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Explanation of Changes Shown on Schedule C-1


FY '95 request is same as FY '94 Appropriation.

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Explanation of Changes Shown on Schedule C-1


Mandatory Pay and Related Changes:

Personnel increases are attributed to the annualization of the FY '94 locality pay adjustment; a prorated FY '95 locality pay adjustment; a prorated FY '95 Cost of Living Adjustment, meritorious increases, full funding of the authorization, longevity increases, and reclassification of positions in the following offices: Legislative Computer Systems$12,900, Office of Printing Services-$5,973, Official Reporters to House Committees$46,652, Office of Records and Registration-$6,000, House Recording Studio-$7,878, Office of Fair Employment Practices-$18,500, Office of Employee Assistance-$6,669, and Office of Telecommunications-$17,469, for a total reclassification cost of $122,041.

Additional staffing is needed in four offices as follows: Office of Employee Assistance, an EAP Counselor-$54,014, Legislative Computer Systems, one position$60,000, House Recording Studio, a Clerk-Receptionist-$27,395, and Office of Telecommunications, a Senior Communications Analyst-$40,809 and an Office Manager-$27,395. These positions have not been included in the FY '95 budget request for the Clerk, however, the additional positions are needed to handle increased workloads.

Price Level Changes:

Price increases are attributed to inflation. The overall reduction is due to revenues received from sales of miscellaneous public disclosure information from the Office of Records and Registration.

Program Type Changes:

Due to the high volume of monthly invoices, the Office of Telecommunications anticipates conversion to an Imaging System for document processing and storage. Other offices under the Clerk have achieved cost savings by continued use of and minor upgrades to currently owned equipment. The overall result is a net decrease in program

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