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John G. Halland


*William Mitchell died March 10, 1890, and W. J. Clapp was appointed to fill the unexpired term.

Commissioners of Agriculture and Labor.

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H. U. Thomas

*Appointed; Adams, who was elected, failed to qualify.

A. L. Carey

(b) James Cudhie

Fred B. Fancher

Commissioners of Insurance.

.1889-92 Ferdinand Leutz
Ferdinand Leutz


E. C. Cooper

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E. C. Cooper





George W. Harrison ....1899-00

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At the first state election, October, 1889, Guy C. H. Corliss, Alfred Wallin and Joseph M. Bartholomew, were elected judges of the supreme court for terms, respectively, three, five and seven years, and by lot it was determined that Judge Corliss should serve the three years term, Judge Bartholomew for five years and Judge Wallin for seven years. Each served and others have been

elected as follows:

Guy C. H. Corliss, of Grand Forks, for the term of six years commencing December, 1893.

J. M. Bartholomew, of LaMoure, for the term of six years commencing December, 1895.

Alfred Wallin, of Fargo, for the term of six years commencing December, 1897.

N. C. Young, of Fargo, for the term of six years, commencing December, 1898. Re-elected for the term of six years commencing December, 1904. Resigned, 1906.

(b) Democrats. All others republicans.

Guy C. H. Corliss resigned 1898 and N. C. Young was appointed to fill the unexpired term, and then elected in 1898.

(b) David Morgan, of Devils Lake, for the term of six years commencing December, 1900. Re-elected in 1906.

John M. Cochrane, of Grand Forks, for the term of six years commencing December, 1902. Died July 20, 1904. Edward Engerud of Fargo, was appointed to fill unexpired term.

Edward Engerud, of Fargo, for the term of six years commencing December, 1904. Resigned, 1907.

John Kanuf, Jamestown, appointed to succeed N. C. Young, resigned. Served until December 15, 1906.

(b) C. J. Fisk, Grand Forks, elected 1906, to fill unexpired term of N. C. Young.

B. F. Spalding, Fargo, appointed 1907, to fill Edward Engerud.

Judges of District Courts.

First District-(b) Charles F. Templeton
First District-(b) Charles J. Fisk*
First District-(b) Charles F. Templeton'
Second District-(b) David E. Morgan
Second District-John Cowan

Third District-(b) Wm. B. McConnell
Third District-Charles A. Pollock
Fourth District-W. S. Lauder
Fourth District-Frank P. Allen
Fifth District-(b) Roderick Rose
Fifth District-S. L. Glaspell
Fifth District-Edward T. Burke
Sixth District-W. H. Winchester
Seventh District-Q. E. Sauter
Seventh District-W. J. Kneeshaw
Eighth District-L. J. Palda

Eighth District-E. B. Goss

unexpired term of

Terms expire


















(b) Democrats. All others republicans. Appointed judge supreme court, 1906. Appointed to fill vacancy by election of C. J. Fisk to supreme



First Session-1889-90.

Convened November 19, 1889, and adjourned March 18, 1900. The membership was as follows:


Lieutenant Governor Alfred Dickey, President.
C. C. Bowsfield, Secretary.

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Convened January 6, 1891, and adjourned March 6. bership was as follows:

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The mem

*M L. McCormack, John Haggart, R. N. Ink, 1 S. Weser.. John Blake. Tames McCormick, E. M. Kinter,

C. B. Little, Jos. Miller,

* TOUTES. (a) Independents and Farmers' Allance. All others

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*Democrats. (a) Independents and Farmers' Alliance. All others republicans.

Extra Session.

The second legislative assembly met in special session June 1 to June 3, 1892, inclusive, for the purpose of passing acts providing for the election of presidential electors and state, district and county officers; to create a state board of canvassers; to govern contests in election of presidential electors; to make appropriation for North Da kota exhibit and building at World's Fair.

Third Session-1894.

Convened January 3, 1893, and adjourned March 3, 1893.


Lieutenant Governor Elmer D. Wallace, President.
Fred Falley, Secretary.

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George H. Walsh, Speaker.
J. G. Hamilton, Chief Clerk.

*P. J. Horgan, *Benj. James, *Robert Thexton, *F. A. Holiday, (a) N. H. Rinde, (a) K. P. Levang, *C. Ebbighausen, *William R. Johnston, William O'Keefe, *Andrew Johnson, J. Dexter Pierce, *Geo. H. Walsh, (a) Lewis Thompson, (a) W. T. McCulloch, (a) S. M. Lee, *F. W. McLean, *Charles W. Plain, *D. W. McCanna, L. P. Havrevold,

Thomas Halverson J. B. Wineman, Arne P. Haugen, H. D. Hurley, H. H. Strom, L. H. Larson, O. S. Wallin, H. C. Southard, Seth Newman, D. C. Tufts, Elling Severson, B. F. Ritter, (a) P. Kelly, *A. C. Sanford, *Ralph Hall, George Wright, O. A. Boynton, (a) L. A. Ueland, (a) Geo. W. Towers, (a) J. W. Caldwell, J. H. Wishek,

T. H. Oksendahl, E. H. Lohnes,

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Geo. S. Churchill, J. B. McArthur, Samuel Bullard, *Borger Hallum. *John N. Dean, A. V. Benedict, (a) John E. Hodgson, (a) Theo. Johnson, Harry S. Oliver, (a) Thos. M. Elliott, (a) Hans O. Hagen, (a) John Logan, W. F. Cochrane, Wm. A. Bentley, John Yegen, John A. Davis, John Satterlund, J. S. Veeder, Louis Burkhart, L. A. Simpson,

All others republicans.

Fourth Session-1895.

Convened January 8, 1895, and adjourned March 8, 1895.


Lieutenant Governor John H. Worst, President.
Fred Falley, Secretary.

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