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Any sheriff, so elected, if convicted of any misdemeanor in office before the superior or county courts, may be removed from office by either of said courts at their discretion, as a part of his punishment. s. 8.

Ch. 9.-Bigamy. Whenever any person convicted of this crime, under the act of 1790, shall be entitled to the benefit of clergy for the first offence, the court, before whom such person may be convicted, may sentence the offender to be fined and imprisoned, and to receive one, or more than one, public whipping, and to be branded on the left cheek with the letter B; provided, that if any female shall be convicted of such crime, it shall be discretionary with the court to inflict all or any of the aforesaid punishments, branding excepted.

Ch. 19.—Legitimation. The superior court or court of pleas and quarter sessions of the county where the putative father of any illegitimate child or children, resides, may, on the petition in writing of such putative father, and on its appearing from the oath of the petitioner and such other evidence as they may require, that the petitioner has intermarried with the mother of said child or children, or that the mother is dead, and such petitioner, the reputed father, thereupon declare and pronounce such child or children legitimate.

The effect of such legitimation shall extend no farther than to impose upon the father all the obligations which fathers owe to their lawful children, and to enable the child to inherit from the father only, lands whereof the father may die seized in fee simple, and to transmit the same, and to receive a distribution of the personal estate of the father, in the same manner as if born in lawful wedlock. s. 3.

Ch. 23.—Sureties, or their representatives, who may discharge in whole or in part the debt of their principal, shall have the same priority against the assets in the hands of the representative of the principal, for their claim, as the creditor, whose demand they have thus in whole or in part discharged, would have had.

Ch. 28.-Femes Covert. The judges of any of the superior courts of the state, on the petition of any married woman, praying that alimony may be decreed to her, and that all property subsequently acquired by her may be secured to her, may, if they think proper, decree that such petitioner may sue and be sued in her own name, without joining her husband, in the same manner as if she were a feme sole.

Ch. 35.-Canals. The Lake Drummond and Orapeake Canal Company is incorporated for the purpose of cutting a navigable canal from Lake Drummond, in the state of Virginia, to the south side of the Orapeake Swamp, in North Carolina.

Whereas certain persons are desirous to promote the undertaking, and are willing to subscribe sums of money to be paid on condition the said works are completed, but do not wish to have any property therein; the said company may take such subscriptions, and on the work being completed, in case of a refusal on the part of such subscribers, the said company may sue for and recover the same, by an action of debt, in any court of record in the state. s. 13. The

company is allowed to take tolls on condition only, that said canal is made sixteen feet wide and five feet deep, and capable of being navigated by vessels drawing three feet of water.

Ch. 125.--Patrols. It is made the duty of every captain of a militia company, every six months to appoint six fit and proper persons, twenty-one years of age at least, and not addicted to intoxication, to act as patrol for six months, one of whom shall be competent to act, and whose duty it shall be to patrol their respective districts at least once in two weeks, and oftener if necessary; and such patrol shall inflict not more than fifteen lashes on the bare back of any negro or mulatto slave whom they may find beyond their master's or mistress's premises, without a written permission from such master or mistress, designating the place or places to which such slave is permitted to go.

Revenue and Expenditure. The treasurer's account is annexed to the laws, by which it appears that there was in the treasury November 1, 1828, 93,343 dollars, and collected during the year, 101,821 dollars, of which 12,110 dollars accrued from a tax of one per cent. on banks, and about 8,000 dollars from dividends on bank shares and other stocks belonging to the state, and about 64,000 dollars from taxes collected by the sheriffs; of this last sum the amount received from the tax on lands was 24,585 dollars; town property, 1,363 dollars; polls, 27,446 dollars; stud horses, 1,505 dollars; gates, 784 dollars; artificial curiosities, 423 dollars; natural do. 324 dollars; billiard tables, 940 dollars; stores, 6,196 dollars; pedlers, 902 dollars.

The disbursements, amounting in the whole to 121,151 dollars, were made, among other objects, for the general assembly 29,704, dollars; executive, 3,040 dollars; executive council, 37 dollars; judiciary, 23,878 dollars; congressional elections, 527 dollars; state do. 1,396 dollars ; pensions, 880 dollars ; surveying lands, 1,165 dollars; instalments in the Roanoke Navigation Company, 15,000 dollars; contingences, 4,476 dollars; treasury notes, 17,781 dollars.

Internal Improvement Fund. The amount received, including what was in the treasury at the beginning of the year, was 21,389 dollars; the amount expended during the year, 12,949 dollars; leaving a balance of this fund of about 8,000 dollars.

Literary Fund. The auction tax, proceeds of sales of vacant lands, and tavern license tax, with the dividends on certain stocks, owned by the state, are appropriated to this fund, which amounted, November 1, 1829, to 16,308 dollars.


S. 2.


The legislature of this state, at its session in 1829–30, passed one hundred and ninety-four statutes and twelve resolutions.

No. 89.Hawkers and Pedlers are required to give bonds with sureties in the sum of five hundred dollars, for their good behavior, and satisfactory evidence of their honesty and good moral character, before they can procure a license.

They are prohibited from selling at public auction, whether having a license or not.

