The High-tech Entrepreneur's Handbook: How to Start and Run a High-tech Company

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Pearson Education, 2002 - 406 lappuses
Turn your high-tech idea into a high-profit business The High-Tech Entrepreneur's Handbook is a practical, hands-on guide designed specifically for people with a business idea, but little managerial experience. It takes you step-by-step through the key stages of setting up and running a high-tech enterprise, whether that's starting your own company or taking control of a project or department within a larger company. Based on a highly successful Cambridge University business studies course, from a Department that has generated at least one self-made millionaire a year, the book is a straight-talking, jargon-free guide that delivers the core background information necessary to create and run a successful enterprise. Technology, regardless of how good it is, forms only a small part of bringing a project to a successful and profitable conclusion. This is the book that explains the rest of the equation.Key areas discussed include:- getting started - developing and protecting your idea- writing the business plan- money and legal issues- managing projects, people and products- marketing and selling- growth and exit.

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