throughout both buildings. of the Jefferson Building's magnificent architectural features is also included in this program. Appropriate restoration treatment will also be done in the Adams Building.

In addition to the $81,000,000 appropriated in fiscal year 1984, funds in the amount of $5,250,000 have been appropriated for the restoration and renovation program. These funds were appropriated for the installation of bookstack sprinklers, repairs to the west terrace steps in front of the Jefferson Building and replacement of two elevators in the Jefferson Building. A detailed history of these projects has been included in previous justifications.

When the $81,000,000 was appropriated for the project, certain provisions regarding the method of work The construction management staff, the associate architects, and and reporting requirements were made. a cost control and scheduling consulting firm developed the construction phases, "packaging" strategy Because of the need to keep at least one-half of both the Jefferson and milestone schedule as required. and Adams Buildings open and operating during the restoration and renovation, the construction work has Each of these phases is in turn separated into two major activities, been divided into two phases. alterations for interim occupancy, and construction to restore and renovate the "cleared" space in each of the buildings.

The majority of the work in each phase is being performed under contract. Other work is being performed For long-term in-house work, temporary workers are hired and placed under the by in-house forces. supervision of construction management personnel to perform the work, which is the same manner as a Minor and short-term needs are met by staff of existing work forces. subcontractor would operate.

A Milestone Schedule, which was developed in November, 1984, incorporated four milestones that coincided
with the end of the two interim occupancy phases and the two construction activity periods. The
Milestones and the current target dates are identified as follows:


This milestone occurred at the completion of the Phase I interim occupancy work and included the alterations to the Fourth Floor of the Adams Building.


Estimate 1995 General Statement



This milestone occurred at the completion of Phase I Construction. The majority of the contract work
was substantially completed by December 1989. Portions of the A/C Modernization, Colonnades and Art
Restoration contracts will continue throughout the Phase II Interim Occupancy Period and the Phase II
Construction period without interruption, as applicable.


This milestone occurred at the completion of Phase II Interim Occupancy.


This milestone occurs at the completion of the project.

Detailed histories of Milestones I, II and III have been included in previous justifications and the
periodic six-month reports which are prepared by the construction management staff for the Committees
on Appropriations.

Milestone IV, Phase II Construction, is currently scheduled to be completed in May 1994. Work is proceeding for the following contracts: Phase II work in both buildings, Colonnades in the Jefferson Building, Forecourts in the Jefferson Building, Art Restoration in the Jefferson Building, and Elevator Modernization in the Adams Building. The First through Third Floors of the Adams Building are scheduled to be accepted from the contractor for beneficial occupancy by the end of 1993 and turned over to the Library of Congress for their use. The Library's current plans are to store furniture in these spaces in order to preclude the need to expend funds for storage at remote locations. Currently, it is anticipated that the May 1994 date will be met, barring any serious unforeseen problems. The work of the foregoing contracts will substantially complete the project.

As previously reported to the Committees on Appropriations, there is not sufficient funding to complete all items of work contemplated for the renovation and restoration project. The Library of Congress has transferred $593,000 to the Architect of the Capitol to help overcome the shortfall. The Architect of the Capitol and the Librarian of Congress have developed a list of priority work items to be accomplished within available funds. This work consists of: sprinklers in Rare Book stacks of the Jefferson Building, additional sprinklers for instrument storage in the Jefferson Building, highest priority security system work in the Phase II areas of both buildings, render the Coolidge Auditorium


[blocks in formation]


and Whittall Pavilion "usable" in the Jefferson Building, air conditioning work for Decks 37 and 38 in occupancy by staff. the Jefferson Building and necessary work to outfit the Phase II areas of both buildings for final As the details for this work are finalized, arrangements will be made to have it performed either by contract or in-house forces.

Additional work on elevators in both buildings will also be performed and permanent signage will be procured and installed, both of which will be accomplished from project funds.

There is a projected total shortfall in funding of $3,200,000; details of which have previously been authorized, reported to the Committees on Appropriations. In view of the fact that additional funding has not been certain items of work, such as total renovation of the Coolidge Auditorium and Whittall Pavilion, will not be accomplished.


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