No. 146. Sheriffs may go out of their own county and serve any process, in an adjoining county, in suits instituted for the recovery of damages for any trespass, or for the abatement of any nuisance, committed on real estate situated in their own county, by non-residents therein. No. 34. Tin and Clock Pedlers are forbidden to hawk or ped

any kind of tin or japanned ware, or clocks, from place to place, without license, under a penalty of fifty dollars. The clerks of the courts of quarter sessions of the respective counties, are to grant licenses, under the seal of the court, to hawk one year, to applicants, on their producing satisfactory evidence of their good moral character, and a receipt from the county treasurer for thirty dollars paid by them for such license.

No. 41.-Paper Currency. No bank shall shall issue any note, bill, check, &c. of any denomination between five and ten, ten and twenty, or twenty and fifty dollars.

No. 116.—Landlord and Tenant. Any lessor of lands or tenements, in case his lessee neglects and refuses to pay his rent according to his agreement, and there are not goods on the premises sufficient to pay the same, may, by

summary proceeding before two justices of the peace, cause the possession of the premises to be delivered up to him.

No. 159.--Co-obligors and Joint-debtors. In suits against coobligors, copartners, &c. where the process has been served upon a part of them only, a judgment recovered against those served with process, shall be no bar to a recovery in any subsequent suit against those, upon whom no service had been made. Sec. 2. A judgment confessed by one or more of such co-obligors, copartners, &c. shall be no bar to a recovery in any suit against those who refuse to confess judgment.

No. 63.Inland Navigation. Every boat navigating canals, is to be weighed at the weigh lock nearest to the place of its departure, and in case of increasing load after its departure, notice is to be given of the same to the lock keeper, at the first lock it may arrive at after such increase, otherwise toll is to be charged for such increase for the whole distance. s. 1.

Such boats are to have a guard and plate of iron attached to the keel, and extending under the rudder, so as to cover the opening between the stern-post and rudder, and effectually prevent the line of any other boat from entering the same opening, under a penalty of twenty dollars for every offence. s. 3.

A light must not be carried in the bows of such boats during the night. s. 4.

No setting-pole or shaft pointed with iron, or other metal is to used in such boats.

No. 71.--Appropriations for Canals and Roads. The sum of $3,459,532 is appropriated towards completing the contracts made upon the different lines of the canals and railroads.

Surveys are to be made of routes over the Alleghany Mountain by a portage road. s. 1.

Survey to be made for a canal from the west branch canal to Lewisburg, and for one from Harrisburg to the Susquehannah River. s. 4.

No. 42Canals. The Penn Creek Navigation Company is incorporated for the purpose of making a canal for the passage of Penns Creek, from Pennsylvania canal to Klicknersdam at New Berlin.

No.51.-Railroads. The Philipsburgh and Juniata Railroad Company is incorporated for the purpose of laying a single or double track railroad from the Pennsylvania canal, near the mouth of the little Juniata, to the coal mines in the vicinity of Philipsburg

No. 145.-The Tuscarora and Cold Run Tunnel and Railroad Company is incorporated for the purpose of making a single or double track railroad and tunnel through the Sharp Mountain from Skell's mill to Cold Run.

No. 165.Middle Port and Pine Creek Railroad Company is incorporated for the purpose of making a single or double track



railroad from the Schuylkill valley railroad, near Middle Port, to the Schuylkill canal near the mouth of Pine Creek.

No. 190.- The Lykens Valley Railroad Company is incorporated to make a single or double track railroad from Millesbury to Short Mountain.

No. 194.— The Beaver Meadow Railroad Company is incorporated to make a single or double track railroad from Beaver Meadow coal mines to the river Lehigh at any place above Mauch Chunk.

No. 172.-Railroad and Canal. The Wallenpaupack Improvement Company is incorporated for the purpose of making a canal or railroad from the Delaware and Hudson canal, near the mouth of the Wallenpaupack, to the neighborhood of Cobb’s Gap, thence, if thought expedient, to any coal beds on the western side of the Moosic or Lackawannock Mountain.

No. 9.-Resolutions. Revised Code. Three commissioners are to be appointed to revise, collate, and digest, all such public acts and force in the state, as are general and permanent in their nature.

Said commissioners are to collect and reduce into one act, the different acts and parts of acts, which, from similarity of subject, ought to be so arranged and consolidated; to divest said acts of all redundant phrases and useless verbiage; to distribute the acts systematically; to omit all acts or parts of acts that have been repealed, or supplied by subsequent acts, or expired by their own limitation; and to suggest to the legislature such contradictions, omissions, or imperfections, as may appear, and the mode in which they may be supplied, reconciled, or amended; to designate such acts or parts of acts as ought to be repealed, and recommend the passage of such new ones as such repeal may render necessary. s. 2.

Said commissioners are to report whether it would be expedient to introduce any, and, if any, what change in the forms and mode ‘of proceeding in the administration of the laws. s. 3.


The gov

Forty-nine statutes, public and private, and eleven resolutions, were passed at the June session, 1830.

Ch. 1.-Commissioners to take Acknowledgments. ernor is authorized to appoint commissioners in any of the other states to take acknowledgments of deeds, to continue in office during the pleasure of the governor. s. 1. Each commissioner is required to take and subscribe an oath or affirmation before a judge of the superior court of the state in which such commissioner shall reside, well and faithfully to perform the duties of such ap

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