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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1972
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231. lappuse - 3 years after the effective date, report to the Congress his recommendations for legislation to avoid unnecessary duplication and to achieve coordination between the act and other Federal laws. The purpose of the Occupational Safety and Health Act is to insure as far as possible that every worker in the
845. lappuse - follows: Census division New England Middle Atlantic South Atlantic East North Central East South Central West North Central West South Central Mountain Pacific Total
851. lappuse - authorizing HEW to withold or reduce under Medicare, Medicaid, and Maternal and Child Health programs certain reimbursement amounts to providers of services and HMOs for depreciation and interest and, in the case of proprietary providers, a return on equity capital, related to capital expenditures that are determined to be inconsistent with State or local health facility plans. Capital
100. lappuse - the recommendations which I understand will be reflected in the final version of the report. The opportunity to review and comment on this report in draft form is most appreciated. Your office should be commended for a very thorough and thoughtful analysis of a most difficult and complex
163. lappuse - Our report to the Congress entitled "Benefits Could Be Realized Through Reuse of Designs For Public Housing Projects," B-114863, December 2, 1971, stated that, because of the vast number of individually designed public housing projects which now exist, many designs could be reused,
485. lappuse - many hospital-based physicians regard their work now with an apathy previously unknown." DISCUSSION One of the most cutting criticisms of Swedish medical care is the charge that a Swedish patient "has many doctors, but no doctor," since a different doctor will probably treat him for each hospitalization and each out-patient visit to the hospital. The patient is often shunted between different
486. lappuse - balanced with the advantages of having a well trained physician available to diagnose and treat all citizens for any serious illness, an advantage not all Americans can claim. An ideal system would combine the personal knowledge and concern of an American "family doctor" with the specialists' knowledge and efficient medical facilities a Swedish doctor has.
491. lappuse - plastic surgery, acute coronary care, renal dialysis). Of this the patient pays nothing, and the State Insurance Board, $2, regardless of what kind of service the patient gets. Under the new law in force since January 1, 1970. the patient pays $1.50 (US currency) to the hospital for each outpatient visit. The RFV pays a
817. lappuse - Medicala, authorized by title XIX of the Social Security Act, as amended, is a grant-in-aid program under which the Federal Government participates in costs incurred by the States in providing medical assistance to persons
24. lappuse - Sir Richard Doll, a physician and epidemiologist who was one of the first to draw attention to the relationship between heavy smoking and lung cancer, described the winds of change blowing through the NHS. The static tripartite division was rapidly being modified by

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