Beaumont and Fletcher

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American book Company, 1912 - 414 lappuses

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231. lappuse - Shepherds all, and maidens fair, Fold your flocks up, for the air 'Gins to thicken, and the sun Already his great course hath run. See the dew-drops how they kiss Every little flower that is ; Hanging on their velvet heads, Like a rope of crystal beads...
47. lappuse - To put that wished act in practice as ever yet Was known to woman ; and they have been shown Both. But it was the folly of thy youth To think this beauty, to what hand soe'er It shall be called, shall stoop n to any second.
82. lappuse - That slight contrition, that's no sacrifice For what I have committed. Amin. Sure I dazzle : There cannot be a faith in that foul woman, That knows no god more mighty than her mischiefs. Thou dost still worse, still number on thy faults, To press my poor heart thus. Can I believe There's any seed of virtue in that woman Left to shoot up, that dares go on in sin, Known, and so known as thine is.
158. lappuse - He walks still ; and the face you let him wear When he was innocent is still the same, Not blasted! Is this justice? Do you mean To intrap mortality, that you allow Treason so smooth a brow? I cannot now Think he is guilty.
205. lappuse - My father oft would speak , Your worth and virtue ; and, as I did grow More and more apprehensive, I did thirst To see the man so praised ; but yet all this Was but a maiden longing, to be lost As soon as found ; till sitting in my window, Printing my thoughts in lawn, I saw a god, I thought, (but it was you) enter our gates. My blood flew out, and back again as fast, As I had...
82. lappuse - My lord, Give me your griefs : you are an innocent, A soul as white as heaven ; let not my sins Perish your noble youth : I do not fall here To shadow by dissembling with my tears, As all say women can, or to make less What my hot will hath done, which heaven and you Knows to be tougher than the hand of time Can cut from man's remembrance...
225. lappuse - I sit by and sing, Or gather rushes to make many a ring For thy long fingers...
138. lappuse - I shall be willing, if not apt, to learn ; Age and experience will adorn my mind With larger knowledge ; and if I have done A wilful fault, think me not past all hope For once.
175. lappuse - Dion — Sir, take you heed how you dare the powers That must be just. King— Alas ! what are we kings ! Why do you, gods, place us above the rest, To be...
192. lappuse - Your memory shall be as foul behind you, As you are living ; all your better deeds Shall be in water writ, but this in marble ; No chronicle shall speak you, though your own, But for the shame of men.

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