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HENRY D. MCHENRY, August 2, 1878, Chairman.

LUCIUS DESHA, August 2, 1878.

W. H. PETTUS, August 2, 1878.

L. H. HOLLOWAY, August 2, 1878, Secretary.

J. FLETCHER JOHNSTON, September 1. 1880, Chairman.
C. H. ROCHESTER, September 1, 1880.

C. E. KINCAID, September 1, 1880.

LANSING BURROWS, September 1, 1880, Secretary.

D. HOWARD SMITH, 1882, Chairman.



HENRY T. STANTON, 1882, Secretary.

J. P. THOMPSON, 1884, Chairman.

JOHN D. YOUNG, 1884.

A. R. BOONE, 1884. (Died January 27, 1886.)

I. A. SPAULDING, May, 1886. (Appointed to fill unexpired term of A. R. Boone, deceased.)

CLARENCE EGBERT, 1884, Secretary.

I. A. SPAULDING, May, 1888, Chairman.

W. B. FLEMING, May, 1888.

JOHN F. HAGER, May, 1888. (Resigned.)

GEORGE M. ADAMS, 1891. (Appointed to fill unexpired term of John F Hager, resigned.)

Wm. F GRIFFITH, Secretary.

C. C. McCHORD, May 24, 1892, Chairman. (Resigned.)
UREY WOODSON, May, 24, 1892.

CHARLES B.POYNTZ, May 24, 1892.

JAMES N. SAUNDERS. (Appointed to fill unexpired term of C. C. McChord


D. C. HARDIN, May 24, 1892, Secretary.

JOHN C. WOOD, December 10, 1895, Chairman.

H. S. IRWIN, December 10, 1895.

J. F. DEMPSEY, December 10, 1895.

S. D. BROWN, December 10, 1895, Secretary.

C. C. McCHORD, December 12, 1899, Chairman.

JOHN C. WOOD, December 12, 1899.

J. F. DEMPSEY, December 12, 1899.

MURRAY R.HUBBARD, February, 1900, Secretary.

C. C. MCCHORD, December 8, 1903, Chairman. (Resigned.)

McD. FERGUSON, December 8, 1903.

A. T. SILER, December 8, 1903.

W. P. WALTON. (Appointed to fill unexpired term of C. C. McChord,


MOSES R. GLENN, December 8, 1903, Secretary.

A. T.SILER, December 12, 1908, Chairman.

MCD. FERGUSON, December 12, 1908.

L. P. TARLTON, December 12, 1908.

ROY WILHOIT, Debember 12, 1908, Secretary. (Promoted to Rate

Clerk, May 1, 1908.)

DENVER B. CORNETT, May 1, 1908, Secretary.

MINNIE MURPHY, December 12, 1908, Stenographer,


Establishing the "Railroad Commission.


209. A commission is hereby established, to be known as "The Railroad Commission," which shall be composed of three commissioners. During the session of the General Assembly, which convenes in December, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and before the first day of June, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, the Governor shall appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, said three commissioners, one from each superior court district, as now established, and said appointees shall take their office at the expiration of the terms of the present incumbents. The commissioners so appointed shall continue in office during the present term of the present Governor, and until their successors are elected and qualified. At the regular election in eighteen hundred and ninety-five, and every four years thereafter, the commissioners shall be elected, one in each superior court district, by the qualified voters thereof, at the same time and for the same term as Governor. No person shall be eligible to said office unless he be, at the time of his election, at least thirty years of age, a citizen of Kentucky two years, and a resident of the district from which he is chosen one year next preceding his election. Any vacancy in this office shall be filled as provided in section one hundred and fifty-two of this Constitution. The General Assembly may, from time to time, change said districts so as to equalize the population thereof; and may, if deemed expedient, require that the commissioners be all elected by the qualified voters of the State at large. And if so required, one commissioner shall be from each district. No person in the service of any railroad of common carrier, company, or corporation, or of any firm or association conducting business as a common carrier, or in any wise pecuniarily interested in such company, corporation, firm or association, or in the railroad busi

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